Behringer HA400 | The Best Behringer Headphone Amp

Behringer Microamp HA400
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Behringer HA400 | The Best Behringer Headphone Amp

Behringer Microamp HA400

Music has significantly evolved over the years, from the analog turntable to online music streaming services. As a result, music has become portable, and headphones have become a daily necessity. Right now, there’s a massive collection of headphones in the market, each better than the others, each promising better music quality than the others.

Now, the sound qualities the headphones offer us is great, but if you want even to take it further, there is a way to do that. That way is to use an amp. Using a headphone amp or DAC will drastically improve your listening experience.

What is a headphone amp? Headphone amps are a low powered amplifier that works by raising the low voltage audio signal coming from the source and converts it to a level that is sufficient for your headphones to translate. It gives you the feel of a speaker through your headphones.

What is a DAC? DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) is inside almost every modern headphone. The DAC’s job is to turn the digital audio data to a low voltage signal, which then the amplifier uses to boost the audio quality in your headphones. Unlike analog devices, modern devices need an amp and DAC to transform the source’s audio quality into something more rich and vibrant. Most modern devices come with a DAC build into them. Then why will you need a DAC? The reason is the quality of those built-in DACs varies from product to product.

On some products, you may find a decent sounding DAC, on other devices, that might not be the case. That is why you need an external DAC. However, unless you’re using good quality headphones, a DAC won’t be of much help.

These days, you can find a wide variety of headphone amps in the market, offered at a range of price points. From small to big, from portable to stationary, you will find all sorts of amps in the market.

Some of these amps are very expensive, and some of these are dirt cheap. Based on your needs, you will find an amp perfect for you.

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Behringer Microamp HA400

The Behringer HA400 is a dirt-cheap portable headphone amp, selling at USD 20 and it a very basic headphone amp. This basic amp gets the job done so well that it is the best portable headphone amp from Behringer.

The Behringer HA400 is great for testing headphones, and it is exceptionally amazing for a podcast.



During a podcast, you may have a co-host or a guest on the show. If both of you are using separate microphones and headphones, then you can use an audio splitter to get the job done. If you have multiple people on the show, you can use a splitter that offers more than of headphone jacks. It will solve the problem, but it will impose newer challenges.

Using a splitter means diving up the audio signal between connected headphones—the more headphones connected to a separator, the more deterioration in the sound quality. You might be using good headphones, but your guest might not be. Here, you may hear all the sounds loud and clear, but your guest won’t be able to hear anything. Other times, the audio might be too loud for your guests. To solve all these dilemmas regarding audio quality, you can use a headphone amp. The HA400 is perfect for that kind of use. Most consumers aren’t looking for something studio-grade. For most people, the HA400 is perfect.

The HA400 is small in size and has four input ports. This way, you and three of your guests can have a great time doing the podcast. Since there is a chance that not everyone will be using the same headphones, the audio quality will differ from headphone to headphone. To solve that problem, each headphone port has a corresponding volume knob. This way, everyone can adjust the volume to their liking.

The headphones are power by an AC adapter, meaning the amp features an active circuitry. The HA400 also has a dedicated power supply reliable enough to boost every channel. Besides the headphone ports, you will find the input port. Through this port, you can connect the amp to a mixer or a desktop. You will use a quarter-inch cable to connect the amp to your preferred device. The HA400 also has a light indicator to let you know the amp is turned on.

Since the amp comes at a low price, it is also great for small gigs and practice sessions. It is very straight forward to use this amp, power it up, connect the amp to a device through the input port, and plug in your headphones in the headphone ports.

Using the HA400, you won’t notice any audio distortion, and the amplification on this is excellent for the price point. The HA400 comes with sturdy build quality, and the amp is small in size. As a result, it is very lightweight. The volume knobs have an excellent build quality too. However, you may find the volume knobs a bit tight. Other than that, the HA400 has a reliable build quality.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality

As for the sound quality of the amp, it gets the job done. The amp can produce loud sound signatures. You will find this in all the channels. Using the HA400, you will notice neither any loss of audio quality nor any disruption. As mentioned before, the HA400 is a barebone headphone amp, and it gets the job done.

Feature-wise, there isn’t anything else on the amp besides the volume control. The only problem people have faced with this is the loose power cable.

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The Behringer HA400 is a great headphone amp at a meager price. The amp is suitable for all your basic needs.

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