Top 10 Best Guitar Head in 2021

Guitar Heads
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Ahead and cabinet combination is flexible because it is convenient to switch around. With any speaker, you would be surely able to use the Guitar Head with matched impedance. Guitar Head makes it super simple to giggle, record, rehearse with a band and even upgrade your rig. You would also be able to hold all parts individually and will make it much simpler for gigging and sound testing.

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Top 10 Best Guitar Heads in 2021

10. BUGERA G5 Guitar Head

BUGERA G5 Guitar Head

This Class-A Guitar Head has 5-watt power-driven with two Infinium tubes.

It is designed with multiplier technology combined with revolutionary tube life.

  • Seamlessly switchable between British EQ and USA-style tone
  • Classical push-pull design
  • High-definition reverb
  • Vintage tonal characteristics
  • Dedicated Reverb controller
  • Great metal tones
  • EQ not available on the clean channel

9. Quilter 101-MINI 

Quilter 101-MINI 

Unlike solid-state technology of the last decade, Quilter amps have massive internal headroom well beyond all reported rating capacity.

So tiny an amazingly strong amplifier it looks like a hollow shell.

  • 50w fully powered
  • Hi-Cut, Master controls, Voicing, Gain, and Tri-Q
  • Ultra-compact
  • Amo is not perfect

8. Orange CR120H Guitar Head

Orange CR120H Guitar Head

This Orange CR120H is 120W-powered Amp Head in Black color.

It lets players-worship tonal-precision and detail-in a solid-state amplifier.

  • Digital reverb
  • Dirty channel control
  • Two-channel
  • Clean channel controllability
  • Good for rock and loud
  • The solid-state solution is good
  • Dirty channel is not good



This amp head is specially built for the bass player who needs the utmost in tonal flexibility.

This is especially useful to remove the small-frequency feedback usually correlated with empty-body, electric-acoustic, including orthodox bass.

  • Distortion channel
  • Integrated compressor
  • Dual footswitch
  • Ultrabass is switchable
  • Separate Headphone-output
  • CD-input allows
  • Suitable for live performances

6. Fender Mustang Guitar Head

Fender Mustang Guitar Head

The new generation of amps Fender Mustang V2 sets the bar for innovative durability and muscle guitars.

The architecture allows for an acoustic enhancement and a lightweight structure.

  • 150W stereo
  • One channel
  • Treble, volume and gain control
  • Tap tuner
  • Great modeling sound
  • Easy and intuitive
  • Not cheap

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5. Fender Champ-X2 

Fender Champ-X2 

The Super Champ X2 Head delivers a fantastic relatively low-power tube look and sound in a lightweight form that has the same excellent functionality as its half-siblings a dual-channel 15-watt combination.

It is specifically designed for use in the latest SC112 cabinet or any set of speakers.

  • 15W tube amp power
  • Voicing knob
  • 15 control effects
  • Two-channel switching
  • Free Fender apps
  • Effect add loops
  • Without amps connection speaker connection is risky

4. Egnater TWEAKER Guitar Head

Egnater TWEAKER Guitar Head

Tweaker transition offers a broad variety of tones from the super smooth and pleasing tones to the fully both over-saturated leading. Placed within the TWEAKER, this lightweight is a large variety of tones not normally found in amps.

The Tweaker is the a-tube head that is extremely lightweight and exceptionally flexible, providing a distinctive and elegant sound with nearly infinite tonal variations through the on-board "Tweaker" toggle switches.

  • 15W all tube-amp
  • Gain, 3-Band EQ, and Master Volume
  • Voice switching is vintage amp
  • AC is selectable
  • American and British tone controllability
  • Clean and hot gain controls
  • Number of effects is limited



Product Description: The Smokey Pot, proudly produced in the United States of America, is the shortest and cheapest guitar amplifier pot in the country.

Design and Quality: The Smokey-Amp-Head could drive every 4, 8, or 16-ohm speaker cabinets, even 4*12s, and may also be used as a fuzz box on both the input of yet another device.

  • Tobacco recycling case
  • Pocket style
  • Battery used
  • Cheap price
  • Decent loud-sound
  • Not enough loud output

2. Randall RG1003H Guitar Head

Randall RG1003 RG Series Amplifier Head

Product Description: The heavy-performance FET circuitry of the RG1003H amp head include the classic snap and tightly oriented low end which have become Randall's catchy melody.

Design and Quality: Everything looks well done and all things pretty nice.

  • Four function footswitches included
  • It has 3 channel
  • 100W facilities
  • F/x loop available
  • Excellent for metal
  • Enough grip
  • Plenty punch
  • Not suitable for children

1. Orange Micro Dark 

Orange Amps, 1 Electric Guitar Power Amplifier, Black (Micro Dark)

Product Description: Ultra Dark 20W Dual Amp Head Tank. Orange is expanding on its rotund Micro series as well as high-gain Dark series with the appropriately called Micro Darkness after further player requests.

Design and Quality: The shape modulation, together with the bass and treble, changes the midrange reaction, and twisting it to the left will introduce mids and smooth the peaks, while a switch to the right decreases the mids and brightens the sound.

  • 200W hybrid
  • One preamp tube
  • Volume, shape, gain control
  • 8 16 ohms impedance
  • With CabSim circuit


  • Rock sound is great
  • Compact size
  • Easy to use
  • Distortion was different

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Having Guitar Head and speaker rather than a combo has its applications and benefits. If any parts of the combo amp such as a speaker or amplifier get malfunctioned, you have to change the whole amp. Instead of spending extra money, you should but a guitar head, that way you can change either the head or speaker within less expense.

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