Best Guitar Straps & Strap Locks Review In 2022

Best Guitar Straps & Strap Locks Review In 2022
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Guitar straps and strap locks are some of the most necessary yet affordable accessories of a guitarist. A $40 guitar strap can save your $3000 Les Paul from breaking into pieces. So, we advise that you get a good strap that will not slip from your shoulders and a pair of strap locks as the second layer of protection.

Today we will look at the five best guitar straps and strap locks that you can get your hands on in 2022!

Best Guitar Straps & Strap Locks Review In 2022

10. Ernie Ball Polypro

Ernie Ball Black Polypro Guitar Strap

Product Description: The Ernie Ball Polypro comes at a cheap price but has an outstanding quality material like any other Ernie Ball straps. Its price and simplicity make it the best choice for beginners. If you want to carry around a spare strap, this is the best one to go for.

Product Design and Quality: The Polypro comes with a useful pick holder. The ends of the strap are made of genuine leather and it can take a lot of beating.

  • Leather ends,
  • Affordable price,
  • Pick holder.

9. Dunlop D3814GY

Dunlop D3814GY

Product Description: This Dunlop strap comes in a black and a Celtic grey edition. The guitar strap is made of nylon webbing and is comfortable on the shoulders.

Product Design and Quality: The strap is 2″ wide and you can adjust it from 38 to 65 centimeters. The edges are woven, and the strap rests comfortably on the shoulders. The strap ends are made of genuine leather.

  • Impressive design,
  • Comfortable wide belt.

8. Coffin: The Count

Coffin: The Count

Product Description: The Count velvet strap from the Coffin manufacturers comes with a sinister red design like the interior of a coffin. The webbing is the same as a seatbelt quality and provides amazing support.

Product Design and Quality: This strap can give you an elegant and royal outlook. You can adjust it up to 70 inches if you like your guitar slung low.

  • Thick leather ends,
  • Decadent outlook,
  • Amazing support and durability.

7. KLIQ AirCell

KLIQ AirCell

Product Description: The KLIQ AirCell guitar straps use a ground-breaking design. On the inner side of the strap, there are cells filled with air and they are evenly distributed all over the strap. As a result, this strap will offer you the comfort no other strap can.

Product Design and Quality: The strap has a minimalistic outlook; nothing too flashy to make you look different. But you surely will feel differently. With this strap, you can go on for hours at a stretch.

  • Most comfortable strap,
  • Long-lasting,
  • Simplistic design.

6. Ernie Ball Neoprene strap

Ernie Ball Neoprene strapProduct Description: These straps come with an extra level of comfort and stability. Using Neoprene sets these straps out from all the others.

Product Design and Quality: These straps are wide and comfortable. The material will let your shoulders breathe, so you won’t sweat much. The poly locks will keep your guitar from falling.

  • Made of Neoprene,
  • Poly locks,
  • Comfortable, stable, and durable.

Best Straps Lock

5. Fender Strap lock

Fender Strap lock

Product Description: The Fender Straplock locking pins are really affordable and provide a great price to performance ratio. So, you won’t be disappointed if you get these for your guitars.

Product Design and Quality: You can install these strap locks easily. In case you face any problem installing them, they even have an instructional video.

  • Affordable price,
  • Easy to install,
  • It includes felt Washers.

4. Eison Strap locks

Eison Strap locks

Product Description: Getting a pair of Eison Strap locks will ease your mind, as you won’t have to worry about your guitar falling off anymore. These strap locks are easy to use and your strap can be removed or attached easily just by pulling off the strap button.

Product Design and Quality: These strap locks are made of nickel and can be mounted on your electric, acoustic, or bass guitar.

  • Easy to pull off switch,
  • Easy to install,

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3. Dunlop SLS1031N

Dunlop SLS1031N 

Product Description: These locks can be very easy to install. Although they recommend widening the hole with a drill first, in most of the cases, you can take out your old strap lock and put these in and they will fit perfectly.

Product Design and Quality: The guitar features a ball and groove, which allows you to move easily. Dunlop claims that they can hold over 360 Kgs.

  • Amazing durability,
  • Ability to handle heavy load,

2. Ernie Ball Super

Ernie Ball Super

Product Description: Like any other Ernie Ball product, the super strap locks have an amazing build and stylish look. These are made of nickel-plated steel and the Ernie Ball logo on top of the nut gives it an amazing look.

Product Design and Quality: It has two parts. The first part is the screw, which is to be replaced with the existing one on your guitar. The second part is the clamp. It holds your strap tightly with the lock.

  • Easy to install,
  • Won’t open accidentally,
  • Available in three colors.

1. Schaller S locks

Schaller S locks

Product Description: These are the most premium strap locks available in the market. Although they are expensive, you will not regret buying them, as these locks provide everything they promise.

Product Design and Quality: These strap locks can hold even the thickest straps in their places. The locking screw is longer and you can use the locks on different guitars with the same strap lock buttons installed. They are available in three colors.

  • Made of prime quality material,
  • Durable,
  • Easy to attach on thicker straps.

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Guitar straps and strap locks can’t be bought just by inspection. You need to spend time trying to understand how they really perform. That is why buying one can become a great hassle. The aim of our review was to help you figure out which one is best for you. Wait no more, get the product of your choice and start jamming!

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