Types of Headphones by Technology

Types of Headphones by Technology
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Types of Headphones by Technology

Types of Headphones by Technology

Technology brings revolution. Revolution in headphones by technology is in our favor so far. From classic wire-based headphones to advance wire-less and Bluetooth headphones, we love the variations! Especially convenience, if brought to us through headphones by technology. While some of us love the quality of sound provided by wired headphones, we are in for variations such as ambient sound headphones or active noise-canceling headphones and headsets.

Whether you like to completely isolate yourself from the environment by only focusing on the melody, or you want to enjoy the blurred noise of traffic in the backdrop the latest headphones have something for everyone! If you are still trying to figure out the latest editions in the world of headphones by technology, we have described the different types!

Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones

While you are attending a business meeting online or going around enjoying your favorite music, the last thing you want to hear is the noise coming from outside sources. Active noise-canceling headphones are favored by many professionals and music lovers for this reason. Headphones by technology are becoming aware of the users’ needs and are coming up with options that allow you to hear better without getting distracted. Background noise is reduced significantly so that only the desired sound from the connected device reaches your ears.

This type of headphone technology has been present in the market for a long time. However, only a few brands had been making active noise-canceling headphones in the past. Since headphones by technology are getting better, more brands are coming up with such headphones. It has significantly affected the price range for such headphones. Active noise-canceling headphones by some brands used to start from a high price range. As the competition grows, brands are offering remarkable advancements in active noise-canceling headphones within budget. You can get a reliable active noise canceling headphone for under $ 100!

Bone Conduction Headphones

How many times have you canceled the alarm by your device which cautions you regarding prolonged use of the high music volume? Not going to lie, but we all are guilty here. As much as we value our solo time with music, we cannot help acknowledging the negative impact that headphones place on our hearing over time. Manufacturers know this. So, the headphones by technology are concerning the same and making useful headphones that let us enjoy the content without damaging our eardrums. We are talking about bone conduction headphones, one of the editions in headphones by technology.

Are bone conduction headphones safer for hearing? Yes. Bone conduction headphones are designed to sit on your cheekbones, unlike the conventional headphones that either sit on your head or wires around your neck. The sound waves bypass your eardrums. The vibration from the content is sent through your cheekbones and jaw towards your inner ear. Your brain then processes the pulses. This process helps turn the vibrations into the content that streams through the headphones. Your ear canal is left open and since your eardrums are not involved, your hearing is not damaged like conventional headphone users. Besides this benefit, users also speak highly of bone conduction headphones as they let you enjoy the music without alienating you from the surrounding completely. Bone conduction headphones are also lightweight and easy to carry, which makes them suitable during workouts.


Almost all the quality headphones today allow you to hear and speak by using them. But headsets take the headphones by technology further. Headsets are a combination of headphones and a microphone. These are not something found only in a gamer’s room these days. Our adaptability to the new-normal lifestyle and our work from home business allows headsets to be frequently visible. There has been massive progress in the world of headphones by technology. Headsets are headphones that come along with a microphone. Since hearing and speaking are possible with the same gadget, attending meetings via video conference and virtual discussions have become easier. Headsets help aid conversation online, which is a must in our work-from-home culture. The latest technology in headphones allows brands to manufacture high-quality headsets with superior microphones.

Ambient Sound Headphones

Improvements in headphones by technology is giving us smart gadgets every year. This year, the buzz is around ambient sound headphones. As much as we have spoken highly of noise-canceling headphones, we cannot but agree with the fact that we need to stay connected with our surroundings no matter what. Complete isolation is not always helpful, especially when walking on a busy road or working out. You must pay attention to your surrounding, and you also need to listen to your instructor. This is where ambient sound headphones come into the scene.

What is an ambient sound headphone? Well, ambient sound headphones are the opposite of noise-canceling headphones. Ambient sound headphones allow you to hear clear music from your device and aid background noise in entering your hearing zone. This technology benefits people prone to tinnitus and dizziness while using headphones. Ambient sound headphones leak background noise to your headphone. Thus, you can listen to the content through your headphones and be aware of your surroundings. For example, if you listen to music while working in the kitchen and your child is playing in the yard, ambient sound headphones will help you better listen to the song and pay heed to your child. And let us be honest, a slight sound of birds chirping while listening to your favorite music is somehow more desirable, isn’t it? To know more about the ambient sound headphones.

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Each type of headphones by technology has features you cannot miss this year. Since headphones have already become our grab-and-go tool, we thank the technology for making them more convenient and functional. Which headphone is your ideal type?

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