Best Bose Portable PA and Loudspeaker Systems

Best Bose Portable PA and Loudspeaker Systems
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When it comes to Bose speakers, we generally nod our head in silence and acknowledge the fact that these amazing creations produce, if not the best, one of the best possible sounds. So it’s only natural if as a buyer you wish to go for none but a Bose product. The Bose portable PA systems and loudspeaker systems are such work of art that, despite the price, you would not hesitate to select from them.

Bose has three general models of Portable PA systems and loudspeaker systems. The F1, L1, and S1 are the most notable kinds. Of the three basic types, different products are differing from the type of bass and wireless features. Taking all the pointers into account, here is the list of the best Bose speakers!


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Best Bose Portable PA and Loudspeaker Systems

9. Bose L1 1S System/B1 Bass

Bose L1 Model 1S

Product Description: Imagine you have a difficult task at hand. You need to have a PA system that is not heavy, but it has to provide heavy sound for a good number of audiences. What do you do? You go for this device. This is a unique mixture of portability and powerful performance.

Design and Quality: A-line array of 12 speakers ensures a sound coverage of 180-degree horizontal.

  • Interconnecting pieces of the system make sure the setup is easy
  • Can cover up to 300 people as audiences
  • A controlled tonal balance with this one.

8. Bose F1 Model 812 Passive

Bose F1 Powered Subwoofer and F1

Product Description: Without a shadow of a doubt, the flexible array is the best feature of this loudspeaker. The sound that it produces is a class apart, but the flexible array makes sure you can fully control the cover pattern which is vertical in general.

Design and Quality: The loudspeaker contains a total of 8 drivers that are vertically mounted.

  • This one has a very high-end woofer
  • Doesn’t need any subwoofers
  • It comes with a peak SPL of 125 dB for sound reinforcement.

7. Bose L1 1S System/B2 Bass

Bose L1 Compact

Product Description: This one is quite similar to the one before, the 1S system with B1 bass. The main difference between these two is the bass, which is B2 bass.

Design and Quality: A vertical configuration system ensures the 180-degree coverage of this PA system.

  • This device is relatively lightweight and portable enough
  • The B2 bass can provide low-frequency outputs for better bass sound
  • This one is so flexible that it has both high and low settings.

6. Bose L1 II System/B1 Bass

Bose L1 II System/B1 Bass

Product Description: This may have similar names like the L1 system, but trust me on this, it is much better than them. The L1 II comes with 24 speakers, making sure it can cover more people.

Design and Quality: A device that features the articulated array technology for a decent tonal balance. They also provide carrying bags with their product.

  • Surprisingly lightweight, you can carry it easily
  • Has the flexibility to add multiple channels
  • The 24 mounted drivers are angled in the right position to cover a horizontal 180 degrees.

5. Bose L1 Compact

Bose L1 Compact

Product Description: Well, you don’t always look for mega-sized portable pa systems, right? You might just want to buy one for yourself, for smaller occasions like a friend’s reunion or a grand family picnic- and in that case, this can be a decent pick for you.

Design and Quality: A durable and very lightweight device that has easy-to-use components.

  • A ‘Spatial Dispersion’ technology used here to provide maximum sound
  • The sound can remain consistent in all possible areas around this loudspeaker
  • Excellent positioning of the device ensured.

4. Bose L1 Compact Wireless

Bose L1 Compact Wireless Package

Product Description: A device that has the term ‘mobile’ written all over it. This is the same as the L1 compact one, but it’s more portable because of the wireless technology.

Design and Quality: It’s a lightweight device that can fit in small and smaller places.

  • Doesn’t require any speaker cables
  • It has a relatively smaller array, but can do horizontal sound coverage just as well.

3. Bose L1 II System/B2 Bass

Bose L1 Model II System With Dual B1

Product Description: This is quite similar to the L1 II system with B1 bass, but just like the L1 1S series, the B2 bass makes a whole lot of difference here too.

Design and Quality: The construction of this device is a sturdy one and they provide separate carrying bags for each of the instruments.

  • A very lightweight PA system with fully flexible bass
  • If you have an amplifier like PackLite power, you can add another B2 bass
  • The retractable legs can provide very good stability

2. Bose F1 PA Package

Bose F1 Powered Subwoofer and F1 Model

Product Description: If you want to go big, then this is your gig. Jokes apart, it is kind of the epitome of the word ‘Powerful’, because the two array loudspeakers and two subwoofers of 1000-watt make sure the sound reaches even the furthest corner of the audience!

Design and Quality: The waveguide of 100 degrees makes sure good audience coverage is maintained.

  • A quite easy setup procedure
  • Provides powerful sound, can support a mid-sized crowd of audience
  • The low-frequency overlaps are modified by this device.

1. Bose S1 Pro

 Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth Speaker System

Product Description: This is a surprise entry at the top. Perhaps the smallest of sizes, this is an incredibly well-made device that covers your basic needs with ease. The multi-position and multi-purpose PA system is something to look at!

Design and Quality: The device is very lightweight and relatively cheaper.

  • Can be used as an amp or wedge monitor if not used as a PA system
  • Simple plug and play setup system
  • It can be mounted and tilted in multiple positions.

So this was our list for the best Bose portable PA systems and loudspeaker systems. Do make sure what kind of audience will be listening to the sound before heading out to the market. Happy shopping!


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