Beats Studio 3

Beats Studio 3
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Beats Studio 3

Beats Studio 3

It was released back in 2016. It has a great firm build, and the arms are long and flexible and easy to fold. Perhaps a little too firm! But it is sturdy and reliable.


Beats Studio 3

Unboxing beats headphones are usually a luxurious experience. But with the Studio 3, they took it up a notch. The package contains the main product and a lot of charms as well. The package is fantastically layered. It feels like you are unwrapping a gift, as you open it one by one. Also comes in a black box which is trimmed in the shiny gold-colored finish, and has the usual pouch, cable, manual, and of course headphones.

Build and Features

Beats Studio 3

The Beats have come a long way, from catering to a largely young adult or hipster clientele. Its image has evolved for the better. It has something for everybody. With the Beats Studio 3, you can see it has a more mature look without being boring. There’s a quiet sophistication, with a bold look but without being flashy at all. It’s still cool and hip, that’s obvious to say, it has grown with time. The only thing stopping these headphones from looking ridiculous is they wound around your head pretty firmly. In contrast to the early Beats, there are monotone options. They also come in flashier colors for those who want something more extra or flamboyant. The build is very much the same as the older generations. Almost all the entire Beats Studio 3 Wireless is made from plastic.

Not exactly luxurious, this has the effect of making these headphones cheap, even from a considerable distance. It is inconsequential unless you crave materials luxurious materials like leather and aluminum. Beats has upped its game when it comes to building this time. They’ve given a proper answer to all criticism they’ve received in this area, for so long. The plastic isn’t creaky which is a relief. The headphone arms fold up well, they don’t flap continuously when you move them or take them out. The Beats Studio 3 Wireless will provide you with great comfort. Oval cut-outs in the pads are designed to fit most ears. This over-ear headphone will not weigh you down or tire you out. They grip your head tightly without causing discomfort. This prevents these big headphones from looking ridiculous.

Connectivity and Battery

The Beats Studio 3 Wireless has Apple’s W1 chip. This is among the main changes in this model. You can easily connect this customized design, to your iPhone or iPad. As you switch on the Beats Studio 3 Wireless, you’ll see a revolving 3D model of the headphones with a prompting pop-up visible on your iPhone screen. You simply connect by pressing a button on this pop-up. The interface for iOS 13 is excellent.

This makes connecting to normal Bluetooth headphones easy. However, the W1 chip makes the communication feel more direct. You’ll have 22 hours of charge wirelessly and there’s ANC as well. You can get around 40 hours if you turn off the noise cancellation option. This is indeed a class-leading feature. That is almost the highest number of hours of charge for any headphone, available on the market. It’s not the absolute best battery out there, but it is certainly one of the best.

Sound Quality

The Beats Studio 3 Wireless has won over its customers with the quality of their sound. All you have to do is buy them, wear them, connect them, and enjoy them. Play a song or two. There’s very little chance that you won’t like them. Not bad for a start is it? Its sound is widely enough similar to some of the best on-the-go headphones. Studio 3 Wireless has a very hands-on presentation. This helps main facets of a track seem closer in proximity to your ears, ensuring the sound is not bland or flat. The Beats Studio 3 Wireless has surprised us with its low bass. Not exactly what bass lovers are looking for. However, it’s not that bad, just a bit lower than expected.

The bass intensity is directed in another area. There’s a depth in the upper bass and low mids instead of the usual sub-bass. This makes for an interesting overall balance. It’s a little different but it makes for an interesting combination. You’d certainly want to try it out. Pure ANC (Active Noise Cancelation) is a botched aspect of the Beats Studio 3 Wireless. This active noise cancellation has existed in the Studio series since 2014. However, this newer model promises to include an additional shield for your music experience. Wind noise is still one of its biggest problems. So there isn’t complete noise cancellation as they’ve said. You can hear whistling in the pinhole. The noise cancellation tries to fix this, only making even more noise. This defeats the purpose to some extent. Wind noise is a problem in most ANC headphones but hears it can be heard a little more than usual.

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Finally, the Beats Studio 3, they are not exactly a steal for their price. There are a few glitches and they don’t have the best bass quality. However, this shouldn’t matter, if you aren’t very discerning about sound and its endless intricacies. It does have an overall great sound. It also has a really great design and offers great comfort.

Yes, it is wearying if you love very long sessions with your headphones. Otherwise, it’s extremely comfortable. The battery is one of its best features- can go up to 40 hours non-stop. Its noise cancellation isn’t perfect but it’s still top notch. You can take calls with. It has great connectivity. So, it fully depends on what you as a consumer of music are looking for.

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