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A classical guitar is a good choice to start your lessons with because beginners find an acoustic guitar a bit harder to play. The fingerboard on a classical guitar is roomy enough for you to comfortably master the main chords and get your groove on. Good quality tuners, fret type, strings, bridge, neck frame, and build are some of the things you need to check while choosing one that is worth your money. Can’t wait to get one? Take a look at our list of top ten left-handed classical guitars below.

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Best Left-Handed Classical Guitars in 2021

9. Omega Acoustic Left-Handed Classical Guitars

Omega Classical Acoustic Guitar - Left-Handed Classical Guitars

If you’re looking for a left-handed classical guitar at an affordable price, this one by Omega is well-made enough to get you past your beginner to intermediate lessons. It lets you produce clean chords without a buzzing sound.

This guitar has a solid spruce top. Its basswood sides and back look very elegant. It’s not suitable for children since it weighs nearly nine pounds.

  • It comes with a case for easy carrying.
  • Nut and left-handed special bridge are installed.
  • Classic open tuners.

8. Stagg C546LH Left-Handed Classical Guitars

Stagg C546LH Classical Guitar - Left-Handed Classical Guitars

This left-handed classical guitar will deliver nothing but a smooth experience in your early days of learning how to play. It not only sounds incredible but it’s also affordable.

It displays a solid and smooth construction. Its glossy finish makes it look expensive and attractive. The fingerboard is made of good quality maple wood and it’s very comfortable to play on.

  • It doesn’t weigh a lot.
  • Basswood sides and back.
  • You might need to change its machine tuners in a short while.

7. Guitar Works Left-Handed Classical GuitarsGuitar Works Classical Guitar - Left-Handed Classical Guitars

This fully sized classical guitar is perfect for you to carry on your musical journey to the intermediate level. If you want your guitar shipped promptly and ready to play right out of the case, this is the one.

This left-handed classical guitar is well-made and comes pre-strung so you can skip the hassle of stringing it first. It produces a rich and balanced sound for a traditional classical guitar.

  • It comes with two guitar picks and a few care sheets.
  • Includes guitar maintenance tools.
  • It’s shipped with a protective guitar bag and strap.

6. Oscar Schmidt Classical Guitar

Oscar Schmidt Classical Guitar - Left-Handed Classical Guitars

If you’re looking for a good guitar within a moderate price range, this one by Oscar Schmidt is one of the best left-handed classical guitars out there.

This traditional guitar is handcrafted to produce natural tones. You can’t help but adore its lightweight build and glossy finish.

  • A mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard.
  • Built-in tuners.
  • Well-spaced nylon strings and comfortable fingerboard.

5. Master Play Classical Guitar 

Master Play Classical Guitar - Left-Handed Classical Guitars

This left-handed guitar comes with the whole package. You’ll love its smooth, rich tones for months to come. It can be a good entry-level guitar to brush up your skills.

Its all wood build displays great durability. It’s very unlikely to crack or dent if you occasionally mishandle it. The good-quality built-in tuners let you do the tuning with maximum ease and they also stay put.

  • Includes three guitar picks.
  • Spare nylon strings included.
  • It comes with a carry bag with a spacious outer pocket.

4. Omega 38″ Classical Acoustic Guitar 

Omega 38" Classical Acoustic Guitar - Left-Handed Classical Guitars

The glossy, smooth, and attractive finish of this guitar is sure to catch the eyes of the people even if it’s not your playing that turns their heads!

The three nylon bottom strings are silver-plated and woven with silk to give them a soft touch and you a comfortable feel.

  • It comes with a protective carry bag.
  • A left-handed special bridge and nut are installed.
  • The bridge and fretboard are made of nato wood.

3. Cordoba C5 Iberia

Cordoba C5 Iberia - Left-Handed Classical Guitars

If you’re only a beginner or want to take your guitar practice up a notch, this flagship model from Cordoba will be worth every penny.

Its traditional Spanish design makes it look appealing. It’s also very lightweight. The guitar top is made of high-quality Canadian cedar. Its Savarez strings produce clear, resonant chords that are sure to charm anyone.

  • The truss rod is lightweight and adjustable.
  • Produces a well-balanced and warm tone.
  • Comfortable fingerboard, mahogany sides, and back.

2. Martin 000CL Classical Guitar 

Martin 000CL Classical Guitar - Left-Handed Classical Guitars

This top-notch left-handed classical guitar stands out from other entry-level guitars and truly makes a statement. You can comfortably explore many music genres with this guitar and it won’t let you down.

Featuring a traditional style bridge, slotted headstock, and a wide neck, this one has everything you look for in a well-made classical guitar.

  • Twelve fret cutaway body type.
  • Bold Herringbone single-ring rosette.
  • Onboard analog Fishman F1 electronics for stage performance.

1. Takamine GC5CELH-NAT Classical Guitar 

Takamine GC5CELH-NAT - Left-Handed Classical Guitars

If you’re looking for an all-rounder left-handed guitar that will cover stage performances, family get-togethers and late-night music sessions with your friends, this one by Takamine is ready to do it all.

Its cutaway has a Venetian-style finish. Its mahogany neck and rosewood body ensures a comfortable fingerpicking and strumming experience.

  • Three-band equalizer, TP-4T preamp, and tuner.
  • Inlaid elegant mosaic rosette, dovetail neck, synthetic bridge saddle, and nut.
  • Slim fingerboard provides comfortable and versatile playability.

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Enjoy the mellow tones on nylon strings and strum away your favorite songs all day long on any classical guitar from our top favorite choices.

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