Types of Headphones by Connection: Wireless & Wired Headphones

wired headphone and wireless headphone
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Types of Headphones by Connection: Wireless Headphones and Wired Headphones

The invention of headphones accelerated the joy of experiencing the tasting the music on a different level. The types of headphones by connections are although new to the game, but this evolved fast from wired to wireless. At first, wired headphones were the only type of headphones, and over time they became even more modified to satisfy our needs. And finally wireless; no more mess of wires as if tangled up life wasn’t enough! Wireless headphones brought the sensation among music enthusiasts! But would be the best match for you? Let’s dive deep into that.

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Types of headphones based on connection

Apart from choosing the brand, we also care about selecting a headphone type based on connection. When browsing to buy a pair of headphones, you will come across two major categories: wireless and wired headphones. Now let’s get to know in detail about headphones based on connection:

wired headphone

Wired headphones

When I say wired headphones, if the first picture came into your mind is those meshed-up piles of thin wires, you are not the only one. I had to detangle till my patience ran out to listen to what my friend sent me in a voice message! You are not alone if you’ve been through these too! But let’s not cancel wired ones yet. Instead, let’s analyze what makes a wired headphone worth it:


Great sound performance: Wired headphones use analog signals to transfer more data. Delivers high-resolution audio as it doesn’t have to go through the hassle to reach you like wireless ones. Wired headphones do not use batteries that are weak in transmitting heavy data for a more extended period.

Easy to fix and cheaper: Anything wireless is expensive because it is made of technology and is very costly to manufacture. Also, repairing will be even more expensive naturally. But wired headphones are reliable in this sector as it has available replaceable parts if broken and are also cheaper.

Wired headphones came early in the market and developed a lot, so the price decreased over time. The reason why you’ll see all the cheaper headphones is wired. So if you are worried about budget, then a wired one can be your best mate.

They are lighter: Yes, I know how it sounds, but wired ones are the lighter ones. Let me tell you why. The wireless design makes Bluetooth headphones follow a heavy design to fit all the parts inside your headphone.

No need to charge: You’ve always been using wired ones. You probably haven’t realized you are free from the hassle of setting. Unlike wireless ones, wired ones don’t need charging as they don’t have any batteries.

No pairing issue: There is no connecting to device situations if you are using wired ones, so you don’t have to pair it every time you lend it to your sister.

Connect everywhere: You can plug these babes everywhere as long it has 3.5mm input. So it doesn’t need to be a Bluetooth device to use your headphone. I have one headphone that I use from my laptop to my mp3.


Wires: It is one of the common problems wired users face and why there is a necessity for wireless headphones. I find wireless headphones inconvenient while doing my workout because it is challenging to carry my phone while I move.

Sensitive wire: I lost track of how many wired headphones I’ve changed in these few years. If you pull or strain your headphone wire, the chances are high that soon you’ll lose audio of either side.

wireless headphone

Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones are another kind to mention as we discuss headphones by connection. These headphones peaked in popularity when they came into reach of general people. Who wouldn’t adore the wireless chic appeal of these pairs! But it may not be a cup of tea for everyone so let’s break it down why:


No cable: No doubt that it’s the prime reason for using wireless headphones. Charger wire will lose its partner if you get your wireless pair. Just connect to Bluetooth and enjoy.

Flexibility in movement: Wireless headphone is my best friend when I’m working out or walking from home to somewhere since you don’t have to carry your phone or device with you wherever you go. So no more tucking your phone somewhere while you are moving!

Compatible with modern devices: Some new models of devices are surprisingly ditching wired headphone functions. My cousin told me that her Oneplus phone doesn’t have a port for wired headphones. So you can stay ahead of time by using wireless headphones from now on.


Needs charging: Wireless pairs will need charging after a certain amount of time. This can be annoying to many people because what’ll you use while your headphone is charging?

Not the best sound quality: Wireless headphones won’t perform as well as wired ones as they use digital signals to transfer data and compress it. This can overall reduce quality to a great extent.

Pricey: They are the costliest as they are built of high-end, expensive materials to find a wireless function.

Hard to repair: As it carries expensive parts, replacing them would be tough if you got to empty your pocket. It might also be beyond repair sometimes.

Hassle to switch devices: You can’t connect to unpaired devices as fast as wired ones as there are pairing issues. And sometimes you may fail to connect as the Bluetooth feature isn’t that common.

We discussed two major types of headphones based on connection. If you’re aiming for better sound quality, then wired headphones can be the right choice for you but if the struggle of wires is too much for you, then definitely choose wireless ones. I had a headphone that was mainly wireless but came with a wire to use it as a wired one too. If you’re confused, you can go for something like that too. It’s better not to depend totally on either of them if you are confused. Budget and brand is also an effective factor so consider that as well. So have you made up your mind yet about which one you like the best?

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