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Beats X Wireless Earphones Review
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Beats X Wireless Earphones

Beats - Beats X Wireless Earphones

Beats X Wireless Earphones Unboxing

Beats - Beats X Wireless Earphones

The unboxing of the Beats X Wireless Earphones is pretty basic, in keeping with comparatively low price. You can see the earphones through the transparent cover. The backside is made of cardboard with the bright red beats logo. You take the products out and put them on to use. It’s as simple as that.

Build and Features

Beats - Beats X Wireless Earphones

Recently, in-ear headphones have adhered to three different styles. You can plug them into the ears which is a 3.5mm jack; two Bluetooth-connected earbuds that sync wirelessly; or two earplugs that connect through a cable that stays around your neck. Categorically the BeatsX qualifies for the latter. The two earbuds synced through a cable may not seem like the best fix to many – at the end of the day, earbuds are often weighed down by cables. However, it’s not all about the disadvantages of these plugs. To begin with, the best part is you’re less likely to lose them in comparison to completely wireless earbuds.

The other is that the cables can give access to the battery and other controls. This helps the earphones go on for longer periods without having to charge them. They also enable you to interact with Siri. The in-line controls available are exactly what we want them to be- simple but useful. You can use them to raise and lower the volume, pause the music, skip tracks, and rewind. You can make calls using the built-in microphone. If you’re worried about comfort, then rest easy. Beats X is by far the comfiest earphones we’ve tried so far.

It easily blends with the contour of the neck owing to the smooth cable. Also, they simply don’t get in your way. The Beats X sits cozily around the neck thanks to their advanced technology. If you’re worried about the fitting, Apple sells every item with two pairs of wings. This aids the headphones to stay put as you are sweating it out at the gym. Since we are talking about exercise, the BeatsX has water resistance, yet not entirely waterproof. In actuality, you can easily carry the BeatsX along with you on an exhausting session to the gym without worrying at all. Just don’t swim with it. It really won’t end well. Remember that it’s water-resistant, not waterproof.

The earphones have inbuilt magnets. So when they’re drooped casually around your neck, waiting for your attention, they automatically click together. This saves your precious earphones from being wound up in knots, that’ll just give you a hard time. This is indeed a unique feature when you compare it to others on the markets. These are self-sufficient earphones when it comes to managing themselves.

Sound Quality Of Beats X Wireless Earphones


At the risk of sounding Spartan, one would expect far better sound quality. The pitch quality simply does not match the price. You could easily get better pitch quality for far less. The Beats X hits have a really good tonal balance. It can the hit right notes, just fine. For a pair of earphones, the sound is pretty clear. You won’t get great highs and crisp mid-ranges here. The sound still does have a little punch to it. Apple’s contribution and biggest achievement with this model is the overall balance. The high, mids, and lows are all on the same level. The highs and lows could’ve been a little more articulate though.

These earphones have bad noise cancellation. They should at least have had passive sound cancellation. But they don’t at all. While that is true, pleasantly enough, the Beats X doesn’t spread the sound out. This means you can listen to ear-splitting loud music and that will not bother others which are pretty great when you think about it. You can crank up the volume, as high as you want, but no will hear it.

Where they’ve failed miserably, is with bass. Now, that’s ironic, because Beats by Dr. Dre’s always make good quality bass. Most of their clientele are hardcore bass-lovers. So this is a big let-down. The bass is subdued and lacks punch. This might not bother most music lovers but certainly, those who’ve been using Beats for years.

Connectivity and Battery


The Apple W1 (another great Apple influence) chip helps you get amazing connectivity. It helps you connect to other devices smoothly. They are very compatible with Android and iOS devices. However, there are some limitations. You’ll need an iCloud account, the macOS Sierra, iOS 10, Watch OS 3 or later versions. They have a very decent battery life. You can work out with them and take them with you to the poolside. The connectivity while being not very inclusive is still good. The overall sound balance is good. For a bass lover, this is a complete disappointment. It has no bite to it whatsoever. It gives you eight hours, of non-stop charge. 5 minutes of charge can give you 2 hours of playback, when you’re battery is low. Battery charge is not something you need to worry about. The Apple W1 chip helps your battery last this long.

Finally, the Beats X Wireless is a dream come true for those who are looking for the comfiest earphones that money can buy for the lowest price. Yet, this might not matter to you, if you just want loud sound or just passable sound quality. For the less discerning music lover, who just wants some basic music and super comfy headphone, this is it. You’re getting a bang for your buck with the Beats X Wireless Earphones.

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