Best DACs Under USD 1000 Review in 2022

Best DACs Under USD 1000 Review in 2022
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If you want more out of the cans you’re rocking; you will need a DAC. DAC helps an amplifier to amplify your audio reproduction by turning the digital signal to a low-frequency one. This conversion helps your headphones to output pure sonic performance. So, if you want the best musical performance out of your headphones, invest in a DAC.

DACs can be expensive. However, you can get a decent performing DACs under USD 1000.

Here’s a list of the best DACs under USD 1000.

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Best DACs Under USD 1000 Review in 2022

1. Nuprime HPA-9

Nuprime HPA-9 - DACs Under USD 1000

Product Description: The Nuprime HPA-9 is another great DAC you can get under USD 1000.

Design and Quality: For under USD 1000, you’re getting a good construction quality and robust build, it’s a durable DAC. Sound-wise, you will notice incredible separation in your music, along with great clarity and details. It’s hard to find such incredible audio reproduction at such a low price point.


The HPA-9 has enough input and output port to satisfy your needs. In the front, you will find two analog inputs and a phono input. As for output, you will get a 3.5mm, two 6.3mm, and two RCA output.

2. Marantz HD-DAC1

Marantz HD-DAC1 -DACs Under USD 1000

Product Description: Under USD 1000, the Marantz HD-DAC1 is a decent DAC.

Design and Quality: The HD-DAC1 comes with an elegant look with aluminum in the front and wooden panels on the side. The display on the front of the DAC works as a status indicator. The DAC reproduces with excellent detail and clarity. The overall build and sound quality is impressive and it’s worth consideration.


Feature-wise, the DAC provides superb performance. The DAC can be connected to almost any device. Also, for convenience, the DAC comes with a controller.

3. Cambridge Audio CXA60

Cambridge Audio CXA60 - DACs Under USD 1000

Product Description: Coming from Britain, the Cambridge Audio CXA60 is a fantastic DAC.

Design and Quality: The Audio CXA60 is an excellent buy under USD 1000, as it is an amp with a built-in DAC. The DAC comes with a robust build with a brushed finish. The legend on the front panel is easy to read. The audio reproduction on it is better than expected. The amp and DAC duo produce amazing sound quality.


Besides looks, the DAC is full of features. You can connect your devices wirelessly with the DAC. Also, you will find outputs for preamp and sub-woofer on it.

4. FiiO E10K

Fiio E10K - DACs Under USD 1000

Product Description: FiiO E10K is a fantastic portable DAC.

Design and Quality: The E10K comes with an aluminum finish, rugged construction, lightweight, making this a very portable DAC. The audio reproduction on it is incredible and the vocals are clear as well, and the bass performance is excellent as well.


The DAC offers amazing audio cleaning for its users. There is no internal silence, and the DAC reduces noise and offers improved audio quality. All this in a meager price tag.

5. FiiO E17K

Fiio E17k Alpen - DACs Under USD 1000

Product Description: The FiiO E17K is best as a DAC and a sound card.

Design and Quality: The E17K is another impressive DAC from FiiO, featuring a versatile design. As a soundcard, E17K has integrated DAC and op-amp. As a DAC, it promises to deliver outstanding sonic performance.


The E17K comes with longer battery life and more durable build. The scroll wheel makes it easier to navigate through the menu.

6. FX Audio DAC-X6

FX Audio DAC-X6 - DACs Under USD 1000

Product Description: If you’re looking for a professional DAC with stellar audio reproduction, then the FX Audio DAC-X6 is a worthy purchase.

Design and Quality: The DAC-X6 comes with a professional look and sturdy build. Alongside this sturdy construction, you’re getting a stellar performance, and despite its robust construction, the DAC weighs only 1.1 pounds. Sound-wise, the DAC is unmatchable.


The DAC-X6 comes with three chipsets, and using it, you won’t find any noise distortion. Also, the DAC consumes less voltage.

7. AudioQuest DragonFly Black

AudioQuest DragonFly Black - DACs Under USD 1000

Product Description: If you’re looking for something for your PC, then the AudioQuest DragonFly Black is an absolute steal, coming at USD 99.

Design and Quality: The build quality of this DAC is simple, and the set-up process is very straightforward. Plug the USB DAC in and notice the change in the audio reproduction.


The main attraction of the DragonFly Black is its low power consumption. The DAC gives you the necessary boost without draining too much power.

8. AudioQuest DragonFly Red

AudioQuest DragonFly Red - DACs Under USD 1000

Product Description: Another extremely cheap USB DAC from AudioQuest is the DragonFly Red.

Design and Quality: The DragonFly Red features the same build quality as the Black, simple and straightforward. However, the color cheeps off. You can save you DAC from that by using the included leather pouch. Color aside, the DragonFly Red produces better sound than the DragonFly Black.


The DragonFly is also a plug and plays USB DAC. This DAC also comes with a low power consumption feature.

9. Chord Mojo

Chord Mojo - DACs Under USD 1000

Product Description: Straight out of the UK comes one of the best DAC money can buy, the Chord Mojo.

Design and Quality: The Chord Mojo combines extreme power and portability in a solid and beautiful chassis. The DAC delivers immaculate sound quality. You can also connect this to your smartphones via the Mojo extender.


The Company claims that the Mojo will give a Hugo level performance, and it does precisely that. The Chord Mojo is the best DAC money can get you, and its value exceeds the money you’re paying.

10. Schiit Bifrost Multibit

Schiit Bifrost Multibit - DACs Under USD 1000

Product Description: The Schiit Bifrost Multibit is a decent alternative to the Chord Mojo.

Design and Quality: This DAC comes with a solid build, and gets the job done entirely. However, the DAC doesn’t have any on-board battery and relies on AC power. The Multibit Bifrost is also a portable speaker; however, it’s a bit bulky.


The overall sound quality is more impactful than the Chord Mojo.

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If you want stellar audio performance from your headphones without breaking your bank, these DACs under USD 1000 are fantastic options. Some of these DACs are incredibly portable, while other DACs offer mind-blowing features.


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