FiiO A3 | Best Portable Headphone Amp

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FiiO A3 | Best Portable Headphone Amp

Music has become an integral part of our life more than ever. Thanks to all the fantastic headphones and other audio gear, enjoying great music has become very easy and portable. We can now enjoy music on the go, without the hassle of wires with Fiio A3.

However, these fantastic headphones and audio equipment aren’t enough if you want to enjoy the purest form of music. That’s because your device alone can’t power the headphones for that stellar audio reproduction. For that supreme music quality, you need an amp.

Headphone amps are a small device that acts as an amplifier to raise the low voltage signal from the source device. The source device can be anything ranging from mp3 players to desktops. It raises that voltage to a level that it sounds like you hear music from a full-fledged speaker.

Fiio A3

Sometimes you will find a DAC, digital to analog converter built-in your devices. However, the quality of these DACs varies a lot. That’s why it is best that you use an external DAC for the best music quality. DAC, also called digital to analog converter, is a component you will find in most modern equipment. The DAC converts a digital audio signal to a low voltage signal; that way, an amp can use that low voltage signal to boost the sound quality.

Audio equipment like turntables doesn’t need separate DACs as these things come with built-in DACs. However, devices like your smartphone, iPod, tablets need a DAC and an amp. This lets you hear proper sound through your headphones. If you’re using a cheap headphone or something that isn’t of good quality, then an amp can’t help your headphones sound better. But as the headphone’s quality rises, so does the potential advantage of using a headphone amp. Amps are widely available these days. You will find them everywhere, ranging from too expensive to dirt cheap. With all these amps out there, some provide more value than its price. That’s where the FiiO A3 portable headphone amp comes in.

FiiO is one of those brands that sell cheap products, but the value you get from them exceeds your expectations. A3 is an excellent example of such products. The A3 is the best budget portable headphone amp money can buy, and this is not without any reason, the portable headphone amp comes with many features, and it comes from a famous and reliable manufacturer building the same type of products for years, FiiO.

Build Quality Of Fiio A3

Fiio A3

FiiO A3 is a very lightweight and portable headphone amp. The amp weighs only 92 grams. You will find it featuring a solid build for the price. The A3 is small and has a potentiometer in the middle, and the controls are very intuitive.

The A3 features a slim and sleek design, and the amp is long in height. You will find the bass boost button on the front, and the volume controls on the right edge of the amp. The volume control might get a bit confusing at first, but you’ll get used to it.

You will find the headphone jack at the back and to the left, and the amp comes with a gain switch, which is on the front left side towards the edge. Also, you will find the USB input on the back.

The amp comes in a brushed aluminum design that is resistant to fingerprints. If you hate fingerprints on your product, then you will love this design. Moreover, the build quality is very smooth to the touch. And, the amp comes in black color with white wines on it.

The volume knob is on the front and quite large. Also, it makes a satisfying click noise when you turn it, and a blue light lights up.


For the price, the FiiO A3 amp comes with many features. The A3 comes with a built-in rechargeable battery with a battery life of 16 hours. The battery life on this is more than you could ask for.

Other features of the amp include bass boost, gain control, and comes with a line out option—the line outcomes in handy when you want to pair the amp up with a DAC. The A3 can be called a DAC amplifier. The volume knob acts as a control center for the preamp.

The A3 doesn’t have DSD support. However, it doesn’t matter as DSD isn’t any better from 24bit or 176 KHz. Furthermore, the A3 doesn’t come with a 2.5mm headphone jack. Unless you’re using a balanced headphone, it won’t matter.

The A3 pumps out much power. With the A3, you’ll get 270mW into 32-ohm power output. This power output advantage lets the A3 power headphones like the HD 600. The power out is sufficient to give you the desired effect at just 3-4 nets. With the gain turned on, you will hear high audio quality coming out from headphones like the HD 600.

Sound Quality

Fiio A3 music

The FiiO A3 generates significant sound signatures. The amp offers an extremely clean, neutral signal and extra emphasis on treble. You will find the treble to be massively bright, and for the price, this is called stellar performance.

For the price, you’re getting an extraordinary audio quality; you will have a hard time believing it if you have used any other amps. You will very clean signals from the amp.

Besides these, you will find the reproduced sound to be warm but extremely detailed and filled with clarity.

Overall, you will find clean signals, with very punchy bass with significant impact out the headphones you’re using the FiiO A3 with.

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FiiO A3 is a worthy investment. It’s very versatile and portable. Not to mention, the sound reproduction is smooth and amazing. You can use it with you phone and desktop as well. The 16 hours battery life will keep your musical needs satisfied throughout the day. With the power, it provides, features that it offers, and the sound quality, you’re getting more than expected out of this. This amp is honestly the best portable amp you can buy.

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