The Best Support For Your DJ Controller Stand Review In 2022

The Best Support For Your DJ Controller Stand Review In 2022
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MAGMA 75541 Control Stand II: The Best Support For Your DJ Controller Stand

The Best Support For Your DJ Controller Stand- DJ Controller Stand

You see the controller stand and it looks ugly. You’re doubtful why you even need it. Let me tell you something. When they invented the bendy straw, people claimed it looked ugly as well. Where is the connection, you say? What’s the difference between your coffee table and a DJ controller stand? The exact difference between a straight straw and a bendy one. You don’t have to lean over! Instead, your controller leans on to you.

If you’re unsure what a controller stand does, here is a little brief. A controller stand is a metal frame that can be placed on a table or its own and supports your controller and tilts it towards you. These are usually bought by DJs after a year of raising the roof when their posture is irreparable and they’ve bought old man glasses. And here’s what you can do to avoid the damage. Buy it now. You don’t necessarily have to buy this exact one. You can buy a stand that is adjustable and bends over for you to be more comfortable with your DJ controller. We have chosen a controller stand by Magma. Magma is one of the first industries that have come up with portable equipment. Their devices are favorites among pro and semi-professional DJs alike.

Product Description of DJ Controller Stand:

The MAGMA 75541 is a next level DJ controller stand that has been built to uphold controllers and laptops. While the controller stand is a savior to DJ’s backs, the laptop stand is an add-on that has proved to be a phenomenal innovation. The technicality may appear difficult for setting up, and although not a piece of cake, will not consume even an hour of your time. However, I have to admit, with this DJ controller stand, laptop close at hand, and DJ under your palms- convenience at its best. But that’s not all this controller offers.

The best thing I love about the stand, which I don’t know if the manufacturer has thought about before, is the space. I can add in my two CDJs on the side and the mixer underneath the controller during a show. If you’ve already bought this and just want to know what else this stand offers, you might find what I’m saying as ridiculous since the stand is at the generally low level. But, keep in mind that the stand is adjustable. As you raise the brackets two times, you will have an abundance of space below the controller, for a mixer, a backup system, or your cat.

Build and Design of DJ Controller Stand:

The construction of this DJ controller stand is highly innovative and ensures superior durability. The upper and lower levels of the frame where the laptop and controllers go have decent foam padding for your equipment to stay firm. It even has foam padding at the base to prevent slipping. This is a good idea since many DJs don’t really care for tables and go ahead with a plastic table. Plastic and metal don’t go well, and hence the slipping. Luckily, you have a foamed base made of polyurethane! It’s not special and is generally used in cushions and packaging. I just wanted to get you excited.

The 75541 has a functional build and comes divided into many proportions. It is effortless to carry the box between your arms, the size of these boxes that comes with an expensive shirt. As you open the box, you will find a page that displays the instructions. It’s not a step-by-step manual, but a skeletal image of the upright stand, where all the parts go and how they connect. If you examine the tutorial carefully, you’ll understand where the knobs go. You have 24 extensions that will make up your base. There are options to entwine your base in a narrow or wide position by the size of your controller.

Do not consider the controller size the only adjustment level. The stand also has different knobs in case you have a smaller or bigger laptop. For example, I have an Asus ROG Mothership because I am a hardcore gamer and I love a big screen. It’s 17 inches, so I just insert the knob to a wider extent for an easy fit. To complete your structure, you will need to find 6 knobs and 10 washers that go after the knobs. On the first try, you may need half an hour to put the entire stand together. I would advise not to break the system down and put it back together for a gig.

  • Controller stand dimensions: 9 – 11 x 9 – 18.5 x 14.5 – 16.5 inches
  • Laptop stand dimensions: 9 – 13.77 x 9 – 12.99 x 11.8 inches
  • Arm length: 16.53 inches
  • Width and height: Adjustable
  • Help reduce strain on eyes and back
  • Allows to play at a suitable height
  • Offers ample space for equipment
  • Adjustable attachments
  • Solid base
  • Bulky in appearance
  • Turns anyone carrying it looks ridiculous


There are plenty of stands of various sizes, shapes, and forms out there, but none as powerful as the Magma DJ controller stand. Although the stand is portable, it will attract weird looks as you carry it. It has an odd shape and looks quite bulky in appearance. You can't even break the system down because of time. I would probably keep it at the back of my car. But, the stand is manufactured for heavy abuse. Lean on the bases or put pressure with the power of the Big Show, the Magma will remain solid and hold up as the first day.

To sum up, the design of the MAGMA 75541 Control Stand II is ingenious, practical, and efficient. And I wouldn't trade it for a regular case or a table.

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