Best Double Bass Pedals Review In 2022

Best Double Bass Pedals Review In 2022
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Having a pair of double bass pedal is always an advantage for spicing up the song and firing up the bass. To keep the audience cheerful with the pace of bass, a pair of pedals is a must-have item in a drummer’s kit. That said, let’s be honest, who even rocks the body and bangs the head during a concert without the full rhythm of bass? Neil Peart or Dave Grohl, they were all fan of pedal bass because they knew, having a pair of bass pedal holds up the constant flow of music and lets you use the full limbs to avoid any disruption of music. So, regarding all the factors, we have brought you the Top 10 double bass pedals listed below.

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Best Double Bass Pedals Review In 2022

10. PDP By DW 400 Series Double Pedal

PDP By DW 400 Series Double - Double Bass Pedals

Product Description: DW 400 series proves that you do not need to spend a lot on a decent pair of bass pedalsThe pedalboard has an offset cam on both sides, driven by a single chain. The pair is also preferable for beginners and professionals to unleash the fire of bass!

Design & Quality: Featuring a modern design, it is built with aux side steel base plate.

  • Sleek design.
  • Built-in accessories.
  • Available in the lefties’ model.

9. Pearl P2052C Double Bass Drum Pedal

Pearl P2052C Double - Double Bass Pedals

Product Description: Ultimate response and speed are the key qualities of this classic music machine. It features 3 adjustable positions and smooth foot pedals, which produce the most exact bass you need during a performance. With 6 different cam choice and 4 beater faces, you will not feel any lag or bug while performing with this tool.

Design & Quality: Designed for noiseless and frictionless performance, this pedal is constructed with durable steel.

  • Power shifter function.
  • Zero play hinge.
  • Carrying bag included.

8. Pearl P3002D Double Bass Drum Pedal

Pearl P3002D - Double Bass Pedals

Product Description: Pearl P3002D is known for its fast, responsive feature and low friction. You can change and choose the position for high or low pitched performance. Overall, this powerful double bass pedal delivers the solid feel of the base with its smoothness, stability, and speed.

Design & Quality: To avoid friction, durable ninja bearings are used in this pedal.

  • Control core beaters.
  • Duo-deck longboard.
  • Suitable for versatile music.

7. Tama 600 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal

Tama 600 Series Double - Double Bass Pedals

Product Description: Find a suitable spot and start thrusting with full speed using Tama Iron Cobra 600. Even after a long session, you will not face the slightest lag, thanks to its precision hinge and high-quality ball bearing. Regardless of the music style and environment, you can easily customize the action in this set.

Design & Quality: The pedals feature speedo-ring to reduce friction and changeable cam for simpler adjustments.

  • Powerful performance.
  • Smooth consistent strokes.
  • Heavy-duty chain drive.

6. Pearl P2052C Eliminator Double Bass Drum Pedal

Pearl P2052C - Double Bass Pedals

Product Description: This is an unbillable flexible pair of drum pedal with a 4-sided quad control beater for expressing maximum creativity. The feature that impressed us the most is the allowance of accurate and perfect actions with its extra grip surface. The cams are also interchangeable and extremely convenient from each angle.

Design & Quality: Presenting independent traction grips, this pedal set is known for its excellent response.

  • Roller hoop clamp.
  • Zero play hinge.
  • Value for money.

5. MAPEX P500TW 500 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal

MAPEX P500TW - Double Bass Pedals

Product Description: This double bass pedal features a simple design, ideal for beginners and pros alike. The pair of pedals feature just a single chain along with adjustable spring tensions. Regardless of the amount of thrust, these will never dissatisfy you even during casual jamming and performing on stage.

Design & Quality: Made with durable and solid steel, these amazing looking pedals feature a comfortable footboard.

  • Duo-tone felt.
  • Amazing adjustments.
  • Easy to assemble.

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4. Drum Workshop, Inc. 3000 Series Drum Pedal

Drum Workshop, Inc. - Double Bass Pedals

Product Description: If you are new to the drum world, then you may consider buying this pedal set due to its versatile functionality. The pedals feature a dual-chain turbo with zero noise guarantee and are easily adjustable to the beater height. Furthermore, the dual adjustable clamp and screw secure it well with the drums.

Design & Quality: Built with a durable stainless steel plate, the pedals feature a modern design.

  • Two-way beater.
  • Highly responsive.
  • Single post-casting design.

3. TAMA Iron Cobra 200 Double Pedal

TAMA Iron Cobra 200 - Double Bass Pedals

Product Description: Here is an incomparable pair of pedals within an affordable price range. Extremely unbeatable and subtle construction makes this item glide in our top 10 double pedals list. Regardless of the drum surface, you place it; it will thrust with full power with minimum effort.

Design & Quality: The pedals are designed with top-notch components and include height adjustment properties.

  • Power glide cam.
  • Spring tension adjustment.
  • Value for money.

2. DW 9000 Double Bass Pedal

DW 9000 Double Bass - Double Bass Pedals

Product Description: This pro-level pedal works fantastic with any drum, thanks to its ultimate grip and adjustment. The pedals are the blend of power and speed, for which you will never lose a tune for a moment during a live session. As you can see, this pedal is perfect for studio use as well.

Design & Quality: The pedals are durably designed and built for the utmost stability and control.

  • EZ Infinite adjustable cam.
  • Floating swivel spring.
  • Tri-pivot toe clamp.

1. Tama Speed Cobra 910 Double Bass Drum Pedal

Tama Speed Cobra 910 - Double Bass Pedals

Product Description: Make the connection between your leg and the drum with Tama Cobra 910. While jamming with this powerful set, you will feel like working with an external part of your leg. We say this not just because it is highly playable and sensitive but also for its ultimate adjusting positions.

Design & Quality: The cobra pedals are made for less friction and recoil and designed for smooth performance.

  • Ultimate stability.
  • Extra-long pedals.
  • Carrying case included.

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Whether you are a professional or casual drummer, without the right pieces of bass pedals, the solo drum set or the band stays incomplete. To make your dream band complete, we hope our top 10 double bass pedals will help as we have added both budget-friendly and high-end items to suit your needs.

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