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Banjos are quite familiar instruments. You might have given thought about using banjo in your next piece of masterpiece. Or, you can learn banjo for recreational purposes.  A fact about banjo is that banjos of different types have different and unique sounds. So, it is quite important to know which type of sound you want for your device and plan accordingly. Go through our list of the best affordable and cheap banjos available in the market!

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Top 10 Best Cheap Banjos In 2021

10. Recording King Tenor Banjo

Recording King Tenor Banjo - Cheap Banjos

Product Description: This is a bit expensive than other banjos in this list. But it is here for its quality. It has a distinct sound that will help you to create a separate feeling in the middle of violins, violas, cellos, and mandolins.

Design and Quality: The neck is made of maple wood that also consists of a truss rod which is adjustable based on your preference. The rim also consists of multi-ply structured maple wood.

  • It has 16 brackets.
  • It plays on 23” scale.
  • The fretboard is made with Rosewood.

9. Banjolele

Banjolele - Cheap Banjos

Product Description: It’s a Banjo that comes in Ukulele size. This small instrument can be easily carried and played anywhere without any hassles.

Design and Quality: This is a much better choice for beginners. The shape and size are helpful for their comfort. Additionally, it creates clear sounds to let you understand the differences and of every note.

  • It is a four-stringed instrument with G-C-E-A tuning.
  • The instrument is a mixture of Ukulele and banjo.
  • Weighs only 2.5 lbs.

8. Washburn Banjo

Washburn Banjo - Cheap Banjos

Product Description: The Washburn brand itself is reputed for creating quality musical instruments. So, you can depend on the quality of the device that comes in below $300.

Design and Quality: This instrument has been designed for beginners. It creates bright and clear sounds that will clear the learner’s concept about the sound difference. It has a flat head that offers comfortability while playing.

  • Comfortable to play due to Chrome armrest
  • Comes with aluminum rim and Mahogany resonator
  • Weighs 9 pounds.

7. Rogue Learn Banjo

Rogue Learn Banjo - Cheap Banjos

Product Description: This banjo contains almost everything that you’ll need to learn a banjo. Along with the banjo, there is a banjo case, a booklet along with a chord-book. That is almost all the items you’ll need to get started. Overall, this cheap banjo might look too cheaper than usual with all those additional products.

Design and Quality: It’s a great banjo for starters. With the satin finish, you can play it easily and comfortably.

  • It has 18 brackets
  • The device has an open back along with the satin finish
  • Sturdy build-quality and classy design.

6. Kmise UV10406BL Banjo

Kmise UV10406BL Banjo - Cheap Banjos

Product Description: This quite affordable cheap banjo comes with some accessories that you’d love to have. It has an additional banjo case and one digital tuner.

Design and Quality: The simple design, Aquila strings from Italy, and rosewood fingerboard gives it a classic look. The body is made with Sapele wood and it has a closed-design back.

  • It is a four-stringed banjo with G-C-E-A tuning.
  • Kmise’s drum head is made out of polyester.
  • It doesn’t need a hard press for playing tunes which is great for beginners.

5. Rover RB-20 Banjo

Rover RB-20 Banjo - Cheap Banjos

Product Description: The vintage design is something that would make your eyes locked on it and think twice before choosing any other cheap banjos.

Design and Quality: Mahogany neck and Rosewood fingerboard create a perfect blend for smoothness and gorgeous look.

  • It has 11” rim that is made with composite material.
  • Rover banjo has 24 Flat hooks.
  • Adjustable Neck’s truss rod.
  • It comes with an armrest.
  • It has 5 strings and can be tuned to use as a guitar.

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4. Pyle Geared Banjo

Pyle Geared Banjo - Cheap Banjos

Product Description: It’s rare to get a similar banjo in such a price range. The instrument is much more than great and it is loved by a lot of the customers.

Design and Quality: The outlook is more like a traditional one. But the sounds are classical and quite suitable for folk and country music.

  • The neck is created with mahogany wood, fingerboard with rosewood, and bridge with maple wood.
  • It has 5 strings and bears the signature design of the 20th century.
  • Lightweight and highly portable.

3. Gold-Tone AC-1

Gold-Tone AC-1 - Cheap Banjos

Product Description: If you are looking for a quality product, you can look towards Gold Tone. Gold-tone is created and checked in Florida. It assures that you don’t get the problems that come with other cheap banjos.

Design and Quality: The banjo is made of Acoustic Composite which is lightweight and efficient than wood. It doesn’t have intonation, playability, and action issues.

  • Lightweight and comes at a cheaper price.
  • Doesn’t have the majority of the problems from a regular banjo.
  • Quieter and has lower punchy tones.

2. Resonator 6 String Banjo

Resonator 6 String Banjo - Cheap Banjos

Product Description: It is specially designed for those who can play guitar. So, if you play guitar and are thinking about trying out the banjo, this is your ideal choice.

Design and Quality: This banjo can be played by every category of players and this cheap banjo doesn’t look cheap from its outlook or sound quality.

  • It plays and tunes like a guitar but sounds like Banjo.
  • It has 24 brackets.
  • It’s made from Mahogany wood.

1.  Jameson Guitars’ Banjo

Jameson Guitars’ Banjo - Cheap Banjos

Product Description: Jameson Guitars has surely created some great designs at cheaper prices. It is a full-size banjo that can be enjoyed by both beginners and professionals.

Design and Quality: It is easy to tune and offers a variety of sounds. So, it can be played with a versatile genre of music. It has a simple yet elegant look.

  • Comes with a 5-geared tuner.
  • It uses 24 brackets and an enclosed back.
  • The resonator is made of Mahogany wood.
  • The body is made of maple wood.

Banjos are great for your indoor or outdoor performance. Whether you are a starter or a stage performer, there are several types of banjos that we have listed and you need to choose based on the genre you would love to play. You can easily choose from these cheap banjos and enjoy playing with your musical instrument.

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