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DOSS SoundBox
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DOSS SoundBox

red Sound Box

Bluetooth headphone is one of the gadgets that an audiophile would love to have. Even if it’s for just watching movies or streaming YouTube videos, everyone wants the superior portable speaker with them. DOSS Soundbox might seem like a normal Bluetooth speaker from the outlook. But from the inside, it comes with great affordability, sound quality, and portability. It can be used both in-home and business. Touch controls are something that has taken the device to another level. It reacts quickly and pairing strength is quite fast. Although there have been some connecting issues reported, you can hardly find such versatility in this price range.

It feels sturdy in hands. The device has a sleek and minimalistic aesthetic which can be based on various color schemes that include Galaxy black, Grid White, Camouflage, and wave blue. However, the device has some great features that need a deeper discussion.

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DOSS Sound Box

DOSS comes in a plain rectangular box with a details tag on one side. When opened from the upper side, the followings can be found inside-

  • An instruction manual
  • A warranty card
  • A micro USB charging cable
  • The Bluetooth speaker
  • A male-male audio adapter
  • A soft storage bag

The additional storage back is quite durable to travel with and is made of decent quality garments.

Design and User Interface

DOSS Sound Box

DOSS Soundbox has a high-end design. It has been wrapped in a fashionable and sturdy aluminum grill. Unlike many other grills, it doesn’t flex when pressed. The whole device doesn’t look cheap and sets in any kind of environment.  It has an area of 6.6X 2.9X 2.7 inches and feels quite solid in hands. The weight is varies from 1.4 pounds to 1.78 pounds depending on versions. Simplistic matte finish in the upper and lower side is quite elegant yet simple. Overall, the device looks very simple from the boxing but surprise waits inside the box.

The device lacks audio projection components on its backside. So, the sound doesn’t come out from that side. But for the other sides, you surely have an audio projection. There are separate modes available: Bluetooth, Wire connection, and micro SD. There are play, pause, and speaker disconnect button on the top right of the device. Skip left and right is on the bottom. The center LED-lit control is used to reduce and increase the volume.

In the rear side, you can see the power button, a connector port, and micro USB input. When the device is being charged, the LED light underneath the USB port lights up to show that the device is charging. The light also indicates when charging has been completed. But, when the speaker is plugged in, you can hardly see the LED light. In fact, you have to lift the device to see the charging status. The touch control pad is small and sleek. They have provided high appreciable attention to details.


black Sound Box

DOSS SoundBox is outfitted with a 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery that can keep it running for approximately 12 hours. It takes four hours to get fully charged. One of the most successful discoveries in DOSS Soundbox is its Bluetooth4.0. It has a solid connection from a maximum of 33 feet away. Even walls or stairs do not interrupt the signal. Even, if you want, you can also connect with an auxiliary cable or play music with micro SD.

It has a very easy pairing system: you just enable Bluetooth on your device and hold the play button on the touch screen of DOSS Sound box to pair. Then by clicking DOSS on your device list of Bluetooth connection, you get ready to play. The central control blinks in alternate color as an indicator.

Sound and Durability

DOSS Sound Box

The most important thing that you should be caring about is the sound quality of the speaker. The sound range is quite great according to the price but it is not studio quality. So, many audiophiles might not be satisfied with it. But it can perform well throughout all genres. The bass is strong, tones are crisp and clear but not over the hood. Though the bass can be noted as impressive it cannot be adjusted. The 360-degree stereo sound with 12W high performing drivers and increased bass is great for listening to music. It has less than one percent harmonic distortion which is due to the compact way the device has been built. It is quite loud for indoors. While going outdoor, we would ask you to be aware of the rainy weather. It uses IPX4. So, the device is primarily waterproof but doesn’t give you good protection on rainy days.

It can be also used as a speakerphone. However, the in-built voice for pairing and low battery indication is quite annoying sometimes. DOSS could have given a bit more soothing voice. Again, the surface and build quality might be quite strong. But, the touch interface is vulnerable to scratches. So, you might need extra care for the surface with the included protective case.

Pros and Cons


DOSS Soundbox is lightweight and portable, budget-friendly, charges relatively quickly, and has modern touch facilities. Bluetooth4.0 makes it compatible with almost every Bluetooth device. An additional travel case is a great addition to the package. On the other side, it is not fully waterproof is something that makes outdoor usage concerning. Sadly for audiophiles, it might have voice clarity but does not have a bass boost. The in-built voice prompts are quite annoying. The touch interface might look great but is quite scratchy and can get easily damaged.

The DOSS Soundbox is quite pleasing compared to similar price ranged devices. It is available in four different colors and the popularity seems well for indoor use. It’s a definite try for a clear and soothing voice that does well in all genres.


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