Best Bongo Drums Review In 2022

Best Bongo Drums Review In 2022
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With the essence of West Africa and Cuba, Bongo drums have existed for a very long time. Following the tradition of its ancestors, Bongos mainly focus on syncopation and offbeat. So, if you are more into pop, dance, funk, then you should have gratitude to the Afro-Cuban polyrhythms that created bongo. Before anyone confuses bongo with conga or drums, the bongo is a connected set of two drums and smaller in size. You can feel the higher-pitched sounds due to the smaller radius. As learning Bongo is quite easy, you can easily shift to the top ones. So, why not buy a top-class one at the beginning? We have handpicked some of the top bongo drums within a decent budget over here.

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Best Bongo Drums Review In 2022

10. Remo Rhythm Bongo

Remo Rhythm Bongo- Bongo Drums

Product Description: This set of bongo belongs to some of the cheapest bongos in the market. It is mainly targeted for kids and younger ones. They’re lightweight, affordable, and colorful.

Design and Quality: Considering it as a children’s bongo, kids love its performance. Their colorful texture is praiseworthy and they also sound great.

  • The heads are made with synthetic fiber to prevent natural fluctuation.
  • The heads are adjusted for ensuring maximum sound.

9. Toca Synergy Toca Synergy - Bongo Drums

Product Description: If you are a beginner and looking for something fair-priced, you can consider this. It comes with color choice options. The body is made with plywood.

Design and Quality: The drum size is close to the kids’ drums set. If you can play properly, you can bring out some magical tones from it.

  • They are colorful and sleek.
  • The plywood doesn’t give proper resonance.

8. Djembe Bongo DrumDjembe Bongo Drum - Bongo Drums

Product Description: Djembe bongo drums can be called native African bongos. They have been holding the heritage of African bongos for over thirty-five years. They offer some good build quality within affordable prices.

Design and Quality: The shells are made with Siam oak. The sounds are authentic. They bring in shriller and thinner sound compared to other American bongo drums.

  • The top has been made with goatskin for authentic sound.
  • The whole drum set is handcrafted.

7. Meinl Percussion JourneyMeinl Percussion Journey - Bongo Drums

Product Description: This budget-friendly model comes with ABS plastic body and buffalo drumheads. The sound of this device is great for bongos of this price range.

Design and Quality: The Meinl Journey series model is available in only a matte black version. Their sound quality is comparatively better. But it is not great for large scale performance.

  • The hardware is coated with black powder.
  • Rims are rounded which makes playing comfortable.

6. Meinl Percussion

Meinl Percussion - Bongo Drums

Product Description: It is also another mid-budget ranged bongo. Meinl is well known for advanced musical instruments. Their bongo has been included in many top-bongo lists.

Design and Quality: Meinl has gained attention because of its vintage sunburst outlook along with the buffalo drumheads. They are great for personal practice or small shows.

  • The drumheads are 8” and 6.75”.
  • Tuning wrenches come along with the bongo.

5. LP Aspire LP Aspire - Bongo Drums

Product Description: This is one of the best bongos in the mid-range price. It is more about nice looks and aesthetic crafting. LP Aspire series bongos don’t only look good but also sound great.

Design and Quality:  LP Aspire series bongo comes with a great finish and aesthetic outlook. They are made with Siam oak. Anyhow, the drum heads could be bigger if we consider the price.

  • They have larger resonance.
  • The package contains tuning wrench.

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4. GP B2

GP B2 - Bongo Drums

Product Description: It is a fair-priced bongo with soft sound outputs. It is useful for folk songs. They are a bit larger than the cheaper ones. But, you might not be satisfied with the sound quality.

Design and Quality: The heads are 7” and 6”. The shells are made with hickory while the heads are made with natural rawhide. If you are looking for great sound quality, we would suggest you go a bit higher on budget and look for other models.

  • It comes with tuning wrenches.
  • It is good enough for outdoor activities and camping.

3. Pearl Elite Bongo Drums

Pearl Elite Bongo Drums - Bongo Drums

Product Description: Pearl is a well-known name for drum sets and percussions. Their bongo also holds its brand name high. This can be your fully professional set for recording and outdoor performance. Anyhow, the price is higher than many other bongos out there.

Design and Quality: The outlook is quite elegant. It might be not flashy like the LP Galaxy, but you can feel the elegancy with the texture. The sound quality is great and it offers more bass than regular bongos.

  • Tuning is easy as the wrench comes along with the package.
  • The shells are made with aged oak.

2. LP Matador LP Matador - Bongo Drums

Product Description: If you are looking for bigger bongos, then you can check out LP Matador. They are a great choice for intermediate and professional players.

Design and quality: The projection of this bongo appreciable. It’s been made with Siam oak. The outlook is quite moderate considering the price range.

  • The shells are made with Siam oak.
  • The tuning plate is 5.16” in diameter.

1. LP Galaxy

LP Galaxy - Bongo Drums

Product Description: With chrome and gold finish, this is an eye-catching set that will grab your attention from far away. It is built with North American high-quality materials. If you think the outlook is major, cash will come and go, this is your bongo drum set.

Design and Quality: The flashy outlook comes with great sound. It is made with natural drumheads and kiln-dried wood. The size could have been bigger considering the price.

  • It comes with a natural finish.
  • The North-American shells are made with high-quality materials.
  • The macho head is 7.25” and hembra is 8.625”.

To sum up, you have to choose your bongo based on your taste and budget. Meinl Percussion and LP matador can be considered best for the starters. But, others also come with specific qualities. You can choose your own determining your purpose. Enjoy hitting on your bongo drums in the next bonfires and campfires.

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