JBL Flip 2: Loudest BT Speaker

JBL Flip 2: Loudest BT Speaker
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JBL Flip 2: Loudest BT Speaker

JBL Flip 2: Loudest BT Speaker

Look, we all know how vital wireless gadgets are. We all need to carry multiple devices daily, and we need some of them on us all the time. Who wants to deal with three different wires tangled together when all we need is that one airport, maybe. Not to mention you have to look for outlets for other cables when you need to connect them to something. No thanks, we’ll pass.

Wireless gadgets aren’t a “quirk” anymore, especially when it comes to entertainment. They’re easy to carry around and don’t come with the tangles of wired devices. You can take gadgets like a speaker anywhere and just connect them to start your own party.

That reminds us. If you’re a party person and want your music to be as loud as it gets, JBL Flip 2 is a speaker you can’t avoid. This speaker has it all, but its sound quality is exceptional. Let’s take a better look and see what makes it so good.

JBL Flip 2: One for the Loud Crowd

Bluetooth speakers are exceptional. You can connect and play with no wires, no nothing. Do you know what else makes them exceptional? The sound quality. Some of them really go beyond their portable look and get you a better sound quality than you’d expect.

Of course, you’ll have to consider other factors when getting a Bluetooth speaker. You should pay attention to battery life and design besides the sound quality. Lucky for you, JBL Flip 2 passes everything with a good rating. Let’s take a better look.


This speaker has taken it up a notch from its previous versions, minus the design. JBL Flip 2 has the same build as the earlier version, just some minor tweaks were added. The speaker comes in red, blue, yellow, white, and black. If you’re a color-coordinated person, you’re in luck. The covers come in the same colors as the speaker. They covered the buttons in the outer rubber layer, so you don’t feel them much (except maybe a slight bump), but they still click.

A soft rubber outer layer stops the speaker from rolling off. It only has a connection, a volume, and a speakerphone button. No pause/play or song navigation button, but you can control that from your phone.

Sound Quality

Well, the part we’re all waiting for. JBL Flip 2 will surprise you with how powerful its output can get. It performs well in all three ends, but the midrange is the strongest. That doesn’t mean the other ends are bad, though. This speaker has the best sound among the speakers in the same price range.

The low sound end performs well. It is better than its predecessor and has no problems capturing the bass of funkier songs. It has better sound quality than its predecessor, so you can guess how exceptional the quality actually is.

The mid-range is probably the strongest forte of this speaker. It can handle almost everything in its midrange– Bass, treble, rhythm.

But the high range has to be a highlight for JBL Flip 2. This speaker can get incredibly loud for its size in the high range. The treble can sound a little pushed for some songs, but for the most part, it is good. The sound can get a little harsh at the very end of the high range, but you can push upto 70%-80% without any hitch. It is an absolute win for its $129.99 price point.


For a speaker this powerful, the battery is somehow on the average end. JBL Flip 2 has more or less improved everything, but the battery life is still in the average lane. The battery comes with a 5 hours average lasting time if you’re playing it in low. If you’re going for a louder sound, you’ll get a maximum of 3-4 hours of battery life from this.

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The JBL Flip 2 does justice to its predecessor’s sound quality. The speaker gives a pretty good performance on all ends and has an excellent design to go with it. Everything looks very promising with this except the battery life (which you can solve pretty conveniently with the USB charger). So if you’re looking for a speaker that does justice to its name, go for this.

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