Best Cheap Acoustic Guitars Review In 2022

Best Cheap Acoustic Guitars Review In 2022
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Gone are the days when famous guitar brands like Taylor, Martin, or Ibanez were way out of general people’s financial reach. Now they produce cheaper guitars too, ensuring the same craftsmanship and quality. But if you’re planning to go for a cheap acoustic guitar, these brand names shouldn’t be your only criterion for choosing your preferred guitar.

Some exceptionally well-built guitars come from relatively lesser-known companies. For starters, you need to figure out three criteria first. One, you need to know what body shape you prefer, which one will make you comfortable. Two, you should check whether you want a simple acoustic guitar or an electro-acoustic one. Three, the construction of the guitar should also be taken into consideration. Time for you to meet our top ten picks:

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Best Cheap Acoustic Guitars Review In 2022

10. Gretsch G5900 

Gretsch G5900 - Acoustic Guitars

Product Description: This here is a simple acoustic keyboard with a very unique design and a retro outlook. Fear not, it’s not all about the looks; the tune it provides is first-class as well!

Design and Quality: With a mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard, and a dreadnought body, this guitar is sure to last long.

  • The design is very vintage, 1930-ish
  • Is available for both left and right-handers
  • Not a very versatile guitar

9. Yamaha Storia II 

 - Acoustic Guitars

Product Description: This cheap acoustic guitar is revolutionary when it comes to construction materials and designs. Instead of the usual Mahogany neck, we have Walnut here. Instead of the typical colors, we have champagne gold and brass. Overall, this is surely a decent choice for any users!

Design and Quality: This here has a walnut fretboard and neck alongside a champagne-gold tuner.

  • Very contemporary and revolutionary outlook
  • Has the very good tonal response
  • The piezo doesn’t have any tonal controls

8. Ibanez PF15ECE 

Ibanez PF15ECE - Acoustic Guitars

Product Description: If you prefer a decent electric-acoustic guitar within an affordable range, you might settle for this one. Ibanez products are always oozing with craftsmanship, this one here is no different. The design gives you a classic feel.

Design and Quality: This dreadnought guitar has a rosewood fretboard and mahogany back.

  • An onboard tuner is provided alongside the guitar
  • Produces a punchy, strong tone
  • Relatively short scale length for user comfort

7. Washburn S24S 

Washburn S24S - Acoustic Guitars

Product Description: Washburn finally tried their hands on Studio-shaped guitars, and it’s safe to say they have hit bull’s eye with this attempt. These guitars are well-made, produce an amazing sound, and most importantly- can be as comfortable as it gets.

Design and Quality: Mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, and a solid spruce top make this studio guitar a durable option.

  • Well balanced and livid tunes
  • Very durable product with an excellent finish
  • The hardware is premium and durable

6. Taylor GS Mini 

Taylor GS Min - Acoustic Guitars

Product Description: Time to introduce you to a travel guitar. Yes, it’s small and compact, but make no mistake, this compact gimmick isn’t for nothing. This guitar has its own set of tunes, and they’re pretty mesmerizing to your ears.

Design and Quality: This cheap acoustic guitar has a Sapele neck, ebony fingerboard, and a Sitka spruce top.

  • Very well-built and durable guitar
  • Has a long-range of accessories, ideal for traveling
  • Quite appealing sounds, although some would prefer nylon strings

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5. Fender FA-235E

Fender FA-235E - - Acoustic Guitars

Product Description: With less than $300 you are getting an electro-acoustic gig-playable guitar, what more would you want from a budget guitar? The amazing features don’t end here, though; the stylish design is unique and can be compared to only the best from this list.

Design and Quality: It has a nato neck, laminated flame maple top, and a gloss urethane finish.

  • Has an onboard Fishman electronics with a two-band EQ
  • Visually stunning looks
  • Full-laminated electro-acoustic guitar

4. Martin LX1E 

Martin LX1E - Acoustic Guitars

Product Description: Conventional Sound, Pushy voice, American fingerstyle – this little genius is so good that even the likes of Ed Sheeran favor it. This user-friendly acoustic guitar is born to play in gigs, and the plugin sounds are top-notch as well.

Design and Quality: This one has a strata bound neck, laminated back and sides, and a richlite fingerboard.

  • Very solid construction and exotic finish
  • Electro-performance is quite impressive
  • May not sound as wide as the other top choices

3. Art & Lutherie 

Art & Lutherie - Acoustic Guitars

Product Description: This here is a rebel guitar. Be it the bourbon burst or Tennessee red color or the sound it produces, it surely is a very interesting take on acoustic guitars. The brand is quite unknown, although you probably have heard of its main brand, Godin’s name. The guitar is quite user-friendly as well.

Design and Quality: This parlor guitar has a maple neck, wild cherry back, and rosewood fretboard.

  • Good choice for playing blues music
  • Exceptional level of playability
  • Rebel design that comes with a free gig-bag

2. Alvarez AD60 

Alvarez AD60 - Acoustic Guitars

Product Description: Authoritative and strong sounds, excellent hardware, sturdy building- getting this guitar at such a low price isn’t just a bargain, it’s a steal. The beautiful spruce-top is solid and durable, so is the whole guitar.

Design and Quality: This cheap acoustic guitar has a mahogany neck and a Pau Ferro fretboard.

  • A very well-balanced tune with maximum clarity
  • The construction is solid and durable
  • Has quite decent hardware as well

1. Epiphone EJ-200SCE

Epiphone EJ-200SCE ( - Acoustic Guitars

Product Description: Epiphone guitars are always stylish and classy, so we won’t even go for that. Instead, we’ll simply describe why it’s the number one. Simple, because it has an extraordinary sound, it is the most user-friendly guitar ever, and has a shadow pickup system to die for.

Design and Quality: It has a hard maple neck, maple back, and Pau Ferro fretboard.

  • A very elegant looking Jumbo guitar with great tone
  • The shadow pickup (dual) system alongside preamp works amazingly well
  • Nearly flawless performance with excellent playability.

Acoustic guitars are great for learning the basics of guitar. But if you fail to choose a quality guitar at the very beginning, your musical journey might come to a premature end. So, be careful about your preferences before buying one of these cheap acoustic guitars. Happy shopping!

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