Best Digital to Analog Converters Review in 2022

Best Digital to Analog Converters Review in 2022
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What is a DAC? Digital to Analog Converters turn the digital signal coming from your smartphone or PC into a low range frequency so that your amp can process that to amplify your music and provide you with an elevated listening experience.

If the audio reproduction by your headphones satisfies you, but you want more out of those cans, then you need a DAC.

Here’s a list of the best Digital to Analog Converters you can purchase.

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Best Digital to Analog Converters Review in 2022

1. Chord Qutest

Chord Qutest - Digital to Analog Converters

Product Description: According to Chord, the Chord Qutest is the most advance DAC in the world, and they weren’t lying about that.

Design and Quality: Not only is the Chord Qutest the most advance DAC in the world, but it is also super affordable. The Chord Qutest has only one job, and it does it entirely, to convert digital signals. Plug this to your system, and you will immediately hear the differences in clarity and precision.


With the Chord Qutest, you have more control over your music as Chord uses and builds its chipset. You will find no noise distortion and jitter with this DAC.

2. Audiolab M-DAC Nano

Audiolab M-DAC Nano - Digital to Analog Converters

Product Description: If portability is what you desire, then the Audiolab M-DAC Nano comes with no alternative.

Design and Quality: The reason it’s so potable is that it weighs only 28-grams. Furthermore, you can connect the M-DAC Nano with your devices wirelessly. The Bluetooth connection doesn’t hamper with the noticeable sonic performance you will witness with this.


Unlike other DACs, the M-DAC nano comes with a built-in rechargeable battery with eight hours of playback time. After ten minutes of inactivity, the DAC will shut itself down. That’s not all; the DAC will charge wirelessly.

3. AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt

AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt - Digital to Analog Converters

Product Description: AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt is a USB DAC.

Design and Quality: If you’re looking for something simple, plug and play, then the DragonFly Cobalt DAC is for you. The DAC comes with simple design with smooth edges. Regardless of its simple design, it performs wonders when connected to your PC. The DAC cleans up all your audio irrespective of where the music is from.


The new chipset in the DAC cleans up audio better than other DACs, and the chip helps it to draw less power and process the music faster.

4. Cyrus soundKey

Cyrus SoundKey - Digital to Analog Converters

Product Description: The Cyrus soundKey is another portable DAC that elevates your music listening experience on the go.

Design and Quality: The soundKey comes in aluminum chassis weighing at about 18 grams. The depth of the product is just 8mm. The imprinted logo on both sides of the DAC gives it a good grip. You will love listening to 320kbps music on this as you will find the music very spacious.


The soundKey is a barebone DAC with just a headphone port and a USB port. You can connect this with your Android or PC with the cable that comes in the box.

5. AudioQuest DragonFly Red

AudioQuest DragonFly Red - Digital to Analog Converters

Product Description: The AudioQuest DragonFly is another USB DAC for your PC, and it’s nearly flawless.

Design and Quality: As the name suggests, the DAC comes in red, but the paint job is easy to chip away. To save the DAC from scratches, you will receive a leather pouch with it. The bass reproduction on the DAC is terrific and the overall sound quality is fantastic.


Like other DragonFly products, this DAC is also very straightforward with a headphone port.

6. Chord Mojo

Chord Mojo - Digital to Analog Converters

Product Description: Chord is known for making excellent DACs, and the Chord Mojo is no exception.

Design and Quality: The Mojo’s build quality is exceptional with the aircraft-grade aluminum. The sound on this is very detailed, and you will hear almost every detail.


After ten hours of charge, you can use the DAC for eight hours. Furthermore, you will find three spherical buttons on the top, which act as status indicators.

7. Audiolab M-DAC+

Audiolab M-DAC+ - Digital to Analog Converters

Product Description: If you’re looking for a full-sized DAC with outstanding performance, grab the M-DAC+ by Audiolab.

Design and Quality: The build quality of the M-DAC+ is impeccable with the smooth and sturdy finish, and the robust construction. Get the best of timing, organization, and impact with this DAC.


The M-DAC+ is feature-packed with all the output and input ports. Besides using it with your desktop, you can use this with iPhone too.

8. Chord Hugo 2

Chord Hugo 2 - Digital to Analog Converters

Product Description: Chord Hugo 2 is the best portable, audiophile DAC money can buy.

Design and Quality: The Hugo 2 comes in a rugged and robust build with the name laser cut on it. The compact and lightweight makes it easy to travel with it. The audio on this is mind-blowing, and without any fault.


Like other Chord products, Hugo 2 is also feature-rich. The buttons on the top act as status indicators and the DAC comes with four filters.

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There are Digital to Analog Converters out there at every price point. If you genuinely want to enjoy your music, invest in a good DAC.

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