Buying guide: Headphones to Wear with Glasses

Headphones to Wear with Glasses
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Buying guide: Headphones to Wear with Glasses

Those of us who wear glasses have to face many problems in our regular life. For example, wearing face masks (glasses get blurry), wearing shades(cannot see far), and also wearing headphones.

Wearing headphones with glasses can prove very painful if you are not careful enough. But with careful selection, you can easily discover some great headphones that are comfortable to wear with glasses. So please look at our buying guide for headphones to wear with glasses.

It would be best if you considered some factors to get your hands on the most comfortable headphones to wear with glasses, like over-ear or on-ear, earpad material, headband, the weight of the headphone, and breathability. You can also consider your glasses frame since you will be wearing headphones with glasses.

Headphones to Wear with Glasses

Over-ear or On-ear headphones

The first thing that you should consider is the type of headphones. There are two types. Over-ear, and On-ear.

If you are talking about headphones with glasses, then the on-ear headphones can be the best choice since they won’t get in the way of your glasses. But over-ear headphones will be the better choice if you want to enjoy a more surrounded sound experience. But over-ear headphones may cause some discomfort. However, by considering the other factors, it is possible to reduce the inconvenience of wearing over-ear headphones with glasses.

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Earpad material

The materials used in the earpads play a significant role in your comfort. Since we are talking about wearing headphones with glasses, the earpad materials should stay your top priority.

Our recommendation is to look for headphones with pliable and super soft padding. They will fit well with the glasses frame and cause no pain.

You may think of choosing synthetic leather or fabric for the ear pad materials, but they will cause discomfort with their rigidness.

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The Breathability of the Earcups

Whether you are wearing glasses or not, you should consider the breathability of the over-ear headphone. Consider the Apple AirPods Max. It features a mesh, breathable earpad. On the other hand, Leather is not breathable. It can heat your ears in continuous use. And result in significant discomfort.

But if you choose breathable fabric and mesh materials, they will keep your ears cool. However, this may cause a sound quality downfall for the headphones. S keep that in mind and decide carefully.


A too-tight headband can cause serious pressure on your ears. Moreover, the frame and the pressure from the headband can cause disturbing pain near your ears. We recommend you get a headband with a firm, but not too tight, grip.

Also, consider buying headphones with an adjustable headband for a personalized fit.


Lastly, consider the weight of the headphone. It should be lightweight so that you can wear it for a more extended period. A heavy headphone can take a toll on your neck and cause pain.


In addition to all these factors, do consider the headphone price. It should be on your budget. However, do not buy cheap headphones. Buy the ones with reasonable pricing.


So that marks the end of our buying guide for headphones with glasses. Make sure that the headphone you are purchasing fit comfortably on you while wearing your glasses, and be sure to check for a warranty.

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