Equipments that DJ Needs | What Should You Buy?

Equipments that DJ Needs | What Should You Buy?
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Equipments that DJ Needs | What should you buy?

Starting your very first professional DJ set up, just like any other startup, can be an uphill task. That’s especially because you might not know what equipment you should have. There is a couple of equipments that DJ needs to start you off. For that reason, you may need some who already have the knowledge and the experience in such equipment. Nevertheless, getting that person could also be difficult if you don’t know one in person. Where does that leave you? You will be confused and stranded. If you proceed to buy without the right information, you might also find yourself settling for mediocre products. Consequently, it will be a waste of time and you might have to replace them within no time. Given how expensive they can be, you don’t want to make that mistake. You also don’t want something that compromises your work and reputation.

So, what happens if you don’t have much money to spend? How do you know what is best? That’s where we come in. Worry not as some of these can either be rented or purchased. Later on, we will look at the advantages attached to hiring or buying this equipment. Besides just the equipment that includes a laptop computer, a mixer, headphones, and what have you, there is software that you need. But without much ado, let us delve into this.

Do you need to buy or rent?

To start with, renting this equipment is the best option for you if you are operating on a budget, and you are not in the position to buy all the gear required. If you are starting, then you should consider taking this route. This will also let you develop your DJing skills. It will allow you to spend the small amount you have at hand until the time that you will be comfortable spending more.

That said, it is also equally important to purchase new DJing decks and mixers. This will allow you to create a fully customized DJ set up that suits your needs. This equipment also comes backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. While the price might be ambiguous, it gives you peace of mind knowing that you are the owner of the DJing set. However, don’t push yourself beyond your financial limit just yet. It is a well-paying job. So, if you become a patient, you will only rent for some time. Then, within no time, you will be in a position to buy your DJ equipment.

DJing Equipment Discussed

Before delving into the equipment the DJs should need, it is important to know that they might differ from one professional to the other. That’s because of the difference in skills, the genre of the music one mixes, budgets, and preferences just but to mention a few. No wonder the variations are many so that one can get to choose what fits him or her the best. Depending on your level of expertise, some devices can be overwhelming for beginners and others may not do the skills of the DJ the justice they deserve especially if one is an expert. However, some remain constant regardless of whether you are an expert or a beginner. They include DJ software, laptop or computer, vinyl records, headphones, turntables, mixers, and monitor speakers among others.

1. Input devices

To put the tunes together, one needs at least two input devices. These input devices happen to be either the turntables or CD decks. There is a wide range of input devices to choose from. These will allow you to mix tunes and mash-up tracks without having to pause the music. There are various brands out there, which are professional quality turntables that feature direct drive motors and some with USB connectivity. These allow for easy transferring of vinyl recordings to your PC. Some, such as the Station T.92, has additional features such as Pitch Control Fader with DSP Key Lock. With these features, one can control the tempo of the music without having to affect the pitch of the song.

2. DJ Mixers

These are essential for any DJ set up. They are a kind of audio mixing console that lets you transmission from the current song to the next one seamlessly. In turn, the sound is smooth. This is not all that a mixer does as it also can be used for a variety of other functions, such as tweaking sounds in the tracks. You also can control the slider to scratch the record properly. You see, the mixer will also enable you to control volume, FX, as well as tone. Therefore you also can use the mixer to play record players. Mixers also will allow you to plug in your speaker as well as headphones; thus, you can hear the tracks in the line ad assist you in transmission to the selected one. A sound card can be installed for better sound quality. Mixers can also be connected to the laptop.

3. DJ Headphones

DJ Headphones - Equipment that DJs Need


These can be optional for some DJing setup, which already has an unmatched sound system. They, however, are not optional because you will, in one way or another, have to use them. Whether you are DJing at home at a birthday party or you have gone professional, you cannot afford to perform without a pair of headsets. When you are putting up playlists or making mixes, headphones will enable you to check the quality of your audio. With them, you can hear what you are preparing before portraying to the rest of the world. You do not have to be keen enough to notice that all DJs have a pair of the headset on when they are performing. When purchasing a pair of DJing headphones, you should ensure that they deliver excellent sound quality as well as being comfortable to wear. You know, at times, you would be wearing them for long hours thus they should be comfortable for such long hours.

4. Sound System

DJ Speakers - Equipment that DJs Need

DJing sound system is also referred to as speakers. It is no doubt that you will need speakers when you are performing. The sound system also enables you to check the sound quality of your playlist and mixes with the utmost clarity. While most venues will already have impeccable sound systems, it is recommended that you purchase your own because you will need to use them apart from on your gigs. These speakers need to be powerful enough to serve the purpose.

5. DJing Controller

DJ Controller- Equipment that DJs Need

These are a set of new concepts in the DJing world of equipment. They can control various features with the help of a computer program. Different customization and settings can be adjusted with the help of software. DJing controllers can replace the need for mixers and turntables since they perform the same functions. With them, sound manipulation and mixing become easy. Before selecting one, look at its features and how each one of them allows you to mix sound easily. A good one should be easily portable. In addition to that, it should allow you to customize the setup into your liking, control the DJ software especially the one that manipulates the music as well as tactile control of the music. With that, your DJing experience will be on a whole new level.

As we come to the tail end of this article, there are a couple of tips that we thought you should know about equipments that DJ needs. Such includes tips for choosing the right equipment. Choosing the right equipment will ensure that you realize success in your career. It goes without saying that as a first-time buyer, chances of you being duped when purchasing this equipment are high, needless to say, that you are likely to buy poor equipment. Such equipment won’t last you for long as you would have wished. All these ends in wastage of time and resources. So how do you choose the right equipment for your gig? Here is how.

Choose your headphones wisely and select those that are capable of swiveling easily. Such will make it easy for you to compare the sound in the room to that of the next track in the cue. They also should be comfortable to wear. Ensure they are comfortable on your ears or around the neck. Also, check that they do not have coiled cables. Please also check that they do not have coiled cables, their loudness and durability should also be stated.

Another thing is to understand your PA system. This is imperative, especially when you intend it for house parties or weddings. Most club DJs will mostly hook into the house system with the house mixers. At this juncture, you need to consider active or passive speakers and amplifiers depending on your needs.

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