Best Left-Handed Electric Guitars Review In 2022

Best Left-Handed Electric Guitars Review In 2022
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We still remember the days when there were barely any musical instruments for Left-Handed Electric guitarists. Thanks to the advancement of music technology, now you do not need to flip the guitar to jam from a reverse direction. Indeed, it is time to get in line with legends like Albert King and Dick Dale, and follow your passion with a Left-Handed Electric Guitars! That said, we have given a lot of effort to be a part of the legend-making contribution and enlisted the top 10 electric guitars designed especially for lefties. Are you excited much? So, let’s start.

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Left-Handed Electric Guitars Review In 2022

10. Gretsch G5420T Left-Handed Electric Guitars

Gretsch G5420T Electric-Acoustic Guitar - Left-Handed Electric Guitars

Description: Presenting a gorgeous appearance, the incredible shape and balance of weight in this guitar allow you to play comfortably from every angle. Likewise, the interior of this guitar is hollow, which produces rhythmic tunes with less effort.

Design & Quality: Gretsch G5420T is built with premium chrome-plated hardware and features a single-cutaway design.

  • Lightweight design.
  • Three-position pickup switch
  • Open-back tuners.

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9. PRS Paul Reed Smith Left-Handed Electric Guitars

PRS Paul Reed Smith Electric - Left-Handed Electric Guitars

Description: This guitar offers a combination of versatile tunes with great power. In addition to this, you can produce any type of music, thanks to its 85/15 “S” pickup that delivers refined tunes. Overall, it features an excellent fusion of functionality and color schemes.

Design & Quality: The guitar comes in mahogany back and maple top with a sunburst design.

  • 24 Rosewood Fretboard
  • PRS patented tremolo bridge
  • Gig-bag included.

8. Epiphone Les Paul Electric-Acoustic Guitar 

Epiphone Les Paul Electric-Acoustic Guitar - Left-Handed Electric Guitars

Description: This guitar was designed by the legendary American jazz guitarist Les Paul. Namely, it has a lot of features and characteristics; you will discover gradually after a few jamming sessions. More importantly, its Alnico Classic humbucker pickup will help you to produce rich, vintage tones that will mesmerize every soul nearby.

Design & Quality: The guitar features a rosewood fretboard and is durably constructed with a mahogany body and maple top.

  • 24.75 scale.
  • Traditional trapezoid inlays.
  • Chrome hardware.

7. Fender 60s Stratocaster Electric-Acoustic Guitar 

Fender 60s Stratocaster - Left-Handed Electric Guitars

Description: An original American product it has all the modern features. Equally important, it is capable of producing a unique blend of music, which goes with everyone’s electro-music choice. Truly, this may be an excellent electric left-handed guitar for you due to its ’65 single-coil pickup and modern switching style that produces vintage tunes.

Design & Quality: Fender Stratocaster is made of premium-quality wood and nitrocellulose finish that makes it last for years.

  • Maple neck with Alder body.
  • Rosewood fingerboard.
  • Pearloid dot inlays.

6. Squier by Fender Jazz Bass Guitar 

Squier by Fender Jazz Bass - Left-Handed Electric Guitars

Description: This guitar may be a great choice for beginners who are in love with 70s rock music. Equally important, it is very responsive and easy to handle. Coming within a reasonable price range, this guitar produces a real vintage-style bridge.

Design & Quality: The “C” shape design guitar with a vintage gloss finish is made out of strong maple black wood.

  • Jazz bass model.
  • Nickel-plated hardware.
  • Fender-designed Alnico pickups.

5. Schecter OMEN-6 Electric-Acoustic Guitar

Schecter OMEN-6 Electric-Acoustic - Left-Handed Electric Guitars

Description: If you are trying to be a professional guitarist in heavy metal or hard rock genre, then this could be one of the top electric left-handed guitars for you. Markedly, its Schecter Diamond Plus pickups produce refined, pure, and clarified tunes. Uniquely, you can combine the pickups or use a neck or bridge pick up separately as it has everything you need to rock.

Design & Quality: The guitar is made up of Omen extreme-6 that features multi-ply binding, which protects the edges after ages.

  • Rosewood fretboard.
  • ‘C’ designed a basswood body.
  • Available in 3 colors.

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4. Fender Player Telecaster Electric-Acoustic Guitar

Fender Player Telecaster - Left-Handed Electric Guitars

Description: One of the best parts of being a leftie is that you get a single-coil guitar like this one. What’s more, it can produce loud and powerful sound effects with its ‘C’ design body that features comfort from every angle you hold it. Apart from this, it is an affordable guitar for beginners.

Design & Quality: Made of Alder wood body, this guitar ensures top-notch quality and sustainability.

  • Balanced and resonant tunes.
  • 9.5″ radius fingerboard.
  • Bridge with block saddles.

3. Yamaha Pacifica PAC112JL YNS Electric-Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112JL YNS - Left-Handed Electric Guitars

Description: This guitar is perfect for left-handed guitarists as it has a five-position pickup switch with the tone control. In detail, the guitar itself is very light, so you can easily move in style while rocking on the stage. You will also get multiple color options to choose from.

Design & Quality: This guitar is built with a solid alder body with a sturdy maple neck for ensuring longevity.

  • Vintage-style tremolo bridge.
  • Chrome die-cast tuners.
  • Outstanding playability.

2. Dean VX Electric Bass Guitar Left-Handed Electric Guitars

Dean VX Electric Bass Guitar - Left-Handed Electric Guitars

Description: When it comes to left-handed electric guitars, you must consider checking a Dean’s guitar before anything else. Surely, this guitar will surprise and satisfy you not only with its look and design but also with its performance and tune. Basically, it is a groove tuning machine with the dual-action truss rod.

Design & Quality: Featuring a basswood body, it can withstand some light knocks even after years of use.

  • 24-3/4-inch scale.
  • C-profile maple neck.
  • Tune-o-Matic Bridge.

1. Hagstrom VIK-L-BLK Viking Electric-Acoustic Guitar 

Hagstrom VIK-L-BLK Viking Electric-Acoustic - Left-Handed Electric Guitars

Description: If you like a big body guitar with the same characteristics of Gibson Les Paul’s solid body at a lower price, then this may be an ideal option for you. In particular, it features classical style strings that are separated for your learning and jamming convenience and produce a moderate refined sound.

Design & Quality: The body is strongly engineered in ply maple and comes in a beautiful finishing.

  • Custom pickups.
  • Covers all music genres.
  • Rigid and lightweight structure.

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Jimi Hendrix or Kurt Cobain, they all flipped the right-hand guitar and started rocking the stage. However, it needs a lot more practice and time to master right-handed guitar when you are a lefty. With left-handed electric guitars, it becomes easier to learn the basics and improve them gradually. While you are looking for such guitars, we would suggest you not to live and die by brands; instead choose the particular left-handed design that suits you appropriately.

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