How to Find The Trumpet Best for Your Home

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How to Find The Trumpet Best for Your Home

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If you love hearing classical and jazz music, there is a high chance of you loving the trumpet. The trumpet is a very interesting and luxurious-looking musical instrument. It is the main component in classical and jazz music-making. It creates the bold, and bright sound that everyone loves the classical and jazz genre for.

So as a classical and jazz music fan, it is understandable if you are looking forward to buying this instrument for home. But the question is, how do you choose the trumpet best for your home? That is our topic for discussion in this article.

How to find the trumpet best for your home

To find the best one for your home, you must consider some factors about the instrument. Mainly the price and maintenance. These two play a crucial role in choosing the trumpet best for home. Apart from these two, you need to consider the instrument’s type, warranty, and some other details. Let’s have a look.

The type of the trumpet

The first thing to consider is the type of trumpet. There are 12 different types of this instrument. It is a matter of personal preference. If you want to buy a Bb trumpet, that is up to you. However, we would recommend you purchase a C trumpet for home.

The C trumpet has a slightly smaller body but offers a great sound tune compared to its size.

Number of water keys

The number of water keys(also known as spit keys) in the trumpet plays a role in the instrument’s maintenance. Usually, all trumpets come with one water key. It is located at the main tuning slide. But some trumpets come with two water keys. The second one is located at the third slide for quick spit cleaning.

This instrument doesn’t need to have two water keys. So whether you choose one water key, or two, that is up to you.

Size of the trumpet bore

The size of this instrument bore matters a lot. The bore size refers to the diameter of the tubings of the trumpet. This instrument will require more airflow to keep up the tune if the bore size is big. If you are an advanced player, you may be able to handle a big bra size. If not, then we recommend choosing a smaller bore size.

Slides and Valves

Slides and smooth valve action are a must for this instrument. New trumpets often have sticky valves. So you should check the valve actions properly before making a purchase.

Also, check the valve spring stiffness. Go for a spring that feels easy for the finger.

Damage check

Check for damages in the instrument before buying it. Check to see if there is any leak in the tubing and any dents. Also, check for corrosion. Make sure the trumpet is free from all kinds of damages before purchasing.


As you are purchasing the instrument for home use, you will need it to have easy maintenance. Professional trumpets require disassembling, rinsing, drying, greasing, and assembling. It is a difficult procedure, to be frank.

If you are buying this instrument for your child, we recommend buying them a plastic one. But if it is for you, then buy a professional one.


Keep in mind that you are buying this instrument for home. Thus it does not need to be high-end or luxurious. Make sure that your purchase is within your budget.

Warranty and Return policy

Before making the purchase, make sure to check the instrument’s warranty and the return policy. You cannot guarantee the safety of the instrument at your home. Thus you may need to use the trumpet warranty later.

So this was our guide to buying the trumpet best for your home. Make sure you follow through with each step. We recommend you take a friend who’s an expert in the trumpet when buying a trumpet for your home.

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