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Best Broadcast Headphones Review In 2022
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If you want to build your professional broadcasting station and setting up your studio, then you will need a good pair of broadcast headphones. After thoroughly testing, we have listed the top ten best broadcast headphones out there. We have made this review focusing on comfort, sound quality, and pricing.

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1. Shure BRH440M 

Shure BRH440M-XLR 

Product Description: This is designed for broadcasting software. They deliver natural and intelligible vocal reproduction.

Design and Quality: This comes with an adjustable headband with soft cushioned pad for comfort. This is a circumaural dual-ear headset with a dynamic boom- microphone.

  • Flip-up mute function
  • Boom Microphone
  • Comfortable.

2. Audio Technica BPHS1

Audio Technica BPHS1

Product Description: These headphones are built for on-air broadcasting, interviews, and announcing. The closed-back earcups amazingly seal out the background noise.

Design and Quality: This comes with a polar patterned microphone with neodymium magnets. This is designed with user-replaceable cable and ear pads.

  • Closed-back
  • Boom-mounted microphone
  • Adjustable headband.

3. Audio Technica ATH-M30X

Audio Technica ATH-M30x Headphones

Product Description: These are the professional monitoring headphone, which is great for DJ use and also for home use. Moreover, they are very balanced headphones for broadcasting and professional workplace. This is the second generation of M series from Audio Technica.

Design and Quality: These headphones are an incredible value especially at this price point. When you first put this on your head, you will notice that the headband and the ear cups are not too campy on the head. There is some compression so you get that nice sound isolation.

  • Portable
  • Advanced build quality
  • 40 mm drivers
  • Excellent mid-range definition.

4. Sony MDR 7506

Sony MDR7506 - broadcast headphones

Product Description: These headphones are industry standards and that is not because of the build quality. Mainly, it is because of the sound that these 40mm drivers pump out.

Design and Quality: These headphones are made almost entirely of plastic which means they are super lightweight but also the most durable pair of cans you will ever own. They come with the soft carrying case for extra protection. They also fold down nicely by pushing the ear cups up.

  • Neodymium magnets
  • Wired connectivity technology
  • Closed ear design.

5. Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro - broadcast headphones

Product Description: The clearest closed-back headphones in a budget you will ever own. You will immediately be sucked in the clarity of this. When you will encounter the natural and clean sound, you will get the difference.

Design and Quality: This is a German-made headphone and it is built pretty strongly. You need not pay that much to get such durable pieces of headphones. It is quite worth a build of the price. The external side of the ear cup is made of plastic with marble kind of finish. The headband is made of metal as usual as other Beyerdynamic models.

  • Spring steel headband
  • Soft and comfortable head pad
  • Parts are replaceable
  • Closed-back.

6. Audio Technica ATH-M50X

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x - broadcast headphones

Product Description: The highest-rated pairs of headphones with a classy look and balanced sound quality out there.

Design and Quality: These headphones have awesome build quality and super flexible and portable design. The box comes with the three cables that the reason for the higher price.

  • Large-aperture drivers
  • Exceptional clarity
  • 90-degree swiveling ear cups
  • Detachable cable.

7. V-MODA Crossfade M-100

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 - broadcast headphones

Product Description: These headphones are created to strike a balance between audiophiles obsessed with sound quality and casual listeners who enjoy music at a higher level. These are noise-isolating headphones.

Design and Quality: The construction of them is bulletproof and perfect for everyday wear and tear. This comes in a neat little compact hardshell case. The headphones are collapsible and made of matte black metal.

  • Carrying case
  • Clean deep bass
  • Solid construction
  • Wired.

8. Blue Mix-Fi

Blue Mix-Fi - broadcast headphones

Product Description: These are not the average-looking or sounding headphones. Blue has launched mechanically parallel headphones that are not following the features of traditional headphones.

Design and Quality: This comes in a large bag along with a short cable, a long cable, a micro USB cable, a charging adapter, a two-prong aeroplane connector and a 3.5 quarter-inch adapter. The headband is not like the traditional rounded headband design which is best for glasses wearers.

  • 12 hours of battery life
  • User-adjustable
  • High powered audiophile amplifier
  • Responsive dynamic drivers.

9. Beats Studio 3 Wireless 

Beats Studio Wireless - broadcast headphones

Product Description: These is the most fashionable wireless headphones out there. If you want to look trendy with a balanced sound quality then grab this one.

Design and Quality: This comes in a carrying case which is classic hardshell material with the Beats logo on it. The headband is stretchable and adjustable to fit any size of the head. On the top of the ear cups, there is a touchable controller switch.

  • Good quality
  • 22 hours of battery life
  • Active Noise Reproduction.

10. AKG K702

AKG K702 Headphones - broadcast headphones

Product Description: This brand already has a great reputation. These headphones are not cheap and they are a very simple straightforward pair of open-back headphones.

Design and Quality: This is one of the most comfortable headphones for the design. You can wear them for hours. The cups are big and completely around your ear and the foam on the inside is super soft and does not get sweaty like leathers.

  • Genuine leather headband
  • Neodymium magnets
  • Open back
  • 3D ear pads.

A good pair of headphones is essential for on-air broadcasting. So the mentioned list of best broadcast headphones will help you to find out the suitable one according to your needs and budget.

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