Best Closed-Back Headphones Review in 2022

Best Closed-Back Headphones Review in 2022
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When you’re listening to music on your headphones in public, it can be hard to actually enjoy the music due to all the outside noises from the environment that can be distracting. So, what you need is a pair of headphones that guarantee noise cancellation. Closed-back headphones are great options in this realm. So, if you are one the lookout for some great closed-back headphones, check out this list of the best closed-back headphones of 2022:

Best Closed-Back Headphones Review in 2022

1. Ultrasone Edition 5 S-Logic X

Ultrasone Edition 5 S-Logic X - Closed-Back Headphones

Product Description: The S-logic X headphone is a different headphone as it focuses on both comfort and sound quality.

Design & Quality: The design of this headphone is closed-back and the quality of sound is excellent. The wide range of frequency helps to balance out the sound levels. The frequency range is from 5-46000Hz. These headphones are comfortable as the buds are made of leather.


The drivers that are 40mm control the sound so that you never experience any distortion.

2. Audio Technica ATH-M50x

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x - Closed-Back Headphones

Product Description: ATH-M50x can work for all types of uses, whether it is for mixing up music or simply listening to music.

Design & Quality: The closed-back design of this headphone adds to the noise cancellation feature of this device. The higher frequency handle of this headphone makes it ideal for classical music. It can also manage a great bass system that compliments the whole sound system.


The earpads do not exert much pressure and so, they are pretty comfortable.

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3. AKG Pro Audio K92

AKG PRO Audio K92 Headphones - Closed-Back Headphones

Product Description: AKG Pro Audio K92 headphones are professional and are used to make music in studios.

Design & Quality: The design is closed-back and, through this design, it ensures the complete isolation of noise throughout. The headphones are great at managing the frequencies as well. With the complete noise cancellation, it will be easier for you to concentrate on whatever you were listening to.


The 40mm drivers are professional and they give a faster response of frequency.

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4. Philips SHP2600

Philips SHP2600 - Closed-Back Headphones

Product Description: The SHP2600 from Philips are great headphones as they have all the latest features but at a lower price.

Design & Quality: The quality of sound is really good due to the drivers that are neodymium 32mm. The sounds are clear and natural. The over-ear design of this headphone allows it to have the best noise cancellation which means it can cancel out any sound from the outer environment.


There is a 1.8m cable in this headphone, which allows the freedom of movement, and the presence of an adjustable headband makes things more convenient.

5. Sennheiser HD 202

Sennheiser HD 202 - Closed-Back Headphones

Product Description: The HD 202 headphones from Sennheiser are powerful at producing high sounds.

Design & Quality: The design of this headphone allows it to cancel out the noise from the outside environment. This is great for DJs because of its loud bass system. But the music can be extremely loud at times, so you may need to take precautionary measures so that your eardrums are not affected in the process. The leather cushioned cups will provide comfort to your ears.


The presence of lightweight diaphragm and neodymium magnets adds to the sound quality. You can even remove the ear cushions and replace them.

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6. LyxPro HAS-10

LyxPro HAS-10 - Closed-Back Headphones

Product Description: These headphones are great for listening or making music. They are the best at canceling out the noise from outside.

Design & Quality: The effective noise cancellation of this device is ensured due to the closed-back design. The quality of sound is also great as the range of the frequency is 10-26000Hz. The device is durable as well, which means you can use it for a long time.


The 45mm neodymium drivers offer fast response and clear sounds overall.

7. Beyerdynamic DT 770

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro - Closed-Back Headphones

Product Description: The DT770 is a great headphones set that doesn’t damage the eardrums when loud music is being played.

Design & Quality: The quality of the sound is really good as the bass definition is quite superior. The high frequencies are impressive and the lower frequency doesn’t seem dull either.


The superior soundstage of this headphone is why this device is often taken into consideration for doing professional work. The depth level will allow you to record music of any genre.

8. Shure SRH145

Shure SRH145 - Closed-Back Headphones

Product Description: The Shure SRH145 is a portable headphone with rich bass and a mic.

Design & Quality: The design of this headphone allows it to actively cancel out the outside noise of the environment. The quality of sound is really good and the presence of the mic adds a bonus when buying this headphone.


The headphones can be folded up for storage convenience.

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9. Status Audio CB1

Status Audio CB1 - Closed-Back Headphones

Product Description: The status audio CB1 are headphones that bring a whole new variety in the market of headphones.

Design & Quality: The quality of the sound is really good. The signature of the sound is neutral and this means that you will get the clarity you desire in sounds. The bass system of this device is also really good.


The drivers are 50mm and they produce a fast response in the frequency spectrum.

10. Edifier H840

Closed-Back Headphones

Product Description: The H840 headphones are great at delivering the latest features at a lower cost.

Design & Quality: The design of these headphones makes it idle for use in watching movies, listening to music or even in gaming. The sound quality is perfect as the frequency range is from 20-20000HZ. The sound is dynamic and you can pick up small details when you will listen to music or watch movies with these headphones.


The 40mm drivers provide fast response and have a wide range of styles and settings.

These closed-back headphones can easily block out ambient noises to minimize distractions from your surroundings. So, if you purchase any of these headphones, you can have a great listening experience, be it for enjoying music, making music, working out or for some white noise to boost your work mode.

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