Best Electric Guitars Under $1000 Review

Best Electric Guitars Under $1000 Review
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For music lovers and especially rock music lovers, electric guitars evoke a different kind of emotion. The sound of each finely tuned and each riff that a seasoned player can make is just music to the years, literally. Although playing an electric guitar can be an absolute blast, they are not known to be the most budget-friendly. That is where we come in, we curated a list of the top 10 electric guitars under $1000 so you can get your musical hands on one and start rocking.

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Best Electric Guitars Under $1000 Review

10. Yamaha Pacifica PAC611HFM LAB

Yamaha Pacifica PAC611HFM LAB

Product Description: We start the list with a bang with the Yamaha Pacifica PAC611HFM. A beautifully designed guitar that is made to turn heads and sounds great.

Design and Quality: It’s a gorgeous looking electric guitar that inspires confidence and comes in two different color finishes and sturdy-build quality to match.

  • It comes with a durable and premium built that looks the part with the added Yamaha fit and finish.

9. D’Angelico Premier Series SS

D'Angelico Premier Series SS

Product Description: This one from D’Angelico is a classic looking electric guitar that sounds rich with a build quality to match.

Design and Quality: The white and chrome finish gives it a certain character that many high-end guitars lack.

  • Durable and premium build that is specially designed to work seamlessly with other Premier Series models. It’s a minimally styled guitar that looks professional yet aesthetic.

8. EVH Striped Series Stratocaster


EVH Striped Series Stratocaster - Guitars Electric


Product Description: Eye-catching design with some of the best fit and finish we have seen on a guitar at this price point. The ECH Striped Stratocaster performs as good as it looks.

Design and Quality: One look is all you need to fall in love with the masterpiece of design. The black stripes on the white and other similar color finish body give this guitar a sense of character and personality like no other.

  • An absolute win on all fronts, great sound and build with a fit finish and that is durable and premium. Coupled with the awesome Basswood Stratocaster body and maple neck this one was an easy pick for our top 10 electric guitars under $1000 list.

7. PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24

PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 - Guitars Electric 

Product Description: Few guitars evoke the emotions this one does. You can take a single look at this guitar and you instantly know what we mean.

Design and Quality: Top made from maple and a back made of mahogany gives this guitar the quality it deserves and a sound that is balanced and versatile.

  • PRS patented tremolo bridge ensures you get the unique and premium PRS experience. The vibrant fiery-red finish coupled with the solid built makes this one of a kind.

6. Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop Pro

Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop Pro - Guitars Electric 

Product Description: There have been a lot of guitars that have been called classic. But we don’t know of many guitar models that deserve to be called then more than this Epiphone Les Paul.

Design and Quality: The cherry sunburst color finish together with the durable rosewood fingerboard and trapezoid inlays make this one great guitar.

  • Revered Epiphone name with the sound and quality that the brand is known for, this Les Paul model is no disappointment at the slightest.

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5. Charvel Pro-Mod So-Cal Style 1 HH FR

Charvel Pro-Mod So-Cal Style 1 HH FR - Guitars Electric

Product Description: The Charvel Pro-Mod guitar is a truly professional-grade electric guitar that does the job done and then some.

Design and Quality: A beautiful black on the white color finish with a single piece of quarter-sawn maple neck gives the Charvel Pro a distinct and unique feel.

  • It comes with 22 jumbo frets that make this model quite fun on play and jam to.

4. Yamaha Revstar RS502T

Yamaha Revstar RS502T - Guitars Electric 

Product Description: Another quality addition from the guys over at Yamaha. The Revstar R502T is a no-frills straight forward electric guitar that delivers.

Design and Quality: Available in various colors finishes ranging from ash, grey, green and even red – this guitar is one of the most beautiful guitars.

  • Durable build with a mahogany body and a maple neck with VP5 vintage P-90 output, this guitar will serve you well considering its affordable price.

3. ESP LTD EC-1000

ESP LTD EC-1000  - Guitars Electric

Product Description: Quite the striking look guitar with its clever mix of dark coal-black and tasteful gold accents that sounds as impressive as it looks.

Design and Quality: Consistently ESP has amazed its patrons with some of the well-made and sounding guitars money can buy and the LTD EC-1000 is no different.

  • Great build with a mahogany body makes this one durable piece of equipment.
  • It includes LTC locking tuners and active EMG 81/60 pickup.

2. Fender Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster

Fender Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster  - Guitars Electric


Product Description: All white and all good. A guitar that is named after a guitar legend is bound to be good and this Stratocaster from Fender delivers performance and looks in nice and premium package.

Design and Quality: Available in different color finished, but we preferred the all-white model.

  • Ease of chording and string-bending due to the C-shaped neck.
  • Maple fingerboard and 21 medium jumbo frets make give it quality and versatility when playing.

1. PRS SE Custom 24 Floyd

PRS SE Custom 24 Floyd - Guitars Electric

Product Description: If you are in the market for something that looks stealthy with great built and sound, this one is a no-brainer.

Design and Quality: Coming two premium colors together with a mahogany wood body and maple neck.

  • A top-notch sound that is smooth and rich capable of delivering quality sound consistently.

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All in all, these guitars are some of the best and most versatile guitars you can spend your hard-earned money on right now. A guitar should feel like a natural extension of you, so pick the one that suits you from our top 10 electric guitars under $1000 and you will be all set.

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