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The Best Facade For DJ | All Music You Can Play
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 The Best Facade For DJ 

Facade To DJ

You’ve seen DJ’s rock the house with their awesome scratching and turntablism skills. They put on this manipulative light show that radiates soothing vibes pushing us into nirvana. We party-people dive right away into their music but they’ve carefully thought about what necessities they need and what effects they create to get us moving. A DJ not only requires this bang-on set of skills and an excellent controller-software duo, but they also look for other not-so-important accessories such as colorful LED lights and a DJ facade. These may not be a major component compared to your electronics but their presence can make or break your party.

If you’re new to the DJ industry, let me tell you the basics of a DJ facade. Previously used as a cover to hide your rat’s nest of cords, the facade is technically a large board placed in front of the DJ. Those familiar to the WWE industry will probably recognize the front boards placed as a barrier so that the gullible audience doesn’t get hurt by the wrestler’s snowball fights. It’s not real, folks! Over the years, this front board has been through innovations to become this hip booth that displays lights from inside. You can put whatever light you want under your feet and permit the audience to go nuts.

We’re here to get you the best DJ facade for you whether you are an amateur or a professional DJ. DJ facade, booth, or front board, whatever you call it, there are hundreds of varieties in the market. Some of these have ultra-sticky scrims that never fall loose even when applying a hundred times, while others have extra racked shelf designs for your controller. After researching and reviewing hundreds of facades, we’ve brought to you the DJ Event Facade by Cedarslink. Cedarslink is the fastest expanding company in the audio and trussing industry. They have been bringing practical and affordable products at our reach since 2010. And the DJ event facade they have brought together all your necessities at a reasonable price.

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Product Description

DJ Event Facade

The DJ event facade by Cedarslink is a metal-framed booth that includes a removable tabletop. The distinction between this DJ facade and other facades is the handy shelf that provides support for your controller. The facade is built with 4 panels and can be bent to turn into a rectangle. The industrial metal frames make up a total space of 20” × 45”. Having a facade is quite relaxing as they cover your event tables and have a stable upright stance. If you’re worried about them falling over when people touch it, you’re worried over nothing. This is a good platform for you to move at ease.

When you finally unbox your package after some hard tugging, you’ll find a bag. The bag consists of all your equipment. It’s been given to be used as a carry bag or a travel bag, but it’s good enough for groceries as well. As you unzip the bag, you’ll discover a four-panel frame, another detached panel that will act as your tabletop, and two cute little bags. One black and one white. The little bags contain bags that have black and white scrims each to attach to complete your facade. And the extra panel has hooks to connect neatly with the top of your facade. Excellent addition to the DJ family.

Build and Quality

You already have known the main components of this facade kit – the frame, the additional shelf, and the scrims. The frame without the shelf is empty in exception for the upper unit. The portion above the facade is meshed to complement the tabletop. The mesh shelf is the most prominent feature of the booth. And the reason for being chosen among hundreds of other facades. You can place your controller or laptop over the table with or without stand-in accordance with your height. It’s a comfortable position with less strain on the neck.

The two lycra scrims that come with your kit are black and white. Attaching the velcro fiber pieces of cloth to your panels gives off a smooth finish. The black scrim hides all your junk, which is a savior to most DJs. So no more managers annoying you over your messy cables, wires, extensions, or crampy backpacks. And the white scrim saves elegant weddings from looking like rave parties. It’s ideal for rave parties and nightclubs because of its translucency. You can add on several colorful lights or a 1-meter LED extension and go all night long producing vibrant tones and shades throughout your booth. That means, cutting down costs on totems, T-bars, and truss stands.

  • Type: DJ Facade
  •  Material: Aluminum frame
  •  Dimensions: 4 x (45″ x 40″)
  • Additional components: (45” x 20”) tabletop, black scrim, white scrims
  • Foldable and portable
  • Vented steel tabletop at a comfortable height
  • Upgrade from the regular facade
  • Tabletop has cable slots in the back corner for wires
  • No extra tools, screws or bolts
  • Poor quality bags
  • Heavy

While other facades may have quality bags, and super lightweight, the Cedarslink has 3 factors, sturdiness, affordability, and practicality. Cedarslink may not have the best quality bags, will be heavy to carry, and difficulty in taking it out of your basement. I can give you a precaution. Do not buy this facade or a facade of any kind if you do not have a balanced diet or are under 10 years old. I can give the practicality a good grade, as the depth may not be much, but every inch will be useful.

You will get facades cheaper than this, but less reliable as well. The Cedarslink is by far, the best DJ facade in the industry and will not disappoint. I hope you finally get to complete your set. Happy hunting!

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