Best Drum Cases In 2022 | Keep Your Drum Safe

Best Drum Cases In 2022 | Keep Your Drum Safe
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The drum is one of the most popular instruments around the globe. Drum sets are precious and the good ones cost a lot. It is important to take care of your drum set properly. For saving your drum set from falling or breaking, the simplest and easiest way is to bear a Drum Case. There are several types of cases available in the market. It depends on your budget and the requirements of which one you buy. But, be sure to choose the best one. Here, we have chosen some of the best drum cases available in the market.

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Best Drum Cases In 2021 | Keep Your Drum Safe

10. TAMA DSS52K Drum Case

TAMA DSS52K Drum Case - Drum Cases

Product Description: It is a very simple-looking drum set. Coming in 5 piece set, it is easy to carry and safe to travel with. It is one of the top-selling drum cases from TAMA.

Design and Quality: DSS52K is made with a Nylon shell. The bags are water-proof and stronger. There is also a 100mm cushion padding inside for protection.

  • The nylon outer shell ensures safe, water-proof, and easy transport.
  • It can easily store any 22” bass drum

9. ChromaCast Rock Configuration Drum Case

ChromaCast Rock Configuration - Drum Cases

Product Description: If you are looking for something within a moderate price, then you can look forward to this simple-looking drum set. Within the decent outlook, you’ll get some heavy-duty backups.

Design and Quality: ChromaCast is a 4 piece set. It contains 16” floor Tom, 13” top, 14” snare and 24” snare case. The interior contains soft cushions too. You also get a shoulder strap and carry handle for your comfort.

  • It comes with 20mm padding.
  • The zipper system is durable along with the long-lasting bag.

8. XSPRO 4 piece Drum Case

XSPRO 4 piece Drum Case - Drum Cases

Product Description: It also comes at a budget-friendly price. The design is simple yet the material is long-lasting. When we are talking about construction quality, this can be a decent example.

Design and Quality: It comes in a simple black color nylon outlook. The dura-guard nylon provides additional protection to the instruments inside. It comes with both shoulder strap and handles options.

  • The padding is 1.5” dense.
  • The interior is lined.

7. Gator GP-PC1209

Gator GP-PC1209 - Drum Cases

Product Description: This set of Drum cases will get your attention because of the exceptional outlook. The elegantly designed four cases set is one of a kind. Its design doesn’t only make it safe but also offers a lifetime warranty.

Design and Quality: The case is rotationally molded. The design makes it easy to carry. You can be sure your drum set will be safe from water, cracking, and breaking with this ultimate protection case.

  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It is an industry-standard product that offers ultimate protection.

6. Universal Percussion DMC500

Universal Percussion DMC500 - Drum Cases

Product Description: If you are looking for reasonable safety, then this Drum case from China can be a smart choice for you. It comes with 5 bags that are almost similar in design and color.

Design and Quality: There are soft materials inside for safety. This can be a great choice on a budget-friendly price range.

  • The exterior is made of nylon.
  • It can easily fit in 11X12 Tom, 16X16 Tom, 12X13 Tom, 5.5 X 14 Box along with 18X 22 Kick.

5. Gearlux Drum Case

Gearlux Drum Case - Drum Cases

Product Description:  Affordability and high quality- these two words can describe the Gearlux Drum case. For people who seek easy portability and good protection, this is a great choice.

Design and Quality: Along with the regular exterior, they have a thick padded interior. This provides additional protection to your drum sets. They look simple, black in color, and decent.

  • Gearlux set consists of 5 drum bags.
  • The exterior is made with nylon and interior with 10mm foam padding.

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4. SKB DBS Drum Case

SKB DBS Drum Case - Drum Cases

Product Description: SKB itself is renowned for creating durable musical instruments’ cases. It is easily reliable for long time use.

Design and Quality: The bags are made with nylon. Zippers are very strong and sturdy. So, it won’t fall out so easily. The interior is lined for additional safety.

  • It fits in 12” Tom, 10” Tom, 14” Snare, 22” inch bass drum and 16” floor tom.
  • The handles are ergonomic.

3. HRockFUS3 Drum Case

HRockFUS3 Drum Case - Drum Cases

Product Description: This is a professional choice for high-class performers. It is much more expensive. But the style and portability option makes it a total worth.

Design and Quality: The set comes in five pieces. The hard-case is made with durable high impact material. If you travel a lot, then you can rely on these cases. Especially, the base will support you to provide more stability.

  •  Each of the pieces has grip pads with foam padding.
  • The base is cured for better stability.

2. XSPRO Deluxe Drum Case

XSPRO Deluxe - Drum Cases

Product Description: It gives you the opportunity to ensure flawless safety for your device. If we consider the efficiency and quality they are providing, then the price they are asking is quite reasonable.

Design and Quality: The covers are made with 600 Denier rugged Nylon. The interior is lined protected.

  • The padding is soft and dense.
  • The interiors are lined.

1. Gator GP- 100

Gator GP- 100 ( - Drum Cases

Product Description: Anyone who knows well about the drums industry has definitely heard about Gator drum cases. This bag has already gained popularity. It is quite strong and durable for any type of drums.

Design and Quality:  The set contains 5 pieces of separate covers. They are made with 600-Denier nylon. They also provide 10mm thick padding and lining for strong protection.

  • The carrying straps are comfortable.
  • The compact design can be collapsed.

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Finally, you need to decide the drum case based on your affordable price range, portability, and size of your drum. Additionally, you can also focus on the zipper’s quality and durability. Professionals can go for Gator, HROCKFUS3, and SKB while the starters can stick to XSPRO, Gearlux, and Universal Percussion. Let us know in the comment section about your choice and the reason behind it.

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