Best Guitar Brands Review In 2022

Best Guitar Brands Review In 2022
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If you delved into the world of music, it is natural to wonder where these magnificent instruments come from. It takes a lot of study, mathematics and engineering to produce quality instruments, such as the guitar. For hundreds of years, there have been companies out there practicing and honing their skills in an attempt to make the best possible guitars out there for our enjoyment. So, we decided to take a look at what the world considered to be the best brands for guitar production.

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Best Guitar Brands Review In 2022

10. Rickenbacker


Credited with being the inventors of electric guitars the Rickenbacker was somehow well known for making frying-pans. For those who have some idea, the frying-pans actually refer to their early steel guitar shapes where the body of the guitar would be completely circular like a frying pan. The Capri series catapulted through the market as John Lennon of the Beatles used one on a debut show. There are 12 string options used by the Beatles. The company’s popularity is mainly on electric guitars and electric bass guitars. In today’s time, the guitars are able to cope with a plethora of genres.

9. B.C Rich

B.C Rich


What do the Seagull, Eagle and Mockingbird have in common? They are all part of the B.C Rich lineup of electric guitars. With others like the Bich, Warlock and Ironbird, all of B.C Rich guitars are proper rock n’ roll guitars with amazing sound and out of the world design. The body design part is what makes these guitars the Lamborghinis of the guitar world. The shapes make them perfect for being used by metal rock artists.

8. Jackson

Jackson - best guitar brands


With the ‘shark fin’ inlays and pointed headstock, Jackson makes unique electric guitars and electric bass guitars. This company is a subsidiary of the Fender brand but boasts the name of the founder Grover Jackson. The history of the first Jackson guitar, the Concorde, goes back to 1980 when it was made after famous guitarist Randy Rhoads approached the company with specifications for a guitar. Jackson has been making quality guitars ever since.

7. Taylor

Taylor - best guitar brands

Founded in 1974 by Bob Taylor and others, this company remains solid in the modern era. The company is doing well in the international market and has a distribution center in Netherlands to cover the EU market. Although they are affordable, Taylor guitars might not show an expert luthier’s work, their high-end models most definitely do. The guitars are fret precise, made with the perfect wood selections and constructed  for reliability.

6. ESP

ESP - best guitar brands

Japanese company Electronic Sound Products (ESP) initially began as a replacement guitar parts company. Their parts started being put together for making custom guitars and soon afterwards the company started gaining popularity with their own lineup. With a history of making copies of Ibanez and Fender guitars, the ESP Company sold enough to make a dent in the sales of the originals. Better still they were able to tap into the thrash metal genre with guitarists from famous metal bands like Megadeth and Metallica using their guitars.

5. Ibanez

Ibanez - best guitar brands

The story of yet another Japanese guitar company started around the time Hoshino Gakki of the Ibanez Company decided to make their first Spanish-style acoustic guitar. This was the year 1935, although the company has roots dating further back. Today Ibanez has 165 models of bass guitar, 130 acoustic guitars, and more than 300 electric guitars under their name or one of their subsidiaries. Having ties with Steve Vai, the company really took off during the 1970’s. Their two main body types RG and S series truly embodies the essence of this well renowned brand. The company even has their signature series guitars like the Joe Satriani JS series.

4. Paul Reed Smith

Paul Reed Smith - best guitar brands

This pick doesn’t come up on Saturday brunch parties for a reason; Paul Reed Smith guitars are considerably pricey. Which actually helps with praising the master luthier Paul Reed Smith himself for making what can only be referred to as art pieces. With inhouse made pickups bringing out Fender strat quality sound, the guitars by Paul Reed Smith are unique and awesome. With pristine maple blend in their guitars, some prices of their products reach an upwards of $10,000. Some outstanding aesthetic offerings include having signature fretboard inlays of crescent moons and birds.

3. Fender

Fender - best guitar brands

There is nostalgia in music and then there is nostalgia in the Fender sound. In 1950, this American company made the very first mass-produced electric guitar- the Telecaster. It’s a name that resonates with all guitarists round the world. The great Stratocaster came out four years later with all the input Fender could manage to get from musicians using the Telecaster. In short, the Stratocaster remains as one of Fender’s greatest creations in music history.

2. Gibson

Gibson - best guitar brands

This is a genuine hundred-year-old company. Gibson became the common household name for electric guitars in the 1950s when they brought Les Paul in the market. Before which they single-handedly invented the archtop guitars, something which adds tremendously to the aesthetics of a guitar. Gibson guitars have been used by pretty much all guitarists in existence and because of their amazing build and sound quality, it is highly likely they will continue on to the future. The company has made guitars which catered to the needs of all genres from Metallica to Bob Marley and that does point towards the possibility of the company holding onto their long-lived fame.

1. Yamaha

Yamaha - best guitar brands

Coming from the land of the rising sun, Yamaha remains as one of the top musical instrument companies in the world. This company not only perfects guitar making, but it also has a plethora of specialties in the music instrument industry. Currently, the company has a worldwide reach and even has its manufacturing to consider the different cultures it serves. Yamaha has been in the guitar industry since 1940 and because of their wide range of sound products, they have sustained in the market with flying colors. From the most basic learner’s acoustic at shockingly affordable prices to the infamous signature SG2000 built in collaboration with Carlos Santana, Yamaha has something for everyone.

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And that’s all folks! Those were a little insight into what the entire world has collectively voted over the last 100 years to be considered the best guitar brands out there. Hope our list of the best guitar brands will help you in your quest!

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