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Devialet Bluetooth Speakers
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Devialet Bluetooth Speakers

The Devialet Bluetooth speakers are great at producing the best audio wirelessly. This is quite a high-performance premium device that can boost up to a power of 1200watts. It has a really classy design that appeals to all. The bass system in this device is perfect as well since it produces a lot of power. The connectivity of this device is from Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It is a bit on the pricey side but for the features that it comes with, it quite justifies the price.

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What’s in the Box?

Devialet Bluetooth Speakers

When you take the box out, you will notice the device packed in nicely and it opens up into two halves. In the middle, the speaker is present and the packaging looks aesthetic. The box also contains a cable for charging. This is basically all you need. You can additionally buy some other accessories which could be a remote or a stand. There is also a manual in the box to help and guide you throughout the process.


A device is a beast when it comes to features and the latest techs. It is amplified by the power of 600W. The device is really loud as it can produce 95dB of sound. As a matter of fact, it is a bit heavy as well.

From the Devialet app, you can set up everything. The app will allow you to connect the device in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi mode. You won’t require any apps to stream as the Devialet app itself is simple to use. It will make sure you can set up everything easily.

The quality of sound that this device produces is great as it can maintain clarity, details, and loudness at the same time. Bass system of this device is more impressive as it can easily fill up the whole room and allow you to enjoy easily. The sound is produced without any distortions and can fill up the room quickly.

However, there is an issue where the sound starts to sound unnatural because of the bass being loud all the time. Lack of timing is an issue here. It maintains the frequency spectrum and, as a result of that, the treble and mids are impressive.


Devialet Bluetooth Speakers

The design of the device is almost an egg-shaped. The woofers on the side cause the bass to sound really good. The bass looks average but when it is playing music, you will know the difference. They can project inwards and outwards of sound when the music is being played which can create an environment for hypnosis to occur. The design of the headphone is compact and this allows it to pull off huge volume and power. This immense pressure is the reason for it sounding so loud.

The science-fiction design of an egg shows the attention to detail that the manufacturer used while creating this device. It’s a bit of a futuristic design to begin with. The accents in the sides of the curve along with the whole design complements the product to look like an egg from a movie that makes it look really cool.

The design is stylish but the durability is key here. These speakers are, in fact, made of strong materials, which makes this device long-lasting. It is a bit heavy and it ensures protection from falls. It is twenty-six cm tall and twenty-five cm wide. The heavy feeling stops you from towing it anywhere in the room and rather put it in one corner. The design also allows it to be used as a fashion accessory.


Devialet Bluetooth Speakers

The wireless speaker is considered the best in the market now. The level of technology and the features used in this device will surprise anyone. The sound quality is excellent as well. Bass system, treble, and mids – everything has a balance and they sound incredible when put together.

The bass system in this device is the best of many as it can produce loud sound altogether. The balance in the frequency spectrum allows the high treble and mids to sound crisp. If you think this product is only known for its loudness, then you’re wrong as it is able to produce clarity and detail in sound as well. You can put this product in a corner of the room and its music will easily fill up the whole room.

The design of this product will please you as it comes with a premium design. It is made of high-quality materials to ensure that this device can last long. You can add some extra accessories to make it a bit more interesting. The design of the device will allow you to even use it as an accessory. The manufacturer also will allow you to have a free trial of forty-five days so that you can check before you buy it.

The Devialet app is really easy and simple to use. You can use it to set the device up and work in your favor. It won’t be necessary to stream with other apps. Besides, the connectivity of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is easy and fast.


Devialet Bluetooth Speakers

The price range that this product comes with is a bit high and many might not be able to afford it. And the product does not come with many accessories and to buy the additional accessory, you will have to add more money. Besides, the soundstage sounds a bit unnatural sometimes. The loud sound might damage your eardrums if not handled properly. In addition, the bass system is good but it can sometimes take away the clarity and detail of the song in certain situations.

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Finally, it can be said that Devialet Bluetooth speakers are really good. The price justifies the features and the technologies used in the device. You can invest in this device if you want a premium product that will last long and serve the purpose it is intended to.

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