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Beats Solo Pro
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Beats Solo Pro

Beats Solo Pro

Apple and Beats have earned a lot from their relationship over the past five years. When in 2014, Apple had bought Beats; it started developing all ins and outs of Beats. Over the years of revision in headphones and establishing the Solo line, Beats has created Solo Pro. It surely reflects all of their R &D and the minor things that they have worked on. Solo pro has offered active noise canceling to its on-ear offering for the first time. In fact, it has stepped up to build quality and Sturdiness from the previous versions. The designers of Beats Solo Pro have made some amazing tweaks to the heavy-bass device and the in-built hardware shows some great improvements in term of quality. It seems like, Beats has worked on holding their brand value high and have successfully done so.


Beats Solo Pro

Beats Headphones look striking and sophisticated with a matte finish and a single color motif bringing a minimalist outlook. Beats Solo Pro can be found in six different colors: Black, Ivory, Gray, Dark Blue, Light Blue, and red.

The Solo Pro’s aluminum side has been anodized which avoids metal exposure. This is something that sets Solo Pro apart from previous Beats’ Bands. You can also fold and stow this device in the pouch that comes along with the package.  The ear-pods are quite thicker. There is also an extra cushion to pinch headless. But anyhow, it is hard to avoid that this device is quite uncomfortable, especially for big heads. You might need a break after a while of listening with the device.

User Interface

Beats Solo Pro

The device automatically turns on when you unfold them. So, no need to look for a power button as there isn’t any. And of course, it turns off by folding it back up. The volume control is outside of the right earcup. The top button works for increasing and the below button works for decreasing volume. There is also a multifunction button in the center that has play/pause, skipping forward or backward functions. Withholding the button, you can also work on virtual assistance. The button is quite reliable and smooth. That has been a great addition to any Bluetooth headphones. The button on the bottom edge of the left earcup works to flip between ANC and transparency mode. The dive also keeps the headphones in pair mode when it is held down.

But the device doesn’t have any 3.5mm jack to use as wired devices. But, you can surely buy a Lightning-to-whatever cable to do it. It might be Apple’s quest to kill headphone jacks and make people used to Wireless devices. But anyhow, the device has a great User Interface.

Product Features Of Beats Solo Pro

Beats Solo Pro uses high-performance wireless noise-canceling headphones inside. Again for the microphones, ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) prevents external noises from interruption. For outdoor use, transparency assists to assure that the user is aware of the surrounding. It also features the Apple H1 headphone Chip and Class 1 Bluetooth for extended and drop-free connection. If you are thinking that this device is only compatible with iOS after hearing Bluetooth so many times, then you might need to know that is, in fact, compatible with android. But for apple, you can easily control via Siri by saying “Hey Siri” by pushing the b button on the device. The device can play up to 22 hours straight. In fact, with only 10 minutes of Fast Fuel, you can play for three hours.

Sound Quality

A headphone review would be incomplete without its sound quality review. The shining part of Solo Pro is its noise Cancellation technology and overall audio quality. Tuning is much better than the similar time products like Studio3 Wireless and Powerbeats Pro. There’s such enough bass that you can feel it but you won’t get the constant burden of overpowering. The Solo Pro specially performs well in low-end tone, hip-hop, and metals songs. The highs and mids are brightly well represented. You can feel the individual instruments clearly. The depth of the sound will make you feel the density of the song.

The dynamics are diversified. The Solo Pro offers crystal clear audio with no breakdown. The Active Noise Cancellation works greatly to block out all the surroundings so that you can focus on the music or podcast that you’re listening to. Still, the transparency mode will assure you a window to your environment so you know when a car or a train is near you. The device constantly adjusts audio based on your surroundings.

Price and Comparison

At $299.99, the Solo Pro is not that much budget-friendly. But it is standing side-by-side with some flagship models that have the same features at a higher price. The Solo3 Wireless comes with almost similar facilities but costs $50 more than Solo Pro. The Bose 700 is also a great noise cancellation headphone but comes at $399. However, you’ll get better comfortability in Bose700 and Solo3 Wireless than the Solo Pro. If you think that comfortability is not worth that much, then you can surely go for the Solo Pro.

In a nutshell, the good sides of the Solo Pro are its excellent sound, better design, Solid Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency based on environment and Hands-free Siri. While on the other hand, the concerning sides are, the headphone is quite uncomfortable for someone with a large head, doesn’t have 3.5 mm, Jack, for wired use, no customization can be done with a companion app and it doesn’t pause automatically.

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Considering all the sides, the Beats Solo Pro has satisfied a good number of customers since 2019. It has been highly recommended by many and we would ask you to at least give a try and feel it.

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