Best Electric Guitar FootSwitch Pedals Review In 2022

Best Electric Guitar FootSwitch Pedals Review In 2022
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To switch between channels of your Electric amplifier, you need to purchase the best Electrical Guitar Footswitch and easily switch between separate distortion or gain channel and clean channel. In addition to that, to control the switchable effects, Electric Guitar Footswitch will help you control without using your hands manually and reach out to your amplifier to change the button settings. Therefore, you would be able to trigger the tremolo channel or reverb channel on your amplifier very easily. We’ve listed down the best Electric Guitar FootSwitch Pedals for your guitar in this article. Let’s have a look!

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Electric Guitar Footswitch Pedals Review In 2022

10. Tascam RC-1F 

Tascam RC-1F Foot Switch - Electric Guitar Foot Switch

Years of reliable foot switch production Tascam has produced rugged and performing model RC-1F.

It is a low-profile design with rubber foot added and a premium quality product. A durable case that is of metal

  • Start-stop momentary footswitch
  • Controllability of punch in and punch out
  • Polarity switches are available.
  • Unlatched footswitch
  • Capable with a digital portastudio.
  • Not economic.

9. Neewer Push 

Neewer Push On Push Off 1 - Electric Guitar Foot Switch

Neewer Press on Move Off 1 Footswitch key with wire, suitable for Guitar Bass & Keyboards amplifiers.

It is designed with plastic and metal and the color is black.

  • The drag-on, turn-off mechanism is consistent with every manufacturer model
  • Suggested for guitar, bass and keyboards amps as a stream converter
  • Button footswitch with wire
  • Convenient to control
  • Versatile uses
  • Work with a standard jack.
  • Needs some tweaking.

8. Hosa FSC-384 

Hosa FSC-384 Footswitch, Guitar - Electric Guitar Foot Switch

Two buttons that are trying to latch fully with jack footswitch includes regular 0.25 inches wire. Hosa produces these kinds of devices.

This is a footswitch for guitar amp featuring channel control with improved design.

  • 0.25 inches TS connector
  • Can be work as a latching switch
  • Perfect angled design
  • It has a boost mode
  • Very responsive
  • Reasonable price
  • Has length options.
  • As a subwoofer switch, it does not work properly.

7. Singular BeatBuddy 

Singular Sound BeatBuddy - Electric Guitar Foot Switch

This lets you get the best from your Micro, you can quickly add impact plays, drum bursts (chuckles), tap speed, swipe through tracks, and more all fingers-free, with the only one-foot press.

The BeatBuddy Distortion pedal Plus is built to endure heavy usage and provide metal-solid strength.

  • Buttons are ergonomic momentary
  • Strong metal cases
  • Accent hits are added
  • Barefoot controllable
  • Compact size
  • Cheap.
  • It is noisy.

6. WESOLO 7539515093 

16 Pcs Guitar Effect Footswitch - Electric Guitar Foot Switch

This WESOLO fits almost all kinds of panels.

Foot Nail Cap Pedal Topper, Footboard Safety Cover Render It More Effective Anti-Slip Surface and made of plastic

  • Fully protective switches
  • The touch surface is enlarged
  • Multicolor availability
  • Mushroom head button for emergency purposes
  • The sturdy design though it is made of plastic.
  • After-sales service is not good.

5. SOLUTEK Metal FL-P101 Electric Guitar FootSwitch Pedals

SOLUTEK Metal Footswitch - Electric Guitar Foot Switch

Great metal footswitches are made by SOLUTEK.

With 3 Collection screws and elastic Install for really solid locking. Duraluminum Sturdy by silicon oxide oxidation finish rarely crumble and everlasting light.

  • Increase precision level is high
  • Durable
  • Fully tighten set screws
  • Common size and comfortable switch
  • Smart locking system
  • Nice looking and relatively cheap.
  • Sometimes switch slip off easily.

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4. BOSS FS-6 

BOSS, 1/4-Inch - Electric Guitar Foot Switch

BOSS’s FS-6 incorporates lock- and temporary-type switching through one package, two clicks in one.

The FS-6 enables each switch to be configured for a lock or momentary service, with dual switches easily placed next to each other. You can select your desired style and setup that suit you best.

  • Momentary type each footswitch
  • It has stereo jack input, and that is for cable connection single stereo
  • Physical connection and interlock with other switches are possible
  • Best output for 9V polaroid batteries
  • It can be used for a variety of products and instruments.
  • Create noise in power line with inject.

3. Orange FS1 Electric Guitar FootSwitch Pedals

Orange Amps Amplifier - Electric Guitar Foot Switch

Orange's full-button FS-1 footswitch allows you more power over tons of Orange amps.

Improved design is easy to handle even at the time of the live program.

  • Great and well built
  • Gives more control over many Orange-amp
  • Re-tubing updating
  • Any single button is usable
  • Easy to control
  • Perfectly works with all Orange-Amps
  • Fast response switching time.
  • Need more dimensions for proper uses.


BOSS Amplifier Foot - Electric Guitar Foot Switch

This GA-FC foot-controller lets you push BOSS & Roland amps off the floor if you decide to put your hands on the instrument all the time.

It also permits expansion such as add-in pedals for optional speech that are specially designed.

  • 4 channel switches
  • Common expression are available
  • Supports pro products
  • There are 2 routes for reverbs, loop, and boost settings
  • Small in size that is great
  • Compatible for live performances
  • 5 preset button.
  • Can’t change within channels.

1. Fender 1-Button 099-4049-000 Electric Guitar FootSwitch Pedals

Fender 1-Button FootSwitch - Electric Guitar Foot Switch

Fender usually offers many kinds of footswitches and most of them are influential models.

These are single buttons footswitches, and old model design.

  • Fender amplifier can be used for this switch
  • 0.25 jack feature is used for newer fender amps
  • It is compatible with mustang, FM, and junior blues amps.
  • Well functional best button
  • Make it easy to use drum
  • Well constructed.
  • Overpriced as an essential switch.

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you will get the hold of total control of your amp’s features by using the perfect Electric Guitar Footswitch during any live performance just by pressing a simple click on the button. Without any doubt, you will get the flexibility and compatibility you desire while using your amplifier very easily just by using the multiple effects and switching controls between louder rhythm to clean with these footswitches. Don't forget to read our article with the best Electric Guitar FootSwitch Pedals.

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