Best Classical Guitar Beginner Kits Review In 2022

Best Classical Guitar Beginner Kits Review In 2022
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Classical guitar is one of the best instruments for new musicians as they slowly familiarize themselves with tunes and rhythms. If you are thinking of stepping into the music universe, you may consider investing in a classical guitar beginner kit. Wondering which beginner kits you should go with? Check out our recommendations below, where we have hand-picked the best items with varied price ranges.

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Best Classical Guitar Beginner Kits Review In 2022

10. Omega Left-Handed Classical Guitar Kit 

 Omega Left-Handed - Classical Guitar Beginner Kits

Description: Being a lefty often has its perks, one of which is finding a left-handed guitar within a modest price range. If you have been facing this problem, you may want to check out this beautiful Spanish-style classical guitar. As it comes with a carry bag, you can travel with it anywhere.

Design & Quality: Crafted of elegant basswood, this standard design guitar features three steel and three nylon strings.

  • Upgraded spruce top.
  • Value for the price.
  • 3/4 size for adults and children.

9. Strong Wind Classical Acoustic Guitar Kit 

Strong Wind Classical - Classical Guitar Beginner Kits

Description: This small classical guitar with a 30-inch top may be an excellent choice for adults and children alike. It comes with nylon strings comfortable on the fingers. The kit also includes a gig carry bag.

Design & Quality: This guitar from Strong Wind features a full-size dreadnought body that ensures sturdiness.

  • Laminated linden top.
  • Easy to tune.
  • Smooth curves for added comfort.

8. Cordoba Dolce Classical Guitar Kit 

Cordoba Dolce - Classical Guitar Beginner Kits

Description: Offering a guitar, tuner, and a carry bag, this is one of the best classical guitar beginner kits within an affordable price range. As it comes in 7/8 size, it is a bit smaller than standard guitars but extremely lightweight and comfortable.

Design & Quality: The design of the guitar includes a C-shaped Mahogany neck with a solid Canadian cedar top that makes it highly durable.

  • Traditional Spanish fan bracing.
  • Indian rosewood bridge.
  • Truss rod for string height adjustments.

7. Squier SA-150 Classical Guitar Bundle

Squier SA-150 - Classical Guitar Beginner Kits

Description: Can’t get over heart-melting Spanish melodies? Then you may fall in love with this beautiful full-size classic acoustic guitar from Squier. The set includes a tuner, strings, polishing cloth, and an instructional DVD- all at a reasonable price.

Design & Quality: This guitar is built with Lindenwood and mahogany, and includes a durable maple fingerboard.

  • Scalloped ‘X’ bracing.
  • Wider neck for added comfort.
  • All-laminate construction.

6. Music Alley Junior Classical Guitar Kit 

Music Alley Junior - Classical Guitar Beginner Kits

Description: If music runs in the family and your little one keeps on asking for a guitar, this may be an excellent classical guitar beginner kit you can go with. Available in pink or blue color options, this set comes with three picks, strap, extra strings, and a lightweight carry bag.

Design & Quality: Bright and vibrant, the guitar features metal gearheads that are highly durable.

  • Soft nylon strings.
  • 30-inch, half-size body.
  • Suitable for kids aged 4-6+.

5. CNBLUE Beginner Classic Guitar Kit for Kids 

CNBLUE Beginner Classic - Classical Guitar Beginner Kits

Description: In contrast to the majority of the guitars available in the market, this kit is specially designed for kids as it comes in 1/2 half size body. This 30-inch classical guitar features chrome geared tuning heads that are easy to adjust. There are also additional accessories like picks, tuner, set of strings, and more.

Design & Quality: The guitar is handcrafted with solid basswood and top-notch quality technical wood.

  • Sturdy nylon strings.
  • Ideal for folk and country music.
  • Reasonable price range.

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4. Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar Kit 

Yamaha C40 - Classical Guitar Beginner Kits

Description: Having a tight budget does not necessarily mean that you have to compromise on a great-quality bundle set, and this kit from Yamaha proves that. This combo of the guitar and other accessories creates outstanding sound effects and ensures a comfortable playing feel. There is also an instructional DVD included to help you get started.

Design & Quality: The Yamaha C40 is made of mahogany and rosewood and features nylon strings.

  • Excellent craftsmanship and sturdiness.
  • Clip-on tuner included.
  • Bargain deal for beginners.

3. J&Z Beginner Classical Guitar Kit 

J&Z Beginner - Classical Guitar Beginner Kits

Description: With 3/4 junior size, this guitar kit from J&Z may be an excellent gift item for children under 10-years. This beginner kit includes a tuner, capo, picks, guitar wide, and a nylon shoulder strap. To ensure comfortable playing feel, the guitar features all-nylon strings.

Design & Quality: It is hand-constructed with solid basswood and hard maple, which maintains outstanding sturdiness.

  • Comfortable string height.
  • Smooth tuning pegs.
  • Arched back for prolonged sustain.

2. Pyle Beginner Classical Acoustic Guitar Kit 

Pyle Beginner - Classical Guitar Beginner Kits

Description: If you are a budding musician planning to invest in a good-quality kit that will last you for years, take a look at this one. This 36-inch junior scale 6-string guitar is ideal for beginner lessons as well as stage performances. The set also comes with a pitch pipe tuner, case, two Pearloid picks, spare strings, cleaning cloth, and a gift card.

Design & Quality: Handcrafted with various wood materials, the design of this guitar includes a glossy polished body with protective binding.

  • Classic style 3/4 scale guitar.
  • Sturdy nylon strings.
  • Dyed wood design.

1. DM Classical Guitar Kit for Beginners

DM Classical Guitar - Classical Guitar Beginner Kits

Description: Consisting of top-notch musical accessories, this beginner-friendly guitar kit is close to high-end professional instruments when it comes to quality. This ultimate starter kit comes with everything from carrying bag to extra strings. So, you may be set for a long time.

Design & Quality: Laminated basswood and maple rosewood are the primary materials in this guitar. It also includes an arched back to provide durability.

  • Right-handed classic guitar.
  • Smooth tuning pegs.
  • Blend of nylon and steel strings.

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For budding musicians, inspirations can occur from anywhere, and when that happens so, you want to set the melody right away. And this is exactly why you need a classical guitar set that offers endless possibilities to explore your creativity. If you have enjoyed our overview of the classical guitar beginner kits, don’t forget to check them out. We recommend going for a complete set if you are planning for a long-term commitment. Moreover, it will cost you a lot less than buying the accessories separately.

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