Best Surround Sound Headphones Review in 2022

Best Surround Sound Headphones Review in 2022
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Surround sound drastically alters the auditory experience. If you want to use your headphones to enjoy this feature, this post is for you. Prepare to easily navigate the top surround sound headphones list of 2022 for an entirely immersive experience. Let’s get going!

Do Surround Sound Headphones Outperform Regular Headphones?

The majority of surround sound headphones available today feature virtual surround sound. Five drivers and an additional bass driver make up this feature, reproducing sound from all angles.

To elevate your listening experience, surround sound headphones are excellent. Of fact, all stylish headphones provide high-quality audio, but when compared this, none of them can compete. Whether you’re playing video games or listening to your favourite music, investing in surround headphones is a good idea.

Utilizing it also has the added advantage of offering noise cancellation, which will allow you to immerse yourself in the audio fully.

Best Headphones for Surround Sound in 2022

Now that you know the benefits of surround sound headphones, it is time to become acquainted with some of the top models available.

JBL Quantum One (ASIN B085R7TPCR)

JBL Quantum One (ASIN B085R7TPCR)

Product link: Click here

The company’s main headphone is the JBL Quantum One. It is undoubtedly one of the best sets of headphones available right now for surround sound. In addition to this capability, it has noise cancellation and the DTS Headphone technology, which takes the listening experience to a new level.


  • Offers USB connectivity
  • Supports multiple surround formats
  • Includes microphone calibration

SteelSeries Arctis 7+ (ASIN B07FZVXS8H)

SteelSeries Arctis 7+ (ASIN B07FZVXS8H)

Product link: Click here

The Arctis 7+ provides the best 7.1 sound surround experience you can currently enjoy while being more expensive. You can use this smartphone for a long time because of its excellent battery life. It is a perfect option for this list due to its background noise reduction capability, bidirectional sound, and voice clarity modes.


  • USB-C compatible
  • It offers a companion app
  • Long-lasting battery life

Logitech Pro X (ASIN B07PDFBJZD)

Logitech Pro X (ASIN B07PDFBJZD)

Product link: Click here

The Logitech Pro X is another excellent 3D-sounding headset to check out. It advances sound rendering by using the DTS Headphone 2 protocol. In addition to this standout feature, the durable design of this product ensures that you won’t need to replace it any time soon.


  • Includes DTS Headphone 2 feature
  • Detachable microphone
  • Includes sound card

Buying Guide

Now is the moment to truly experience the essence of sound with a beautiful set of surround sound headphones. But to make sure you fully appreciate its essence, you must consider the following factors.


A wasted investment could occur if your gadget is incompatible with your headphones. Therefore, test its compatibility before buying.


Evaluating the microphone’s flexibility if you enjoy playing video games is crucial because even a tiny change in the microphone’s position can significantly impact your voice.

Noise cancellation

The sound quality will suffer if the 3D sounding headphones lack noise cancellation capabilities since surround sound eliminates background noise.

Sound Performance

Of course, the most critical factor, in this case, is the audio. Try out the headphones first because the sound quality directly impacts how well they work.

Build Excellence

The headphone’s design is essential because some people can prefer corded headphones while others seek cordless models.

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In summary, surround sound headphones will be the way to go in 2022 if you want to experience the best possible sound. And if you’re having trouble deciding, you can always follow our suggestions!

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