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Beats Ep headphones Review
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Beats EP headphones | Heart Race With The Sound

Beats EP


Beats EP was released back in 2017. It is of a sturdy build with a monochromatic look. It’s smooth to the touch and looks pretty fancy for the price. It has a more mature look compared to the iconic Beats devices.

Unboxing The Beat EP

Beats EP


The unboxing is pretty exciting. You open the main box, to see a bright red cardboard box. Inside that, you’ll find all the goods—Headphones, USB, cable and a manual. This is clearly an Apple influence for the better. The unboxing is an experience in itself.

Build and Features

Beats Ep


The Beats has an internationally recognized look. Even though they’ve had a high price point, they’ve always preferred plastic over the luxury finish. Strangely enough, the budget-friendly EPs offer the opposite to an extent. There still is a lot of plastic around the head strap and earcups. However, the simple design is mixed together with a set of stainless steel arms. They give a super cool yet business-like look while ensuring a nice snug fit.

The headphones are firm without being too tight for comfort. You can shake them, dance, and even do jog slowly, they won’t fall off. These headphones dominate a substantial bit of space. Beats has come up with a design that’s very efficient but also looks really good accompanied by vertical sliders, thick ear pads with cushions offer, great comfort trying to fit around the shape of your head.

The EPs are available in four colors, keeping up with the monochromatic look to the max. Tragically, that iconic black and red Beats combination is not a part of the color options. Whatever color you choose, the cable that supplies sound only seals into the left earcup. What’s problematic is that there’s no choice to take out the 3.5mm jack and plug it into the opposite headphone. In effect, you’ll wind up with cable sliding across your body if you are used to, putting your phone in the right pocket. There is quite a bit of cable as well, way too much. It can easily be a nuisance.

Regardless of your height, you will wind up with yards of extra wiring. It can reach your knees while you’re standing with your phone in your pocket which is not exactly convenient. It’s better than being too short, but a shorter cable would save you a lot of hassle. But of course, it has its failings. You simply can’t fold the headphone arms. The wire is ridiculously long to handle. Worst of all, it has no wireless connection.


Beats Ep

The Beats EP may seem luxurious for their price but the same cannot be said about the performance. It has no options to connect to Bluetooth or noise canceling that is built-in. This makes them pretty old- fashioned. The volume control (cabled) and the headphone jack, which is 3.5mm and are the few aspects worth talking about.

Sound Quality

Beats Ep

For the price though, the sound is phenomenal. Beats certainly did a good job with the sound quality. Of course they are not among the best, but there’s a great level of clarity to the Beats EP’s sound. You don’t have to suffer digital clipping turn up or turn down the volume and there’s a better balance to the output than you might have expected. The bass doesn’t overpower but it’s solid.

The change in tone is strongly defined. A hiss can be detected when the high notes reach their peak. The sound isn’t the widest we’ve heard. Yet you can experience much flatter sounds at a far higher price. Sometimes, the mid-range gets unclear, but this is doesn’t hinder the quality of all playback.

EP falls short, when there is a lot of layered music, in fast-paced tracks. It doesn’t pack the desired punch in many tracks that would do justice to songs or even music composition. It’s still excellent quality for the comparatively meager cost. There are headphones that cost a lot more and perform far worse. This is a very important factor. They have comparatively limited playback options though.

They have very few touch options. The playback options are a bit of a bummer. Your phone’s button for playing/ pausing can also be applied to skip a track (click twice), go behind a track (click thrice) and even start your phone’s voice controls (long press), like Siri on the iPhone. Customers with Android can take advantage of these features. However, the extent of that depends on the kind of phone you’re using.

If you’re not looking to splurge or spend a lot of money on a pair of good headphones, then the Beats EP may be a good option. It really is good value for money. In fact, in some ways, it delivers more than what you paid for. Given the price tag, it delivers very high-quality sound. So, if you’re not picky about sound, you’ll love this.

This design is pretty luxe and easily looks way more expensive than it is. It’ll make an enviable accessory any day. Also, it’s quite comfortable with its thick pads. So you needn’t sacrifice style or comfort. So this is a great pair of headphones depending on what you want.

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