How to Prevent Earbuds From Damaging Your Ears?

Damaging Your Ears
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How to Prevent Earbuds From Damaging Your Ears?

Prevent Earbuds From Damaging Your Ears

Earbuds are closest to the eardrums as you wear them. Throbbing pain in our ears and head after putting the earbuds down makes everyone anxious about their ear health. Are earbuds a red flag to our ear health? Hold up, you may not need to ditch your earbuds right away. We discussed some good ideas for preventing and lessening your ear damage. Also, you will know now the way earbuds are damaging your ears. So without further delay, let’s get started,

What Are Earbuds?

Earbuds are those tiny headphones made to get inside your ear canal. They pass the audio directly into your eardrums and wireless. Also, they have a replaceable rubber head which enables them to stick to your ears.

They peaked in popularity when Apple dropped their Airpods. A lot of other brands came up with wireless in-ear headphones some of which are very desirable nowadays. Gradual development in earphone quality made them easier to avail.

People love them because:

  • Lightweight: They are the most lightweight headphones. They are small enough to stick inside of your ears and don’t have wires either except for a charging cable.
  • Easy to charge: A lot of people wish they could charge their phones as they charge their earbuds. You just need to put them in the case and it charges itself. Though you need to charge the case to do that.
  • Workout buddy: Nothing beats earbuds when it comes to workouts. We know wireless headphones give great mobility but which is the best one? Wireless over-ear and in-ear headphones are also good for moving around but they aren’t the best match for exercise. Because they got leathered cushion which gets warmed up and sweaty which is very uncomfortable.
  • They look fashionable: It’s such a brag owning a pair of wireless earbuds. Looks tech-savvy and cool.
  • Easy to carry: Portability is something you never have to worry about when it comes to earbuds. They are easy to carry and fit anywhere.
  • Replaceable buds: Earbuds come with an extra set of rubber buds of different sizes. So you don’t need to worry about whether it’ll fit you or not.
  • Sharing: You can give one piece of earbud to your friend and you don’t need to sit close to listen better.
  • Touch control: As they are very small, manufacturers added a touch system. The touch system is great for controlling music without any buttons.

Some people avoid it because:

  • Easy to lose: Their small size is a curse as well. If they fall off you may not notice. If you forget where you kept them, if you accidentally threw them away along with your trash then outcomes might be terrible.
  • Short-lived: Wireless technology is still developing. On top of that if it’s earbuds then it gets even harder to fit all the good quality parts in a small space. The size makes a big difference here.
  • Hygiene issue: If you lend it to someone and they returned your earbuds covered with their ear wax, it wouldn’t be a good thing, right?
  • Ear health: Most doctors will prohibit you from using earbuds as it’s proved that earbuds can cause permanent ear damage.
  • Pricier than wired ones: They are naturally pricey due to their wireless build.
  • Poor sound quality: Even though the technology is improving, it hasn’t improved enough to reach the heart of music enthusiasts.
  • Microphone: Doesn’t come with a separate microphone so you need to speak louder to talk through earbuds. I find it very problematic because my voice is very low and whenever someone calls, I have to switch to my wireless in-ear earphone.
  • Lower range: Range means how far you can move away from your phone wearing earbuds. A wireless over-ear will allow you further than earbuds will.

How They Are Damaging Our Ears?

It’s important to have an idea about the way earbuds are damaging our ears. Earbuds get the closest to our eardrums than other headphones. Music is supplied directly to the eardrums making them prone to damage. Most earbuds are unable to cancel external noise.

The reason why people turn up the volume is to listen better. Even if you’re maintaining a healthy level, your audio will be 9 decibels extra just because it’s closer to your ear. As they get inside your ears, it’s easy to get them covered with ear wax.

Which will later catch germs. And these germs will be transmitted into your ears. Earbuds create an airless environment inside the ears which allows bacteria to grow. If you’re not careful, these earbuds can cause permanent hearing loss and ear infections.

How To Prevent It?

  • Maintain the volume: Earbuds’ sound will be higher than the actual so try listening to a lower volume.
  • Don’t wear it for too long: You can lessen your risk of ear damage if you stop using it for a longer period. The more you wear the more strained your eardrums will be.
  • Clean your earbuds and ear: Regularly clean your ear hole and buds with a cleanser. Avoid using unclean buds.
  • Health check-up: Keep visiting doctors regularly for a check-up of your ear health.
  • Good quality earbuds: Invest in good quality earbuds. It’s better to buy good products than to suffer later for using harmful products.
  • Don’t use broken earbuds: If one of your buds stops working, don’t keep using the other one.
  • Be careful about sharing: Sharing earbuds with other people makes it easy for germs to reach your ears.
  • Don’t sleep wearing earbuds: As much as it seems comfortable to sleep as you listen to your favorite sleeping music, it’s harmful.
  • Use noise-canceling headphones: Invest in good noise-canceling headphones. Noise-canceling headphones will prevent you from turning up your volume unnecessarily.

Earbuds are cool to use but this shouldn’t be costing you anything other than money. Maximum hearing loss problems are due to abuse of noise pollution. But learning a few healthy habits can enable us both safety and a good music experience. After all, it’s never a bad decision to become extra careful with your health.

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