Best Guitars For Country Music Review In 2022

Best Guitars For Country Music Review In 2022
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Since the 1920s when country music was first introduced, it has never faded. Many legendary country music singers, including Johnny Cash, Alan Jackson, and George Strait have contributed a lot to this genre and thus, today country music itself has several subgenres. There are several types of guitars that are suitable for country music. Big-bodied guitars offer louder sounds compared to the smaller ones. On the other hand, smaller ones offer more treble and mid. So, each and every guitar is different. You need to judge before you buy it. We have selected our top 10 guitars for country music below.

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Best Guitars For Country Music Review In 2022

10. Guild Traditional Acoustic Guitar

 - Guitars For Country Music

Product Description: This guitar might not be specialized for country music, but it’s on the list because of its success since the 1960s. Tommy Smothers used Guild guitar in the 60s. The latest version D-55 was released in 2017 with better and premium sound quality.

Design and Quality: The gloss neck along with its thickness is quite comfortable and impressive. Tones are quite loud and lively when playing country music. It’s great for the ones who like to move between genres and try versatile forms of music.

  • It is made with Indian rosewood while the fingerboard is ebony.
  • As claimed by the Guild, it is the best comeback of their regular production that has been running for decades.

9. Fender All-Mahogany Guitar

Fender All-Mahogany Guitar - Guitars For Country Music

Product Description: This guitar is a great representation of advanced country music guitar that comes within affordable prices. The CD-60S model is made out of mahogany in all sides. It creates genuine sounds giving pleasure to listeners’ ears.

Design and Quality: This is specially designed for beginners and semi-professionals. The spruce top is quite solid and the fingerboard is easy to play with. It responds quite well with country music.

  • The body style is Dreadnought.
  • It comes with a gig guitar case and instructional DVD.

8. Taylor Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Taylor Acoustic-Electric Guitar - Guitars For Country Music

Product Description: Taylor has invented some bold guitars. They are well known for their comfort and tone clarity. Their acoustic-electric guitar comes with the facilities and qualities that you are seeking around.

Design and Quality: The back is made with rosewood which creates the mid sound more compressed and smooth. Coming with Beveled armrest, you can play for a longer time without any discomfort.

  • The top side is made using Sitka Spruce.
  • The inside is designed with a tone-enhancing method to create louder tones.

7. Gretsch Rancher Falcon Guitar

Gretsch Rancher Falcon Guitar - Guitars For Country Music

Product Description: You might have already heard about Gretsch because of their extravagant and amazing designs. The guitar has been inspired by the Falcon guitar and comes with 12 strings.

Design and Quality: The white gloss finish body contains gold sparkles. The top is made with solid spruce and back is made with laminated maple.

  • The overall tune from the guitar is well balanced and rich but doesn’t reach the mark.
  • It comes with a built-in tuner.

6. Yamaha FG800 Guitar

 - Guitars For Country Music

Product Description: It would be surprising if we didn’t have Yamaha’s name in this list. They offer high-quality instruments at affordable prices. Among all those, FG800 is quite affordable and holds rare qualities in this price range.

Design and Quality: It comes with a dreadnought body and the top is made with Sitka spruce. The other body parts are made with mahogany. It has 21 frets and sounds lovely.

  • The truss rod is adjustable.
  • It has a stronger and louder sound in both of the low and mid ranges.

You will also need a Polish And Cleaner Kit

5. Gretsch Rancher Guitar 

Gretsch Rancher Guitar - Guitars For Country Music

Product Description: With over 130-years of experience, companies like Gretsch should hold multiple products in the top selected categories. And Gretsch is doing so. This guitar has been specially designed for country music.

Design and Quality: This jumbo guitar has a deep single Venetian cut. It is made with maple, mahogany and solid spruce. It also has 21 frets.

  • Gretsch Rancher is suitable for bright tones of country music.
  • It has a scalloped X-Bracing.

4. Breedlove Acoustic Guitar

Breedlove Acoustic Guitar - Guitars For Country Music

Product Description: Breedlove guitars come with modern technology for traditional methods. That might clearly depict a country music guitar’s portrait in your head.

Design and Quality: It is smaller than the jumbo guitars but still manages to produce equivalent volume sound of larger dreadnought guitars. The additional tonal experience is something that you might look forward to.

  • It comes in a gig case.
  • Breedlove’s designed Bridhe trust lowers the tension on the guitar’s soundboard.

3. Epiphone Hummingbird Guitar

Epiphone Hummingbird Guitar - Guitars For Country Music

Product Description: If you’re a fan of old traditional models, then you can check Epiphone out. They recreate the older models and offer them at affordable prices. Hummingbird is a recreation of Gibson’s classic model.

Design and Quality: It uses a dreadnought body, tortoiseshell pickguard, and square shoulders. The solid spruce’s top and mahogany back portrays the vintage style.

  • It has a rich, bold and warm tone within well-made build quality.
  • It contains a “D” slim-taper Profile neck.

2. Martin D-16GT Guitar

Martin D-16GT Guitar - Guitars For Country Music

Product Description: Having over 200 years of experience, Martin is creating some of the best guitars available in the market. The D-16GT comes with such top qualities at a lower price.

Design and Quality: The hybrid X-bracing is one of the major properties that we need to mention. Thus, its warm and rich tone is impressive. The guitar’s outlook is simple and yet elegant.

  • The fretboard and bridge are made of richlite.
  • It comes with a case and a limited lifetime warranty.

1. Epiphone EJ-200SCE Guitar

Epiphone EJ-200SCE Guitar - Guitars For Country Music

Product Description: This is the second product in this list from Epiphone. Epiphone EJ-200SCE can be trusted for great quality instruments. It resembles the Gibson J-200 at an affordable price.

Design and Quality: EJ-200SCE’s Jumbo body is made with maple and pau Ferro. It has two pickup systems- Nanoflex and Nanomag pickup.

  • It is a recreation of the widely known historic Jumbo-200.
  • It has the D-shape neck from the 1960’s versions.

Over the years, many of the guitars have transformed while many other companies have recreated the older models. The main purpose of the guitars remains the same till today- create rich music for listeners and comfort for users. While some of the devices have reached the top on it, others are still trying. You can go ahead and choose your favorite country music guitar from our list.

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