How Long Should You Wear Headphones a Day?

How Long Should You Wear Headphones a Day
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Keep Your Hearing Intact: How Long Should You Wear Headphones A Day

How Long Should You Wear Headphones A Day

Headphones are a useful accessory. It helps you free your hands when you are using the phone. People often wear headphones to listen to music or to stay connected to their phones as they work. Headphones also come in handy when you are on the road. You can jam to your favorite music while you get closer to the destination.

With the buds of headphones popped into your ears, the outside noise fades away. Noise-canceling headphones are great when you have construction work taking place in the neighborhood. But it is easy to get addicted to headphones. It is important to know how long you should wear your headphones, before abandoning them for the day.

Choose the Right Headphones

How Long Should You Wear Headphones A Day

It has been a while since the concept of headphones was introduced. Now, there are tons of different styles and designs of headphones available in the market. These different styles offer something different to everyone. Find the most comfortable pair for you so you can enjoy listening to music to the fullest.

Some people prefer over-the-ear headphones, while some people are fans of true wireless earbuds. If you decide to use headbands that go over your head, make sure the fit is snug but not too tight. You should consider trying a few different styles of headphones to find your ideal match. The more comfortable the headphones are, the less harmful they will be for your ears.

Best Way to Use Headphones

We often use headphones for hours on end. Not just for listening to some casual music, people often use headphones while they are streaming a movie or binge-watching a series. It may not seem like it, but there are some dos and don’ts when it comes to using headphones.

Most headphones come with ‘R’ and ‘L’ labels on each earbud. The labels tell you which bud should go into which ear. A lot of users do not even care about the labels and randomly put on headphones. The labels are not there just for the sake of it. So instead of ignoring it, try to heed the instructions the manufacturers provide.

Each earbud is designed specifically for each ear. The labels tell you which bud is ideal for which ear. Mismatching the earbuds can end up being uncomfortable in the long run. Also, you do not get the full experience of your particular headphones by wearing them in the wrong order.

Things to Avoid While Using Headphones

There is no universal rule stating that you should wear headphones in this way only. But you can improve your experience of using headphones by following and avoiding a few stuff.

Keep Your Ears ‘Clean’

The fewer things you have in your ear, the better. If you have multiple piercings or are wearing heavy earrings, it is best to remove as many of them as you can. When you are putting in headphones, your ears should be as empty as possible. If there is too much jewelry in the way, you might end up hurting your ears.

Wearing Headphones Before Bed

A person wearing headphones in bed

Some people have the habit of listening to soothing tunes or podcasts before going to bed. It often helps calm their nerves and helps them fall asleep. It is not the best method to induce sleep since experts recommend avoiding electronics before bedtime.

But if it helps you sleep and you can avoid harmful side effects as much as possible, then go ahead. But do keep some things in mind. Be mindful of using wired headphones before bed since they can get tangled and choke you while you sleep.

Consider setting a timer for your music or podcasts so the audio will not pass through your ears all night long.

Headphone Quality Matters

When you insist on using headphones every day, it should not hurt to invest in a good product. Do not use cheap knockoffs. Headphones that produce poor sound are not good for your hearing. Even if you have to pay a little extra for a good pair of headphones, it is a worthy investment.

Good quality headphones produce better sound and often have excellent build quality. You will not have to buy new headphones every month when you have a pair from a reputable brand. If you have a good pair of noise-canceling headphones, you will not have to crank the volume up as much. But if the headphones have bad sound quality, you might try to compensate for that by increasing the volume, which is harmful.

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How Long Should One Use Headphones For?

Headphone users often are hit with this question: how long should I use headphones in a day? If you have good quality headphones and the volume is kept at a moderate level, it should be fine to use headphones for a few hours.

But it is important to remember the 60/60 rule of using headphones. The 60/60 rule implies that you should not use headphones for more than 60 minutes at a time, and the volume should not go over 60%. If the person sitting next to you can hear the music coming from your headphones, then it is a clear sign that the music is too loud. You should get into the habit of keeping the volume levels as low as possible. As long as you keep these rules in mind, it should be fine for you to enjoy a few hours of music or watch movies with headphones popped in.

Understanding the differences between Wired and Wireless Headphones

Wearing headphones for hours on end will do you more harm than good. Even when you are using high-quality headphones at a moderate volume, it is not okay to keep listening to music for hours non-stop.

The nerves in your inner ear can be severely damaged if you use headphones continuously. Once they are damaged, it is impossible to recover fully. Choose the pair of headphones that are best for you. Keep the volume and the usage hours in check to avoid any ear irritation.

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