Headset vs Earphone: Which is Better?

Headset vs Earphone
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Headset vs Earphone: Which is Better?

Headset vs Earphone

Let it be within yourself or with others, the headphone and earphone clash is real. Everyone who has used both of them knows it better. Looks aren’t the only thing they differ from each other. There is a huge gap among them under a lot of categories which we will discuss in brief. But before that, let’s get to know more about them,



They are called headsets for a reason and you’ve guessed it right, it’s because they stick to the head mainly. U-shaped design is their distinguishable feature. Better sound quality and noise cancellation make them special. They’re also known to be safer than earphones. Bigger ear cups allow them to stick to ears more comfortably and safely. These large cups can be problematic as they trap heat so ears get sweaty. Bigger size makes them uncomfortable to a lot of people.

Not the best mate if you love to listen to music as you workout yet some use it anyway. The chunky shape makes them fragile and hard to carry around. Best for such works where you don’t need to move much like gaming, studio work, etc.



We all know earphones are. Despite their risk, we keep using them for some surprising benefits. They get tangled easily but are easy to carry. They are lightweight and small enough to fit anywhere. Wireless ones are best mates for workouts and listening to music as you move around.

Everyone who has used earphones of different qualities knows that they don’t last long. I’ve used earphones at both pricey and cheap rates. I concluded that quality doesn’t depend on price always. Earphones are given free as you buy a new phone. And people get used to using it. It’s easier to converse in earphones than in most headsets.

Which is Better?

Price: Price entirely depends on brands. Yet headsets cost more than earphones as they are bigger. A bigger size means more advanced technology at a high cost. Earphones are smaller requiring smaller parts.

Sound quality: To the music enthusiast, the difference in sound quality among them is visible. Bigger the headphone diameter the better the sound quality. Headsets are popular for delivering a high-end sound experience. Some pricey earphones may seem like good ones but they are nothing like headsets. Specially wired headsets are a must-have for those who are serious about music quality.

Ear health: Using both of these kinds is harmful at some point. But if we compare then earphone users are at high risk. It’s because earphones sit close to your ears. Any level of audio will increase by 9 decibels just because it’s closer to your ears. Earphones directly pass audio to your ears.

On the other hand, headsets use cups that covers ears. As a result, the audio is distributed throughout the ear. Closed-back headsets block out external noise so you won’t need to turn the volume up.

  • Comfort: Headsets lose the battle here. Earphones are lightweight and smaller which makes them the most comfortable. They fit inside your ears which enables a great grip, your ears won’t feel warm and won’t get sweaty like headsets. Cups of headsets pull-down ear lobes causing ear pain.
  • Portability: Earphones win this round too. As they are lightweight and compact they are easy to carry and wear. There is hardly any place where they won’t fit. Headsets are the biggest their bulkiness makes them difficult to carry.
  • Noise cancellation: Closed-back headsets are best for canceling external noises. The reason why a lot of professionals are trusting headsets in their work.
  • Charging: Wireless headset and earphones, both require charging. The charging process of headsets might seem problematic as you can’t use them while they are being recharged.

Earphones are charged passively. You just need to charge the case. And then when you are done using your earphones, put them in the case and they’ll charge themselves automatically. Comfort in this remains a personal matter.

  • Range: It means how far you can move around with your wireless device. You can move further with headsets than with earphones.
  • Manufacturing quality: Quality depends on the brand the most yet headsets are manufactured with high-quality products. Earphones are small and of compact design.
  • Fashion: Visual satisfaction is also a personal thing. Big chunky headsets stand out more than discreet earphones. For someone who likes to look simple, earphones are a good choice.
  • Sharing with others: You can’t listen together with your friend wearing a headset because it’s a solo device. In this matter earphones are helpful yet neckbands are an exception.
  • Wire: The wire of headsets are more manageable than the wire of earphones. Because of the bulky size of the headset, it makes it hard to get tangled with the wire. Earphone wires are fragile more than headsets.
  • Noise leaking: Both kinds can leak noise depending on sub-types. Open-back headphones leak noise. Earbuds earphone that doesn’t get inside ears properly leak noise.
  • Maintenance: Earphones are high maintenance. Because they get tangled easily, wireless one can get lost around the house. Earphones don’t catch sweat but they pull out ear wax and debris which is very gross. Also increases the risk of ear infections.

Our Verdict

Headsets are the winner because they are safer, they sound better, are low maintenance than earphones and they are long-lasting. If their bulkiness isn’t a big deal to you then you’ll surely like headsets.

But we also can’t deny the comfort of earphones so there is no way one can use only one of them. If you already have an earphone then this is a sign for you to try a good headset.

Using any kind of brand and type brings us one step closer to finding what’s best for us. It’s better to try both types to judge them even more precisely. If you are new to this then it’s better to try out some headsets. If you have any ear problems or health concerns then headsets will be a great choice. Using earphones occasionally and headsets most of the time is the best decision.

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