Best Cheap Mandolins Review In 2022

Best Cheap Mandolins Review In 2022
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For musicians, the thirst for music and learning something new with a brand-new instrument can be so great that they will go to great lengths to achieve that. If you happen to be a mandolin player or just getting into playing the instrument, we came up with a list of the top 10 cheap mandolins that are sure to surprise you with the quality and features.

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Best Cheap Mandolins Review In 2022

10. Oscar Schmidt OM10EWH Acoustic-Electric

Oscar Schmidt OM10EWH - Cheap Mandolins

Product Description: Made from the guys over at Oscar Schmidt, this one is great if you are just looking for something that will get you off the ground and start somewhere. It is well-made and the sound it produces is also respectable, especially at this price point.

Design and Quality: Durable mahogany wood sides with a gloss finish give this budget-friendly mandolin a lot of character. The strings are also high-quality which sounds great.

  • A budget-friendly electric budget mandolin that can be a perfect option for someone who is looking for something to take them off the ground.
  • The design and quality of this is also something not to scoff at.

9. Rogue RM-100A Mandolin

Rogue RM-100A Mandolin - Cheap Mandolins

Product Description: A classic and premium looking (and sounding) mandolin that will not break the bank. It sits comfortably on the hand and can be played for long hours without fatigue.

Design and Quality: With a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard give this mandolin a classy and chic look and does not sacrifice on quality either.

  • This unit is a great option for someone who is looking for a cheap mandolin in rosewood without spending too much.
  • The 12th fret neck joint and chrome tuning machines are also great touches that give this one some added character.

8. Barcelona Left-Handed Mandolin

Barcelona Left-Handed Mandolin - Cheap Mandolins

Product Description: Mandolin manufacturers have not forgotten about the left-handers out there. This left-handed mandolin from Barcelona is one the best mandolins in our list of the top 10 cheap mandolins.

Design and Quality: The quality grade A finish of dark color around the outer side and bright yellow in the middle gives it a premium finish. Some other great touches such as – the Basswood top, back, and bottom side with a nickel-engraved tailpiece do make it stand out.


7. Ibanez M510DVS Mandolin

Ibanez M510DVS Mandolin - Cheap Mandolins

Product Description: A quality product from the legendary manufacturer Ibanez. If you’re in the market for a reliable and trustworthy mandolin, this one is the one to get for a good balance of price and performance.

Design and Quality: The design of these is some of the best we have seen. The quality and the material used are also top-notch, as expected from a brand like Ibanez.

  • Durable, reliable, and great-sounding – these are the things that almost perfectly sum up the Ibanez M510DVS. It’s a great option for a mandolin that sounds and looks great.

6. Savannah SA-100-BK A-Model

avannah SA-100-BK A-Model  - Cheap Mandolins

Product Description: This one is for someone who is looking for a mandolin that looks minimalistic and stealthy. The majority-black color scheme makes it blend into any sort of setting.

Design and Quality: The fretboard is from bound Rosewood which gives it a great finish and makes it quite the looker. The quality of the build is also pretty commendable for a mandolin of this price point.

  • Well-designed mandolin from the guys at Savannah and sounds great as well.

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5. Donner A-Style Mandolin Instrument Sunburst

Donner A-Style Mandolin I - Cheap Mandolins

Product Description: Made from mahogany, this mandolin is made to evoke emotions when playing. With great sound quality and very comfortable to play, the two qualities that make this a no-brainer purchase for some.

Design and Quality: With a body made from mahogany with a chrome-plated tailpiece that makes it produce some of the best sounds in its class.

  • Great sound and superb build quality with a classic design make it great for beginners.

4. The Loar LM520

The Loar LM520 - Cheap Mandolins

Product Description: The Load LM520 is a hand-crafted mandolin and is surprisingly not that expensive for what it is.

Design and Quality: Maplewood build with a rounded V profile makes this mandolin quite the special piece.

  • Great sound and hand-crafted quality offer a very soothing musical experience.

3. Ibanez M510E A-STYLE

Ibanez M510E A-STYLE

Product Description: Another great one from Ibanez. The M510E A-style is a great looker and sounds even greater. If you are in the market for a superb option from Ibanez, this one is great.

Design and Quality: Durable maple neck blade side build and the revered Ibanez sound.

  • Straight-forward mandolin that is well built and designed to last.

2. Ammoon 8-String Electric A Style

Ammoon 8-String Electric A Style - Cheap Mandolins

Product Description: A high-quality and greatly built mandolin from ammoon made from premium wood.

Design and Quality: Made from Rosewood and quality bridges make this one of the best designed and quality mandolin for not much money.

  •  Superb sound and handcrafted quality craftsmanship make this is a great choice for mandolin players.

1. Kentucky KM-150

Kentucky KM-150 - Cheap Mandolins

Product Description: Coming in a sunburst finish with a great sound and durable quality finish.

Design and Quality: This mandolin is one the best made and designed mandolin out there at its price point. The German spruce top produces clean and smooth sounds.

  • Top of the line mandolin that will not break the bank. A great sounding unit with a great design and color finish.

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Mandolins can be some of the most enjoyable instruments to play. The only hurdle of being costly was one of the deterring points for new beginners to pick one up. This list of the top 10 cheap mandolins gives you plenty of options to choose from and start on your musical journey.

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