Best DJ Headphones Review

Best DJ Headphones Review
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Mixing music is an art and, for this art to reach perfection, a pair of good headphones is absolutely necessary. Whether you’re already miles ahead in your DJ career or you’re just starting, you will need a good pair of headphones. This list of best DJ headphones will help you purchase the most essential kit of a DJ; the headphones.

Best DJ Headphones Review

1. Pioneer Pro DJ HDJ-2000MK2-K

Pioneer Pro DJ HDJ-2000MK2-K

Product Description: With the Pioneer Pro Dj HDJ-2000MK2-k DJ headphones, you’re getting stellar clarity, amazing sound separation, and great insulation when you’re performing.

Design and Quality: The banding is comfortable and provides a comfortable fit, which provides better sound insulation. The newer versions of this model have a metal part in them, making them very durable. The sound quality of this headphone is great.


If you’re looking for high definition audio, amazing separation, and insulation, durability and comfort, this pair of headphones is for you.

2. Sennheiser HD 25

Sennheiser HD 25

Product Description: Sennheiser HD 25 is a pair of professional DJ headphones.

Design and Quality: The HD 25 DJ headphones focus solely on audio without regard to comfort and durability. The unique headband and the average cushioning on the earcups make it hard to use this for an extended time.

These headphones come with a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years. Due to its built, the headphones are extremely light and compact. Moreover, the HD 25 is known for handling sound even in the most intense situation.

3. V-MODA M 100

V-MODA M 100

Product Description: The V-MODA M 100 has a very metal look to it. V-MODA is best known for its design and amazing build quality.

Design and Quality: If you’re a DJ who constantly has to tour, then this is the headphone for you. With the V-MODA M 100, you can’t go wrong with mixing as these headphones have been tuned by over 200 enthusiasts.


The CLIQFOLD feature enables you to easily carry it around. Overall, The V-MODA M 100 are headphones that pack style, sound, extreme durability, and innovative technology. All of these for just $100.

4. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Product Description: Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is another pair of professional DJ headphones. Audio-Technica is a known brand in the audio and DJ community.

Design and Quality: The ATH-M50x offers more comfort over its predecessors, which is a must for extended use. The new velvet cushioning provides further comfort.


These headphones focus more on bass reproduction. However, the headphones also play out the clarity and superior sound quality. For the money, you’re getting more than sufficient features and value of these. Moreover, unlike other premium headphones, the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x doesn’t require batteries.

5. The SOL Republic 161-32 Master Tracks

The SOL Republic 161-32 Master Tracks

Product Description: The SOL Republic 161-32 Master Tracks headphones focus more on bass and vocal. These headphones are perfect for beginners as the price is cheap considering the other options on this list.

Design and Quality: The headphones have a minimal look to it and it’s built like a tank. If you’re looking for a tight, snug fit, then these pair of headphones are for you.


With the headphones, you get 3 years of warranty. Furthermore, besides outside DJing, you use these to pick up calls and use them for games too.

6. V-MODA Crossfade LP

V-MODA Crossfade LP

Product Design: Another over-ear, noise isolating headphones from V-MODA. Just like the previous one, these are also indestructible. However, unlike the M-100, these pairs only come with a 1-year guarantee.

Design and Quality: The headphones are customizable as the shield on the back of the cups is interchangeable and you can get your name engraved on it. The sound quality, reliability, and durability make the V-MODA Crossfade LP one of the best DJ headphones.


The Crossfade LP uses the dual-diaphragm setup of V-MODA which gives it truly stellar quality sound which can’t be found anywhere else. Moreover, if you buy these from a verified reseller, you get a 60-days test drive time.

7. Beats Pro

Beats Pro

Product Description: Another good DJ headphone is the Beat Pro over-ear headphones. If you must have a brand product and don’t mind the price tag, then these headphones are for you.

Design and Quality: Beats Pro comes with comfortable earcups and made with steel and aluminum. As a result, these are a very bulky pair of headphones. The earcups can be swiveled making it good for usage by a DJ.


Regardless of its professional look, the sound quality isn’t the best available. Like other Beats, the bass is very punchy and can get overwhelming with bass-heavy tracks.

8. Pioneer HDJ-1500-K

Pioneer HDJ-1500-K

Product Description: The Pioneer HDJ-1500-K is a professional on-ear headphone.

Design and Quality: The headphones are perfect for extended use as these are very comfortable.


The HDJ-1500-K offers great bass. The headphones are very flexible too as the earcups can be rotated as well.

9. Numark Red Wave Carbon Pro

Numark Red Wave Carbon Pro

Product Description: If you’re a hardcore DJ who plays long sessions then the Numark Red Wave Carbon Pro mixing headphones are for you.

Design and Description: The ear cups can be swiveled and rotated for flexibility. These headphones offer the perfect bass, clear vocals.


The Red Wave Carbon Pro is made in a way that will fit anyone’s head. These headphones can act as a good starter DJ headphone or a backup pair too.

10. Sony MDR7506

Sony MDR7506

Product Description: Despite not being targeted towards DJs, the stellar sound reproduction and balanced sound make if a great pair for mixing.

Design and Quality: The MDR7506 is durable even when made out of plastic, making them great for traveling. You can use them as your daily headphones as well. However, these aren’t the most comfortable pair. The below-average padding makes it hard to use them for a longer time.


The bass reproduction is average, but the mids and highs are balanced.

A good pair of headphones is essential for mixing and tuning the sound. The better the separation, insulation, and reproduction, the better the chance of you landing your next big hit.

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