Cocktail Drum Sets - Cocktail Drum Sets
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Despite being more versatile, full-sized drums aren’t ideal for small apartments. On top of that, they are quite difficult to move around. If you regularly take part in live performances, full-sized drums can be a huge burden. To circumvent this issue, many drummers have started using high-end cocktail drums. Cocktail drums have a tighter sound and are very practical and reliable. In this article, we dive into some of the best Cocktail Drum Sets available in the market.

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Top 10 Best Cocktail Drum Sets In 2021

10. GP Percussion GP75WR Cocktail Drum Sets

GP Percussion GP75WR - Cocktail Drum Sets

Product Description: Despite its low price tag, the GP Percussion GP75WR has been highly regarded for its functionality and solid build quality.

Design and Quality: The drum set has been built from sturdy poplar wood. The set consists of a 15-inch bass drum, a 10-inch tom, and an 8-inch demi snare drum.

  • The drum set has a PVC layer on the surface for added protection. Hi-hat, cymbals, and cowbells are also provided with the cocktail drum set.

9. C&C Custom Cocktail Drum Sets

C&C Custom Drums - Cocktail Drum Sets

Product Description: Even though C&C relied upon Keller shells in their older cocktail drum sets, they have now shifted using their equipment and drum accessories.

Design and Quality: Made from maple wood shells, the C&C cocktail drum set is composed of large and small toms as well as snare drums. All of this equipment is attached to a high-quality vertical bass drum.

  • The drum kit comes with beavertail lugs and brackets for mounting additional equipment such as cymbals.

8. Tama Cocktail Jam 4-piece Shell Pack

Tama Cocktail Jam - Cocktail Drum Sets

Product Description: Tama is well-recognized for manufacturing premium drum sets, and their 4-piece shell pack is no exception. The cocktail drum set is highly customizable and offers great sound calibration.

Design and Quality: The entire 4 piece drum kit consists of an enormous 16-inch bass drum that holds a 10-inch snare along with two different sized toms.

  • The toms have been made from superior quality birch for producing clearer and detailed sounds. Cymbals and hi-hat can be mounted using the provided hardware.

7. Pearl Compact Traveler Kit 2-Piece Shell Pack Cocktail Drum Sets

Pearl Compact Traveler - Cocktail Drum Sets

Product Description: If portability is your priority, make sure to check out the Pearl Compact Traveler Kit cocktail drum set.

Design and Quality: In comparison to other drum sets, the Pearl drum set is much smaller in size.

  • The drum kit corresponds well with both high and low tuning. Due to its combination of 18-inch kick drums and 10-inch snare, the cocktail drum set is capable of producing bright sounds.

6. Tama Club Jam Mini 2-Piece Shell Pack

Tama Club Jam Mini 2-Piece - Cocktail Drum Sets

Product Description: The Tama Club Jam Mini is a stripped-down version of the 4-piece cocktail jam, perfect for anyone looking to save some space.

Design and Quality: Built from a mersawa shell, the jam mini is well-recognized for its concentrated punchy sounds. The set is composed of a 12×7 snare drum along with an 18×7 kick drum.

  • The drum set has top-end drum heads that sound great out of the box. You do not need to purchase secondary drum heads. This drum set maintains the overall quality and tight sound of the 4-piece cocktail jam and has been noted for being highly transportable.

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5. DW Performance Series Low Pro 3-Piece Shell Pack Cocktail Drum Sets DW Performance Series Low - Cocktail Drum Sets

Product Description: The DW Performance Series Low Pro Drum Set has obtained massive acclaim for its premium build quality and lightweight design. It integrates well with modern music genres such as pop, R&B, hip-hop, and so on.

Design and Quality: The DW drum set sports a genuine maple shell and consists of several tones enhancing tools. Moreover, users have applauded the drum set’s exceptional sound profile.

  • The entire cocktail drum set can be folded down to fit small areas. This 3 piece cocktail drum kit consists of a rack tom and a floor tom fixed on a large 20-inch bass drum.

4. Traps Drums A400 Portable Drum Kit With Hardware

Traps Drums A400 - Cocktail Drum Sets

Product Description: Despite being one of the most compact cocktail drum sets in the market, the sound profile of the Traps Drums A400 Portable Drum Kit measures up to full-sized drum sets.

Design and Quality: The Traps drum set consists of 5 individual pieces and is quite easy to tune. Due to its small stature, the drum set is ideal for small rooms.

  • The drum set’s dedicated rack helps you neatly organize all additional accessories.

3. Ludwig Questlove Breakbeats Shell Pack

Ludwig Questlove Breakbeats - Cocktail Drum Sets

Product Description: Used by several professional drummers, the Ludwig Questlove Breakbeats is a prime choice for people looking for top-notch cocktail drum sets.

Design and Quality: This drum set is visibly smaller than most other drum sets in its price range.

  • The drum kit ships with top-end velvet bags to easily carry it around. Furthermore, it has been built from 7 thick plywood shells for enhanced longevity, and consists of a standard 14×16 inch bass drum with toms mounted on it.

2. Sonor AQ2 Safari Set Shell Pack

Sonor AQ2 Safari - Cocktail Drum Sets

Product Description: Recognized for its superior construction, the Sonor AQ2 Safari Set has become one of the best performing cocktail drum kits. This drum set offers extensive tuning capability and is great for genres such as Jazz and Blues.

Design and Quality: 100% maple shells have been used in manufacturing this spectacular drum set. The drum set’s compact size makes it perfect for limited spaces, and the tonal quality is incredible.

  • The drum set’s proprietary Sonor SmartMount system can be used to create a separation between the shell and the rack.

1. Mapex Mars 4-Piece Be-Bop Shell Pack

Mapex Mars - Cocktail Drum Sets

Product Description: On top of sporting the hippest design, the Mapex Mars 4-Piece Be Bop has built a solid reputation for its reliability and amazing tonal response.

Design and Quality: The drum set consists of all necessary drum equipment such as snare, floor and rack tom as well as a large kick drum.

  • SONICear bearing edges have been used for producing sounds of remarkable clarity. Even with its miniature size, many drummers have appreciated its precise and detailed tone.

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This consists of the most sought-after cocktail drums in the market right now. Try to assess all the features you need from a standard portable drum set before making your final purchase.

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