Bose Wave SoundTech Music System IV

Bose Wave SoundTech Music System IV
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Bose Wave SoundTech Music System IV

Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV

When it comes to Bose sound systems, you know that you’ll get the best quality from it. Whether it is headphones or speakers, you can always expect grade audio reproduction from Bose. Even if it means paying a premium price, the audio devices that Bose puts out in the market are worth every penny; and the Bose Wave SoundTech Music System IV is no exception.

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Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV

We all love listening to music, and we are listening to music most of the time. When we are working or relaxing or just to fill up the silent background, we are listening to music. To enjoy the magic of these harmonic masterpieces, we must invest in good technologies that can reproduce excellent audio quality. Bose is one of those industry giants that provide us with such audio technology; after all, they were the first to bring audio noise cancellation in a headphone.

When it comes to spending time with our family and loved one, we often like to watch movies and listen to music with them, maybe even dance to music with them. For this purpose, one requires to have a home stereo sound system.

Nowadays, the most stereo sound system usually means a 2:1 setup. This means that there will be two speakers and a subwoofer. However, great such setup maybe, putting together such a system requires space. And often, one has to give up the minimal aesthetics of the décor.

Design and Quality

Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV

If you don’t want to lose either space or the minimal aesthetic of your décor, then the Bose Wave SoundTech Music System IV is perfect for you. Not because the sound system comes with slender and black setup, because the entire sound system is one unit. Yes, through this single sound system unit Bose promises to deliver better audio reproduction than most other sound systems available today. And they do so; the Bose Wave SoundTech Music System IV sounds better than any other stereo sound system you can get. The Bose Wave SoundTech Music System IV, being a single unit stereo sound system, is almost portable. This means that it’s small enough that you can easily shift the sound system to different rooms, but not portable as a pocket speaker.

Just like your minimal décor, the Bose Wave SoundTech Music System IV comes with a minimal, modern, and sleek design. The design is so good that it will effortlessly suit any room’s décor. Unlike other music systems with the front or top cluttered up with buttons, the Bose Wave SoundTech Music System IV comes with a clean look with no buttons on the front. In the front, you will find the LCD panel, a CD player, and the two speakers through which the fantastic sound fires.

So how do you turn the system on? Well, if you have snoozed an alarm clock before or used a smartphone, it will be elementary for you. As the name suggests, SoundTouch, the music system, has a touch panel at the top center of it. With the tap or touch on that spot, the music system will turn on.

What’s better is that you can use this music system as your alarm clock, not just once but twice a day. For the couple with offices at different times, this is a perfect way to use a music system as your alarm clock.

For what will ring when the alarm goes off, you can either choose to play something from an input source or play music from your favorite music streaming site, like Spotify.

Connecting the Bose Wave SoundTech Music System IV to a streaming site is quite easy. Load up the SoundTouch app on your phone, and you can select what will play for each alarm. Without your smartphone, you can also set this up using the remote control that comes with it.


Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV

There isn’t a shortage of ways you can connect to the Bose Wave SoundTech Music System IV and play your music. If you still have some music CD’s laying around in 2021, you can play them through the CD player.

Onto more digital inputs, you can play music from your phone or any other devices through the music system with Bluetooth. This is an efficient solution if you want to go completely wireless.

On the other hand, let’s say, your television doesn’t have Bluetooth, you still don’t have to worry. On the back of the music system, you will find an aux port and a USB port. So you can enjoy your music through wired methods, and if you don’t connect it with your television, you can use a USB stick to enjoy your tunes.

Besides the CD player, you can use the Bose Wave SoundTech to enjoy listening to the radio. Furthermore, you can stream music via the music system using a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection.

If you want to enjoy listening to music through the music system by yourself, you can do that too with the headphone jack in the back of the system. You can enjoy music through the system in all the way you can imagine. Moreover, the input ports are tucked away in the back of the system, so the front looks clean and gorgeous.

Sound Quality

Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV

As mentioned before, you can enjoy superior music quality with Bose devices. The sound coming from the music system is well-defined and loud. And if you’re a basshead, this music system with impressing you with the meaty bass it reproduces.

The mids and highs of the Bose Wave SoundTech Music System IV are well balanced. Furthermore, the music system truly shines when it comes to details. The detail in the audio reproduction is stellar.

With the Bose Wave speaker technology even at a higher volume, you will find crisp audio, room-filling sound, and zero distortion. With the music system, you’re sure to get lost in world immersive audio reproduction.

In conclusion, the Bose Wave SoundTech Music System IV is a one-in-all music system that will deliver exceptional value against each penny you spend behind it. Hope our review of this great device will be of help to you!

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