Beats Pill+

Beats Pill+
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Beats Pill+

Beats Pill+

The Beats Pill+ looks exactly like what the name suggests- a pill. It’s a very aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated giant pill which is an excellent choice if you want to control both your music and phone calls with just one button, known as the “b” button. It’s also great if you like high bass.

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The unboxing isn’t particularly exciting. You open the box and you find a The Beats Pill+ and you find the speaker bound to a plastic tray by a black tape. The style of the packaging is very much in the style of Apple products as it is now owned by that company. The speaker is extremely heavy to hold in one hand. It contains a jack and a lightening cable that you can also charge your iPhone with. It also comes with a manual and stickers with the Beats logo which is a clear influence by Apple.

Build Quality and Features

Beats Pill+

While it certainly is an improvement on original the Beats Pill, it still has turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. Even though it doesn’t have the best sound quality, the quality of the build is impeccable and it can play loud music and it also charges your phone (one of its redeeming qualities). This speaker is a multi-tasker. The build quality of the speaker is quite impressive. In fact, it’s one of the product’s greatest strengths. It carries on the iconic design from the first generation but with a chassis. It comes in few different colors. The tones used here manage to give it an excellent monochromatic look. The quality of plastic used for the body and the materials used for the screens are excellent. It is part of the reason why it delivers high bass music. But the downside is that the speaker is quite heavy. It measures 2.5 x 8.27 x 2.72 inches and weighs 1.5 lbs (0.75 kg).

This makes it slightly cumbersome because it needs very careful handling and there’s always the fear of dropping and damaging the product. It’s not waterproof like many other speakers but it has some splash resistance due to the rubber flap shielding the USB, AUX and lightning ports. If you look at the top of the speaker, you’ll see rubber coated buttons that are for controlling the power. The exposed white beats button is likely to end up with some scratches as they will take rough handling. The “b” button does it all. It can play, pause, shuffle tunes and control your phone calls. The speakerphone allows you to receive phone calls with complete clarity.

A pouch is also provided to protect the speaker while carrying it around. Apart from this, the build is very sturdy and durable. The wire and jack included keeps things simple and are quite user-friendly.


Beats Pill+

It’s a Bluetooth speaker, so of course it connects through Bluetooth, no surprise there. You can connect it with other speakers if you like. This Beat can be controlled two Bluetooth sources at the same time. You can download the Beat Pill+ app to enjoy music with your friends and optimize your options. However, it does not work, connect through or play with every device. It only works with iPhone 5s, iPad Pro, iPad Air (all models) and only a few android devices.


Beats Pill+

The battery life is decent, nothing spectacular or next-level. It lasts for 12 hours at a stretch. This means, it can last up to 3 or 4 days, if you use it for a few hours. It takes three hours to charge the battery. Not terrible if you don’t use for more than a few hours a day. On the upside, it will also charge your iPhone. It comes with a 1.5m lightning to USB-A charging cable.

Sound Quality

Beats Pill+

The beats Pill+ shows that a tremendous improvement has been made in sound quality in comparison to the original Beats Pill. The sound is more crisper and there is less sound distortion. Apple seems to have been a good influence here. However, it hasn’t changed its “V shaped” signature sound. This was a great move as it is part of the allure for loyalists as they have been buying Beats headphones long before, Apple bought it. You will still find that there is a great deal of bass and highs.

Similar to the original model, the bass effect is strong but it tends to sound muddy and unbalanced. The highs are robust but excessive after a while. Also, the high frequencies from cymbals and violins are unpleasantly piercing, especially at high volumes. These speakers can actually get pretty loud. They can fill up a few rooms or easily fill up a small floor space. Not bad for a party! However, at high volumes, the sound tends to get distorted and tiring. That is highly unpleasant. So try to avoid, cranking up the volume too high. You won’t enjoy it at all. Therefore, this Bluetooth speaker is not the best option for very large or very loud parties.

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Beats by Dr. Dre is a brand name that inspires trust. It’s acquisition by Apple had us expecting only the best or at the very least something quite extraordinary. If you want a cheap speaker, that does all these things and plays really loud music, then this may be it. Also, it easily makes for a stylish ornament in your living room or lounge. It’s good value for money, when you consider the current discounted price on Amazon.

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