Best Loopers Review In 2022 | Guitar Loopers

Best Loopers Review In 2022
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Almost all seasoned guitarists will use an entire array of different loopers on a pedalboard in order to provide themselves with an arsenal of abilities. They can be used to go over recorded pieces for practice or just straight up be used by Ed Sheeran to produce his latest hits. Below are our selections of the best loopers available in the market.

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Best Loopers Review In 2022 | Guitar Loopers

10. Vox VLL1

Vox VLL1 - best loopers

Product Description: This instrument comes with quite a few standout features and is extremely easy to use.

Design and Quality: The device is quite flexible to use with its multiple useful features that are essential for guitarists.

  • 12 built-in effects
  • 2 independent loop channels
  • Mic input available
  • Operated via six AA-size batteries
  • Compact and lightweight.

9. HeadRush Looperboard

HeadRush Looperboard - best loopers

Product Description: The HeadRush Looperboard has a staggering 12 footswitches with dedicated stop control and buffered bypass. Weighing in around 20 pounds, this is a giant when it comes down to loopers.

Design and Quality: Clearly this looper has a massive learning curve involved. These include reverse and transposing options, an array of I/O ports, and loading/saving via both USB and SD cards.

  • Number of tracks: 4
  • Controls: Master, phones, aux, encoder, 4x input volumes
  • 8 hours of internal recording
  • Powerful processor
  • LED and OLED displays.

8. Digitech Jamman Express XT

Digitech Jamman Express XT - best loopers

Product Description: Simple to use, this looper from Digitech gets the looping done. The product allows record, stop, and play with unlimited overdubs.

Design and Quality: The design of the looper is a small blue box with volume control and the foot-switch.

  • 10 minutes stereo recording
  • Robust build with a compact design
  • Dual power supply
  • LED offers a visual representation of mode in use
  • Undo functions available.

7. Line 6 DL4 Looper Pedal

Line 6 DL4 Looper Pedal - best loopers

Product Description: The Line 6 DL4 has been providing effects to guitarists which even modern loopers cannot achieve.

Design and Quality: Modes like a one-shot, speeding up and re-triggering are just some of the many aspects of this looper that make it a professional’s choice.

  • Can be used as a normal delay
  • 4 foot-switches
  • Weight: 5.59 pounds
  • Sturdy build quality
  • Simple to use.

6. Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper Pedal

Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper Pedal - best loopers

Product Description: This looper demonstrates perfectly what loopers are so great for, fluid transition. It’s perfect for both practice sessions and live music; providing you with a modern sound.

Design and Quality: The Electro-Harmonix looper has two switches. It also has its own dedicated power supply and weighs in just around 1.45 pounds.

  • Expandable via footswitches
  • 12 minutes of total recording
  • Power supply included
  • Stop, Undo-Redo, Reverse and Half-speed effects options available
  • Lightweight in build.

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5. Boss RC-10R

Boss RC-10R - best loopers

Product Description: An update of the BOSS RC-30, the RC-10R packs some killer features including making loops and adding rhythms using a built-in drum machine.

Design and Quality: This looper provides a staggering 6 hours of stereo recording time and 99 loop slots with the double-track operation.

  • 2 foot-switches
  • A great option for solo performers
  • 280 preset rhythm styles
  • 16 versatile drum kits (from BOSS library)
  • You can import your own rhythms to personalize songs and styles
  • 6 hours of recording time.

4. BOSS RC-1 Loop Station

BOSS RC-1 Loop Station - best loopers

Product Description: It’s a great option from Boss that’s perfect for any kind of musician. Its performance and stylish look offer great value within the price.

Design and Quality: At this price point and functionality, the Boss RC-1 also retains the standard and exceptional quality and performance that musicians around the world have come to expect of the brand.

  • 12 minutes of recording time
  • 9v alkaline battery
  • Can be used with an optional AC adaptor
  • Compact in design with solid construction
  • Affordable in price.

3. Pigtronix SPL Infinity Looper Pedal

Pigtronix SPL Infinity Looper Pedal - best loopers

Product Description: This looper is an ultimate device in the practice and performance set of any type of music.

Design and Quality: Providing proper high definition sound, this looper should do the job for professionals in terms of composing and performing music.

  • 2 hours of recording time
  • Independent volume knobs for the two loops
  • Parallel looping modes
  • Simple to operate
  • Tremendously powerful.

2. TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper Pedal

TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper Pedal - best loopers

Product Description: Simple but high end! The Ditto X2 from TC Electronic is a win for anyone looking for a looper that does the job.

Design and quality: Sitting in on a comfortable price point, this looper has two foot-switches and one large volume control. This is a proper fun looper great for both learning and live performance.

  • Dedicated start and stop control
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Looped effects: stop, reverse and half speed
  • Loop import/export and backing track
  • 5 mins of looping time
  • Multifunctional power supply
  • 2 instruments can be plugged in.

1. BOSS RC-300 Loop Station

BOSS RC-300 Loop Station - best loopers

Product Description: The Boss RC-300 is the epitome of a looper. It’s large and bulky not only in terms of size and weight but also in features and range of effects.

Design and Quality: Among all its controls, it has a separate expression pedal, making it the most comprehensive loop station in existence.

  • Top-quality sound
  • Loads of rhythm patterns
  • 3 separate loop channels
  • 3 hours recording time with 99 memory slots
  • 16 built-in effects
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • A USB port allows you to save your loops externally.

Whatever looper you may choose as per your specification and need, the above-selected loopers are designed to give you as much efficiency as possible within their design. Whether you are a novice musician or a professional one, our detailed study is sure to cross off the criteria in your checklist. Hope our list of the best loopers will be of help to you!

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