Benefits of Over Ear Headphones

Benefits of over-ear headphone
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Benefits of Over-Ear Headphones

Benefit of Over-Ear Headphones

If you are new musical device world, you must be wondering why people brag about their over-ear headphones. Indeed, they are great buddies for experiencing top-quality music. But that’s not all. Over-ear headphones have more to offer than that. Who knows, this might influence you to get yourself an over-ear headphone. This article also includes reviews of some of my favorite over-ear headphones! And if you already own one, you’ll get to know smart usage of this along with their care process.

What is an over-ear headphone?

For those who are still confused about over-ear headphones, they are headphones that stick to your head with the help of a headband. Has ear cups big enough to cover your ears completely. Cups are usually padded with comfortable materials like leather and foam. Won’t easily fall off your head unless you wear bigger than your head. Excellent sound quality compared to other types. It can come with noise cancellation features as well. They can be both wired and wireless. Most wireless over-ear headphones come with an aux cable to switch to wired mode.

Why are they special?

  • The magic lies in those big cups. These large ear cups produce a wide-range frequency for smooth bass. Try listening to EDM, and Hip-hop music with it; you’ll understand.
  • Provides noise cancellation more than other kinds of headphones. Even though noise-canceling quality depends on brands, they are primarily available in over-ear headphones.
  • Easy to perform calls and allows to experience clear voice
  • Gaming buddy. Most gamers are choosing over-ear headphones as they work best in serving 3D effects. During gaming, you can use over-ear headphones for listening to detailed sounds and notifications.
  • Plugin your over-ear headphone to experience 3D effects if you plan to watch movies.
  • They look chic too. Headgears like these are not only helpful but also very fashionable.
  • I use it on cold days to feel cozy. You can try too.
  • Wireless over-ear headphones are hard to lose. My friend recently lost his wireless in-ear headphone.
  • You’ve probably noticed that singers use over-ear headphones while they record music. They do it to listen to their voice. If you are passionate about singing, this might come in handy.
  • In a band, everyone plays their part. The guitarist, the keyboard player, and the drummer all have to listen to their prerecorded music to perform better.

How to take care of Headphones?

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Most users don’t care about the maintenance of their over-ear headphones. If you already own one, this is a great chance to learn how to take care of your over-ear headphone. Not only it’ll perform well, but it also lasts long.

  • Your sweat can wet your ear cups. Make sure to wipe them after you use them.
  • Keep the port clean too. Dust and dirt get clogged up the port making it hard to connect.
  • Don’t put your cable in a tight place. Avoid tangling them. I know it feels convenient to tie tem with each other to store them well, but you should avoid it because the wires inside of it are very fragile. If you twist them, hearing in either ear of the headphone will be gone. Instead, keep them in a coil.
  • Get a headphone case or stand. You don’t want to break your headphone by suddenly sitting on them!
  • Be careful about dropping them as they are fragile.
  • Did you know you can replace pads? Replace your ear pads as soon as their skin starts falling off
  • Just like any other electronics with plugs and cables, headphones need to be unplugged when it’s not required. It’s because the internal spring of the jack will get damaged if you do.
  • Charge your headphone when the charge is running out

Disadvantages of Over-Ear Headphones

  • Headbands make the head hurt.
  • Hard to wear other head accessories when you are wearing over-ear headphones
  • During summer, it’s hard to keep wearing them as the thick pad gets heated, which is uncomfortable.
  • Unfit for a workout session. Your sweat will wet the pads and create an odor. If you are not careful, the fungus can grow in the leathers causing skin disease.
  • Pads can come off if you are not careful.
  • Ear cups and headbands are often fragile.
  • Weight and size vary from brand to brand, but over-ear headphones are heavy in general.
  • Wearing for too long can hurt your ears as they push down your ear lobes.
  • Takes more space while carrying.
  • Not comfortable for lying down and listening when you want to cozy up in bed.
  • Causes headaches more than other headphones
  • Price is high when it comes to over-ear headphones.
  • Buttons will stop working after a few months.
  • Required regular maintenance for better quality

Best over-ear headphones

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones:

Great sound quality, noise cancellation, runs up to 40 hours. It has got an excellent bass boost and a collapsible design.

Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Industry Leading Noise Canceling Headphones:

High-quality sound, noise cancellation available, runs up to 30 hours! Has a voice assistant for performing many things, and a touch system for controlling. The music will stop automatically as you put down your headphone.

OneOdio Wired Over-Ear Headphones Studio Monitor & Mixing DJ Stereo Headsets:

This one is perfect for studio work, with comfortable pads, and a collapsible design! The sound quality is compromising but it has movable cups.

Every electronic has its flaws because you can’t get them all in one. Before trying it yourself, you might never realize whether it’s a proper fit for you or not. Different people have their unique ways of using a device than actual purpose. I find over-ear headphones very attractive regardless of their big, chunky design. After all, over-ear headphones have great chances of supplying good quality audio. As it’s used both in personal and professional sectors, there is no doubt about its popularity.

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