Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars Review In 2022

Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars Review In 2022
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If you think that you’d miss out on the best guitars just because you’re left-handed, you’re wrong. All leading instrument brands are releasing their left-handed versions of best guitars for stars like you. You’ve had your fun with classical guitars and now it’s time to try out an acoustic one. Be it folk, bluegrass, country, jazz, pop, or blues- a good quality acoustic guitar will stay with you through thick and thin. Don’t know which one to get? Keep on reading to find out about 10 best left-handed acoustic guitars in the market.

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Best Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars Review In 2022

10. Oscar Schmidt OG1LH-A-U 

Oscar Schmidt OG1LH-A-U

Product description: This left-handed acoustic guitar is suitable for beginners, students, and children. You can begin your musical journey or start your children’s guitar lessons with this one by Oscar Schmidt at an affordable price.

Design and quality: This attractive ¾ left-handed acoustic guitar is of good construction. It’s not heavy at all and has 6 strings and a flat neck.

  • It doesn’t come with a case.
  • The six steel strings are pre-strung.
  • Difficult to produce clean chords.

9. Breedlove Pursuit Concert Guitar 

Breedlove Pursuit Concert Guitar - Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars

Product Description: If you’re looking for a compact and well-balanced guitar that is both comfortable to play and easy on your wallet, this one by Breedlove is the one.

Design and quality: A smooth textured and lustrous tonewood surface makes it look beautiful. It has layered mahogany on the sides and back for a resonant yet balanced tone. Its slim neck lets you comfortably play the chords.

  • Its pinless bridge reduces saddle strain and lets you produce clean chords.
  • It comes with a standard gig bag for carrying.
  • Includes a 10 feet long instrument cable.

8. Ibanez AEG70L 

Ibanez AEG70L - Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars

Product description: These left-handed acoustic guitars won’t be your average campfire guitar; they are ready to do a lot more. It comes pre-strung so you can play it right away.

Design and quality: Its neck is satin-finished so you can enjoy a fast and smooth feel as you play it. This guitar has a comfortable walnut fretboard. It’s flame-maple top and tiger burst design give it a glossy look.

  • Built-in preamp system and under saddle pick up.
  • Easy to tune.
  • The coated guitar strings sound fresh for a long time.

7. Ovation Celebrity CE44L-5 

Ovation Celebrity CE44L-5 - Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars

Product Description: If you’re looking for striking looks and professional experience in one guitar, then this one is a good option considering its performance and affordability.

Design and quality: Its multi-sound unique hole design generates balanced yet focused bass response and clear high chords. The glossy neck and high-quality spruce top provide magnificent note clarity.

  • Suitable for live performances.
  • It comes with an onboard tuner.
  • Good preamp system and three-brand equalizer.

6. Oscar Schimdt OG2NLH-A-U 

Oscar Schimdt OG2NLH-A-U - Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars

Product Description: Amaze your friends and family with your musical expertise when you have this well-made guitar in your hand. It won’t cost a fortune but can take you to greatness.

Design and quality: This dreadnaught style left-handed acoustic guitar offers a complete acoustic resonance and makes your chords sound exactly the way they should. You wouldn’t have to re-string it in a long time.

  • The bridge and fretboard need conditioner coating after a while.
  • Available in a lot of colors.
  • Produces clean chords.

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5. Fender CC-60SCE Acoustic Guitar


Product description: This top-grade concert cutaway left-handed acoustic guitar can be your perfect entry-level guitar. Its useful onboard electronics are appealing to intermediate guitarists as well.

Design and quality: Its top is made of spruce- modern tonewood to fashion acoustic guitar tops. It helps to deliver a good dynamic range. The fingerboard edge of this guitar is rolled to create a comfortable feel.

  • Fishman preamp system including various onboard sound controls.
  • Mahogany sides and back.
  • Convenient onboard tuner.

4. Ibanez Performance PF15 

Ibanez Performance PF15 - Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars

Product description: With this left-handed acoustic guitar, you don’t have to compromise rich, pure, and resonant tones from delicate fingerpicking to hard strumming.

Design and quality: Its solid spruce top is complemented with mahogany sides and back. Its neck has a high-gloss natural finish. Its top-notch chrome tuners will stay firmly in place and avoid accidental turns.

  • It doesn’t come with a case.
  • Six steel strings.
  • Well-spaced strings and comfortable fretboard.

3. Fender PM-1 Acoustic Guitar 

Fender PM-1 Acoustic Guitar - Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars

Product description: This left-handed acoustic guitar displays high-quality craftsmanship and a blend of useful modern features that will attract beginners, intermediate guitarists, and professionals alike.

Design and quality: Its sides, back, and top are made of excellent mahogany. It has a smooth textured look similar to those of classic 60’s editions. Its C-shaped neck promotes fast and comfortable playing.

  • The fingerboard is made of rosewood.
  • The guitar comes with a hard shell casing.
  • Open-back nickel tuners.

2. Martin DX1AE Acoustic-Electric Guitar 

Martin DX1AE Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars

Product description: This left-handed acoustic guitar from Martin X Series, a well-reputed line in the music industry will provide you with supreme playability and rich tones at a price within your reach.

Design and quality: You can get easy access tone and volume controls combined with its top-notch Fishman Sonitone technology. It has an oval-shaped neck and 20 frets on the fingerboard.


1. Seagull S6 QI Acoustic Guitar

Seagull S6 QI Acoustic Guitar - Left-Handed Acoustic Guitars

Product description: This award-winning left-handed acoustic guitar will make sure that you fall in love with music and love playing guitar even more every single day.

Design and quality: This guitar is equipped with a responsive and exceptional saddle transducer that complements its side-mount bass, treble, and volume controls. It has wild-cherry wood on its sides and back while the neck has Silverleaf maple. The bridge and fingerboard are made of traditional rosewood.

  • Built-in LED display and digital tuner.
  • Tapered Headstock makes precise tuning possible.
  • Compensated saddle and Tusq nut for finer intonation.

We hope you’ve come across an acoustic guitar that’s just right and checks all the boxes. Before you place an order, carefully determine which package meets your requirements the most. Happy strumming!

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