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HyperX Cloud II
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Headsets are important as they can provide us with the listening experience that we desire. They can help us catch the small details in the movies or music that we’re listening to. In the event of gaming, the headsets give an additional advantage to the gamers to locate their enemies and targeting them. Overall, having a proper gaming headset is necessary because it helps the gamer to gain an upper hand.

HyperX Cloud II is a great headset as they are really comfortable and you can go out in your long-sessions of gaming without any discomfort. The 7.1 surround of sound gives an amazing experience and it will help you in listening closely during your game.

HyperX Cloud II

What’s In the Box?

HyperX Cloud II

You can choose your ear cups to be of cloth or leather as there is a pair of spare cups in the box. It comes with an adapter and USB controller cord along with a control volume for the headset. To activate the 7.1 surround sound, there is a separate button. It also comes with a mic that can help you communicate with your teammates on a game. Besides, you also get a nylon bag that allows you to carry this device anywhere.


HyperX Cloud II

There is a control box for the audio made of advanced USB and the sound card has a built-in DSP. The audio quality is excellent as it contains drivers of 53mm. The 7.1 surround sound experience which makes the whole listening experience almost 3D like. The headbands are made out of leather which provides the best kind of comfort. The memory foam also provides a really comfortable feel.

Noise cancellation feature is also available here which means that the sound from the outside environment will be blocked completely. This means that you can concentrate on your game without any distractions at all. The feature is important when you’re trying to focus on your gameplay but you have loud neighbors. The closed-cup design also helps in canceling noise. It is great with PC and you can connect it with many devices easily.

The range of frequency is 15-25000Hz. The balance in the spectrum of frequency and the 55m drivers are great at getting a fast transient response. The microphone is also great at picking up noise and this means you can communicate easily with your friends at the time of gaming. These features enable you to use this headset as a normal headphone as well to listen to music and pick up calls.


HyperX Cloud II

Cloud II is divided into two parts: the sound card of USB and the device itself. The sound card and headset don’t tangle together as both of them are separate from braided cables for protection. The design makes the device look attractive. The design is also closed-cup, which facilitates the noise cancellation feature. The mic is detached on the left cup. There is a small plug made of rubber in the headset to hide the hole when you detach the mic.

The pressure from the headset to your skin will be minimal. In fact, you will barely feel anything. The headset and the cups are made of leather and are extremely comfortable. These headsets will sit and fit nicely on your head. They don’t fold or swivel and it is designed not to move much. The cups join with the metal joints that connect at certain points. And so you can adjust the cups according to your will.

The black design makes the product look really classy and stylish. The product has a nice HyperX logo on it. The mic can be removed and when removed, the headphones look really nice. The product uses premium materials only. Besides, there are two color choices to choose from which are black and gray, and black and red. It can also transform the braided cord into a jack of 3.5mm



The design of this headset is what attracts many of its buyers. The sleek design along with the leather finish is coupled with a great build quality, which means the device will be durable.

The sound quality is excellent and this means that this product can be used in gaming or listening to music. The clarity of sound is quite well, meaning that you can pick up small details in your gameplay. The noise cancellation feature will allow you to concentrate on your gameplay and not get distracted with any exterior noises.

The performance of this headset as a gaming headset is really good as it can produce loud sounds that will allow you to pick up the location of your enemies easily. This gives the gamers the upper hand and that is why it is really famous in the gaming community. The comfortable headband and the ear cups allow long-sessions of gaming for you. It is compatible with PC, PS4, and many devices. As a modern device, it can be connected easily to modern game stations.


The braided cable can’t be detachable without the USB card. The 7.1 surround sound feature of this headset is not effective all the time. And the headbands are not sweat resistant, which can cause discomfort after hours of wear. It also doesn’t have any software to customize the sound; this means you can only listen to the sound that it comes with. Besides, the bass is a bit lackluster.

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Finally, it can be said that the Hyperx Cloud II is a great gaming headset that comes with a lot of great features at an affordable price. It looks really good because of its design and is one of the most comfortable headsets in the current market. The comfort build-up allows gamers to take it into long gaming sessions without any hesitation. Overall, this device has proved its worth!

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