Best Cheap Electric Bass Guitars Review In 2022

Best Cheap Electric Bass Guitars Review In 2022
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You know an electric bass is ready to do wonders and go a long way. All you need is a good bass that provides balanced and resonant tones with excellent sustain, sharp attack, and prominent upper midrange to bring out the rock n roll warrior in you. We’ve done our research and we’re here to present you our list of top 10 cheap electric basses to get you started.

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Best Cheap Electric Bass Guitars Review In 2022

10. Traveler Guitar TB-4P Electric Bass

Traveler Guitar TB-4P - Electric Basses

Product Description: If you’re looking for a cheap electric bass guitar to take on your travels, this one cuts the deal like no other. Its in-body tuning mechanism takes the hassle away from the headstock and makes it much shorter than its competitors. So, it’s very easy to pack and comfortable to play.

Design and quality: Choose either of the fretboards in black walnut or rosewood. You won’t be disappointed. It doesn’t weigh a lot. You can control the bass, treble, and volume with its active electronics.

  • A headphone amplifier for silent practices.
  • Weighs as light as 6.8lbs.
  • It comes with a gig bag.

9. Goplus  Bass Guitar 

 Goplus - electric bass

Product description: Enjoy an all-around punchy sound and deep lows with this electric bass by Goplus. It will be easy on your wallet. It’s a good option for an entry-level electric bass.

Design and quality: It has a stylish look and luxurious finish that makes it appear more expensive than it is. The solid wood body lets you produce warm notes along with low, smooth chords for the blues.

  • It comes with a travel bag with zip closures and an outer pocket.
  • Comfortable rosewood fretboard.
  • Includes shoulder straps and a pick.

8. Ibanez GSR Mikro 

Ibanez GSR Mikro - electric bass

Product description: Whether or not you’re a bass enthusiast or an aspiring musician, this electric bass by Ibanez is sure to impress you. It comes at a favorable price and it will surely meet your needs.

Design and quality: Its mahogany body and rosewood fingerboard will make your experience with bass pleasurable all the way.

  • It comes with an Ibanez gig bag.
  • Medium frets and four strings.
  • Slim neck profile and lightweight body.

7. Dean  

Dean  - electric bass

Product Description: If you want to give electric bass a shot after trying out your luck in classical and acoustic guitars, this well-made bass by Dean will keep you hooked to it for hours on end. You’ll have a great time without a doubt.

Design and quality: Its slim neck is bolted on the glossy basswood body. The available colors Nuclear Green and Fluorescent Pink are iconic in their way and capable of making a statement.

  • Black hardware and Maplewood fingerboard.
  • A 20-fretted slim neck with four well-spaced steel strings.
  • Diecast tuners are sealed on the headstock.

6. Sterling StingRay Ray4 Electric Bass 

Sterling StingRay Ray4 - electric bass

Product description: This is a guitar that looks iconic, has wonderful tones to take your bass game to the next level. The white pickguard complements its vintage-style soft cream finish.

Design and quality: You can control volume, bass, and treble with its active two-band preamp. Its maple fretboard and neck provide comfortable playability.

  • Available in many spectacular colors.
  • Its basswood body doesn’t feel heavy.
  • Noise-free, single Humbucker pickup.

5. Ibanez GSR200BLWNF Electric Bass

Product description: Enjoy good quality tone, comfort, and playability in this versatile electric bass by Ibanez. You’ll get nothing less than an accurate playing experience from this well-made guitar.

Design and quality: This guitar is good news for the left-handed guitarists out there looking for their perfect electric bass.

  • J bridge passive pickup and well-spaced strings.
  • Phat II Equaliser and rosewood fingerboard.
  • Includes a protective carry bag.

4. Squier by Fender Affinity Electric Bass

Product Description: If you’re advancing through your guitar lessons and want to try out an electric bass for the first time, this one from the Affinity Series by Fender will give you a great start. You’re sure to fall in love with bass once you get started.

Design and quality: This Cheap Electric Bass features a Precision Bass pickup alongside a groovy Jazz bass pickup to boost its tonal versatility. It’s a guitar that won’t disappoint you.

  • Three-month access to Fender Play- an online guitar learning platform.
  • An elegant black and gold headstock logo to flaunt your instrument.
  • A 34″ poplar body with a glossy finish.

3. Yamaha TRBX504 TBN Electric Bass

Product description: This premium guitar by Yamaha lets you create your style and explore music genres with great comfort. Its durable build and outstanding looks are ready for the road or stage performance. You name it; this bass will handle the rest.

Design and quality: It has a high-quality mahogany body and an active/passive ultra-musical preamp system to produce clean chords.

  • Nickel hardware.
  • Available in 4 string and 5 string options and many colors.
  • Fits in any regular long scale bass casing.

2. Yamaha Billy Sheehan Signature Bass 

Product Description: If you’re an ambitious bassist, you’d love to add this signature electric bass guitar to your collection. It’s glossy, it’s beautiful and it will take you to greatness.

Design and quality: Enjoy clear highs, bold and powerful low-ends with this bass. Its latest technology and spline-joint body will ensure that you’re having an effortless, fun-filled jamming session.

  • Reduced truss rod for a livelier tone.
  • You can combine two pickups into a single output or use them separately.
  • The neck joint is remastered for better stability and resonance.

1. Fender Player Jazz Electric Bass 


Product Description: If you’re familiar with the rich heritage of Fender guitars, you can get this one straight away. It will deliver punchy, clear, and perfect notes to your song and make it a hit.

Design and quality: Accurate intonation and comfortable action setting are made possible by its specially engineered four-saddle bridge. It has a luxurious and durable construction.

  • Its slim and flat surface is fit for solo performance and chording.
  • Alder wood body.
  • Slim fingerboard and C-shaped modern neck.

Nothing can stop you from making that masterful performance you were dreaming about once you get a cheap electric bass guitar from our top favorites!

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