Bose 301 Series V | Quality Sound System

Bose 301 Series V
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 Bose 301 Series V | Quality Sound System

Bose 301 Series V


Bose is an entity that is synonymous with the industry of audio systems and equipment. The American company has been producing sound systems and devices of all variations, shapes, and sizes for almost a good 60 years. While they may offer a limited range of products in comparison to other audio manufacturing competitors, they have successfully managed to solidify their reputation as a premium brand that retains high-end quality audio products and produce a signature sound. Amongst an assortment of their home audio devices, the Bose 301 series V is their modern take on enhancing what we traditionally identify as a classical bookshelf stereo speaker.

Design and Quality

The speakers are designed in a unique manner which ensures that there exists not one particular sweet spot; meaning it offers a wide range of audio dispersion from angled sound drivers situated on the front, and back of both loudspeaker boxes. The very first thing that Bose distinctly points out in their manual, is how these speakers are not of the conventional type.

Additionally, they even provide a detailed diagram of the where and how to perfectly position the device within your room or an enclosed space. If you should choose to buy these speakers, it is highly recommended that you read this section of the manual for the best possible outcome of your sound experience. When assembled and arranged properly, it should provide little to no disparity in the sound quality across the entire room. Each speaker has a dimension of 20cm x 35 cm x 22 cm, weighing 5kgs each, and making sure they do not take away too much space on your bookshelf.

The exterior design is in keeping with Bose’s trademark sleek look, predominantly black with a dash of silver. Each speaker has two silver-colored, 5 cm, highly sensitive tweeters along with a black grilled woofer of 20 cm. The build consists of polymer and vinyl veneer over wooden construction which provides the feeling of a fragile and substandard quality, and hence one should handle them with a touch of caution.


The Bose 301 Series V system delivers an immensely clear sound, with crisp acoustics and providing a wide range of dispersion. In most other speakers, where you usually would have to place them at a certain angle and sit at a certain spot to get the best sound quality; the series V only needs to be placed facing you, with the enjoyable vicinity being the perimeters of your entire room.

It offers quality mids and highs, which is what Bose always strives for; clarity of the highest echelon. Perfect for watching movies and videos, the sound is easy on the ears, without making one feel overwhelmed; therefore it is also ideal for background music while you work out, study, or even set the mood when you’re with your loved one. It is best to pair these speakers with a high-quality amplifier for optimal auditory experience as the built-in Pyle amplifiers are not paramount. All these, none the less, come with their drawbacks. The wide range of dispersion fabricates a lack of definition in the sound.

A deficiency of impact from the generated audio draws upon the more seasoned audiophiles who crave for more details and a dynamic range. It’s an attribute which nonetheless gives Bose its’ unique sound. It is by design that the company makes its speakers like these, catering to a more unique customer base. By clipping the bass, the company ensures that there is no distortion in their sound, ultimately fulfilling their agenda of creating a joyous listening experience for an extensive range of users.

Specifications and Features

  • Direct/Reflecting speaker technology
  • Stereo Targeting Tweeters
  • Tuned Port enclosure
  • Syncom computer quality control
  • One 8-inch (20 cm) woofer. Two 2-inch (5 cm) high-sensitivity tweeters
  • Compatible with amplifiers and receivers rated from 10 to 150 watts per channel
  • 9 3⁄4″H x 14 1⁄4″W x 9 3⁄4″D (25 cm x 36 cm x 25 cm)
  • Each speaker, unpacked: 12.5 lb (5.7 kg)
  • Speaker pair in shipping carton: 28.7 lb (13 kg)

Our Verdict

Bose 301 Series V

In our opinion, we feel that the Bose 301 series V is a good stereo sound system at a reasonably moderate price. Valuing at only $328, it gives great value for money. The soundstage is wide-ranging, which can be extremely enjoyable as well as highly efficient for parties and larger gatherings. Depending entirely on user preference, if you are looking for a stereo system that can provide you with a holistic sound over a generous space and complex environment; this is the audio system for you.

The system is however not recommended for people who love bass, are into producing sounds and music, or simply prioritize or desire some levels of intensity in their listening experience. If you find yourself falling into any of these spectrums, then you should steer clear of these speakers. The stereo speaker system comes with excellent endorsements and commendations for restaurants, coffee shops, and halls; where music is often relegated to the background, allowing people to focus on each other without being overshadowed by the sound. Bose 301 Series V Direct/Reflecting speakers are covered by a limited transferable warranty.

Details of the coverage are provided on the warranty card that came with your speakers. Please fill out the information section on your card, detach, and mail to Bose. One should, never the less, take note of the poor build quality into account before making this investment; as the frail and hollow wooden construction gives off a distinct feel of the product being far from premium. On a more personal note, it provides crystal clear audio which is often a problem for speakers at this range.

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If you love podcasts, movies, and TV shows with preferences on having a good audio experience; then the Bose 301 series V is a great choice for you.

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